The Life

by Casey Beathard, James T. Slater

from the album Lucky Old Sun


It was early one morning
Playa del Carmen
That’s when I first met Jose
He had a twelve foot Schooner
A three foot cooler
Full of the catch of the day
And he was wrinkled from grinning
From all of the sun he had been in
He was barefoot, cerveza in hand
He said “Gracias senor” when I paid him too much for
All of the snapper he had
Now I told him my friend it ain’t nothing
In the best broken Spanish I knew
I said I make a good living
Back home where I’m from
He smiled and said “amigo me too”

He said I fish and I play my guitar
I laugh at the bar with my friends
I go home to my wife
I pray every night
I can do it all over again

Somewhere over Texas
I thought of my Lexus
And all the stuff I work so hard for
And all the things that I’ve gathered
From climbing that ladder
Didn’t make much sense anymore
They say my nest egg ain’t ready to hatch yet
They keep holding my feet to the fire
They call it paying the price
So that one day in life
I’ll have what I need to retire

And just fish and play my guitar
And laugh at the bar with my friends
And go home to my wife
And pray every night
I can do it all over again

And to think that I thought for a while there that I had it made
When the truth is I’m really just dying
To live like Jose

And just fish
Play my guitar
Laugh at the bar with my friends
Go home to my wife
Pray every night
I can do it all over again

Wouldn’t that be the life
Wouldn’t that be the life

Kenny’s Note

We’re all taught to try to achieve as kids, to make as much money as we can. That’s supposed to be happiness. I’m caught in that cycle as an adult; a lot of us are. We work so hard so that someday we can kick back and enjoy life; maybe not work so hard. But the character in this song – that guy already does all that: fishes all day, plays his guitar, and loves his wife. This fisherman in Mexico doesn’t have a Blackberry, isn’t addicted to his iPhone, doesn’t check his email three to five times a day because he is too busy living and enoying his life… now wouldn’t that be “The Life.”