Released: May 19th, 2009
Reissued: February 9th, 2010
Label: BNA

Chart Peak:

  • #3 – Billboard 200
  • #1 – Top Country Albums
Greatest Hits II

Track List
1. Out Last Night 3:19
2. Living In Fast Forward 3:31
3. Young 3:55
4. Summertime 3:26
5. Down The Road (w/ Mac McAnally) 2:59
6. Beer In Mexico 4:30
7. There Goes My Life 5:01
8. When The Sun Goes Down 4:50
9. Anything But Mine 5:24
10. Be As You Are 4:18
11. I Go Back 4:00
12. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems 3:29
13. The Good Stuff 3:19
14. Never Wanted Nothing More 3:27
15. I’m Alive (w/ Dave Matthews) 3:20
16. This Is Our Moment 3:05
17. Ain’t Back Yet 3:59

Liner Notes

It is well past three hours into Kenny Chesney’s sweat-soaked set at Sloppy Joe’s, and the audience, many lined up before sunrise and then thousands whose overflow necessitated the closing of Key West’s legendary Duval Street are clamoring for more. With his making the most of the moment reality, the man who’s sold over a million tickets each summer since 2002 has spent the last eight years providing the soundtrack for coming of age in the 21st century – and it shows in the craziness and dedication of these fans show who’ve lived his songs by heart.

Much has happened since the songwriter from Luttrell, Tennessee released his first Greatest Hits. Already a double platinum record-seller, it was the release of “Young,” the lead single from his first Billboard all-genre Top 200 Albums debut “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems”, where Chesney crystalized his take on what it means to grow up in the flyover: unseen, yet wildly alive and savoring youthful good times, great friends and love in the making.

In a world where artists are known for a hit or two, the single biggest ticket-seller in any genre of music this century built a body of #1’s that not only couldn’t be contained here, but defined time spent for its own sake, drinking beer and playing sports with your friends, that first kiss that changes everything and the way the moon gets tangled in the palms.

“When The Sun Goes Down,” “I Go Back,” “Never Wanted Nothin’ More,” “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems,” “Summertime,” “Beer in Mexico,” even “Anything But Mine.” They capture freedom without clinging, but also celebrate how easy it is to catch and create a memory.

And there’s the hard driving snapshot of Chesney’s right now: “Living in Fast Forward.” It translates the striving to get the most from our time on earth which so many people embrace with abandon. Certainly for a man who joked about playing Neyland Stadium, the hometown football temple that houses the University of Tennessee Volunteers, to have realized that dream in 2003. Graduating to playing major NFL stadiums – including multiple year sell-outs in Boston, Detroit, and Philadelphia – shows dreaming big is part of the attraction.

Sharing stages with Steve Miller, Sammy Hagar, Eddie and Alex Van Halen. Producing Willie Nelson’s critically acclaimed “Moment of Forver”. Joining John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Neil Young and Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid and Morgan Freeman’s Plan’t Now. It’s stories and moments too vast to fit in here… But especially, it’s tearing through a parking lot at 3 pm on the back of a Gator, listening to the fans playing frisbee, grilling out and blasting their radios.

For Chesney, who started as a staff writer at Nashville’s Acuff-Rose – home of no less than Hank Williams, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. While no one loves feeling joyous and carefree more than the easy-going musician, there is a thoughtful side that recognizes life’s deepest truths define you when you’re not looking: “There Goes My Life,” “The Good Stuff,” “Be As You Are,” all speak to the things that not only matter, but last.

Lasting is something Kenny Chesney’s good at. If it took him a while to get to that first Greatest Hits, this one proves there’s a lot more music to come… and it’s the kind of music that people will hang onto like pictures of certain summers, lost weekends and that one person who understands.

Album Review

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Kenny Chesney had his first Greatest Hits at the dawn of the millennium, just as he was turning into the biggest country star in the U.S. He wound up dominating much of the decade with his easy, breezy Caribbean country, equal parts heartland rock and Jimmy Buffett beach music, and that domination is summarized on 2009’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, a 15-track collection that contains only one new song in the opening “Out Last Night,” an amiable day-after shuffle that doesn’t rock like “Beer in Mexico” but is livelier than most cuts on the two albums that preceded this comp. Chesney’s records from the last stretch of the decade were so suited for a lazy afternoon that they sometimes could border on listless, but this collection does a good job of disguising that sweet dullness, concentrating on the songs that made him a superstar: “Living in Fast Forward,” “There Goes My Life,” “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems,” and his duet with Uncle Kracker, “When the Sun Goes Down.” Some of his full albums were rewarding in their own right, but none of them quite captures all of his easy charms like this fine hits collection.