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New Flavor Added to Blue Chair Bay Rum Line

posted February 2nd, 2017 at 2:57 pm

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by Josh

Kenny Chesney has added another flavor to his Blue Chair Bay line of rum: Key Lime Cream

A video posted by Kenny Chesney (@kennychesney) on

This luscious rum cream will take you right to the Florida Keys. From the first fresh key lime notes to the rich, buttery middle, right up to the graham cracker crush finish, it’s as though you’re visiting Key West without leaving your beach chair.

In conjunction with the release of the new flavor, Kenny is launching the Key to the Keys Sweepstakes where you could win a trip to Key West with a private performance by Kenny!

Check out the rest of the details and how to enter at bluechairbayrum.com.

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Blue Chair Bay Rum Launching 25-City Sampling Tour

posted April 24th, 2014 at 9:32 pm

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by Josh Martn

Blue Chair Bay Rum is coming to a city near you! The ‘Nowhere to Be But Here’ sampling tour will hit 25 cities across the country this spring and summer, “offering consumers of legal drinking age prime opportunities to experience the rums that multi-platinum singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney created to celebrate the anywhere, anytime spirit of the islands.”

Blue Chair Bay Rum will be at participating bar, nightlife and retail establishments, with branded Jeeps parked curbside. Consumers can learn tour stops by visiting the Blue Chair Bay Rum Locator, where locations and times will be highlighted in green.

Blue Chair Bay’s three premium rum flavors – White, Coconut and Coconut Spice – are all 100% beach made, mellowed in casks at one of the oldest, most storied distilleries in the Caribbean, located literally one hundred yards from the beach. Blue Chair Bay White Rum recently earned one of the industry’s highest honors: a four-star, Highly Recommended rating from leading spirits arbiter F. Paul Pacult.

“This tour is part ‘thank you’ to our great fans who made Blue Chair Bay Rum the fastest growing new company launch in the history of wine and spirits, and part ‘welcome’ to those ready to discover what made it so,” said Mark Montgomery, CEO of Fishbowl Sprits, parent company of Blue Chair Bay Rum. “With spring heating up and summer on the horizon, it’s about time to give people that toes-in-the-sand feeling our rums have a way of bringing on,” said Montgomery.

Tour dates include (all dates and cities are subject to change):

Dallas/Ft Worth, TX – April 24-26
San Antonio/Austin, TX – April 29-30
Houston, TX – May 1-3
Tampa, FL – May 7-8
Orlando, FL – May 9-10
Destin/Panama City, FL – May 14
Pensacola, FL – May15-16
Gulf Shores, FL – May 16-17
Nashville, TN – June 4-7
Champaign, IL – June 10-11
Chicago, IL – June 13-14
Angola/Ft. Wayne, IN – June 17-18
Indianapolis, IN – June 20-21
Buffalo/Rochester, NY – June 24-45
Syracuse, NY – June 27
Albany, NY – June 28
Boston, MA – July 1-2
Cape Cod, MA – July 3-5
Hoboken/Point Pleasant, NJ – July 8-9
Wildwood, NJ – July 11-12
Annapolis/Baltimore, MD – July 15-16
Ocean City, MD – July 18-19
Sacramento, CA – August 5-7
San Francisco, CA (at Outside Lands Festival) – August 8-9
Fresno, CA – August 12-13
San Diego, CA (at Tiki Fest) – August 15-17

And it gets better. Fans visiting sampling tour stops can enter for a chance to win a flyway trip to the first show on Chesney’s next tour along with picking up a variety of exclusive BCB swag.

Not in a tour town? No sweat. The promotion can be entered through the Blue Chair Bay Rum Facebook page starting today.

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Blue Chair Bay Rum a Success in First Year

posted November 27th, 2013 at 10:02 pm

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by Josh Martn

Blue Chair Bay Rum hasn’t even been on shelves for a full year yet, but it’s looking like it’s already a success for Kenny Chesney.

The Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle has an article on LiDestri Foods, the company that bottles the rum (it’s first distilled in Barbados): “Kenny Chesney’s rum a business hit for LeDestri”

“Everybody was completely knocked out by what happened,” said Fishbowl Spirits CEO Mark Montgomery. “Our original forecast for the first 12 months was 25,000 cases. We did that in seven weeks. Today it appears we are are one of the fastest-growing new spirits launches by a new company in the history of liquor. Most people have a demand problem, we have a struggle against the supply problem. We just now in November have gotten ahead of the demand and have enough supply to carry us through the holidays. It’s been an amazing thing to watch.”

“Obviously, they were double or almost triple what they initially told us they would be,” said LiDestri Spirits general manager Joe Ferrigno. “For a brand new brand, that’s spectacular. Especially for an independent like that.”

In an email, Chesney said that Blue Chair Bay started as an effort “to create the rum I truly wanted to drink.”

“If you know about my music and touring, I’m personally invested in every note that’s played, every bit of video on the screens, all the details about sound and lights, staging and any part of the experience I can have my hands on, because I want the fans to have the best possible experience at our shows,” Chesney said. “They know when they come out to party with us, they’re going to have the best night of the summer.

“So given that, rather than taking a deal and having my name on something, I’d rather create a rum I’d like to drink, be proud of serving people and hopefully, be something that can be special. So far, we’ve been awarded gold medals at a couple big competitions, so the work appears to be paying off. And to me, when I know we’re having to double production because people can’t keep it in stock, the people agree.”

Read the full article here.

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Forbes Article on Chesney’s Rum

posted July 1st, 2013 at 9:13 am

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by Josh Martn

Forbes has a great article on Kenny Chesney’s new rum:

“I spend a lot of my time off the road down in the Virgin Islands,” he says. “If I was going to create a rum, which is my drink of choice … I wanted it to be authentic, to try to capture my life in the islands.”

Chesney has certainly taken pains to follow through on that promise. He personally traveled to Barbados in February to sit down with a mixologist at the West Indies Rum Distillery, which was established in 1893 and now bottles brands like Malibu and Cockspur rum at a capacity of 150,000 cases per year.

He returned to his home in Tennessee with three unmarked bottles and an urge to get cracking on design, marketing and distribution. He brought in Nashville firm Flo to help with those efforts–and Chesney, who pulled in an estimated $53 million over the past 12 months, funded the entire project himself (when asked if he shelled out down seven figures, he replied: “Times a couple.”)

“I own it 100%,” he says of Blue Chair Bay. “It was important to me, it’s my inspiration, my story. It’d be hard to share that with anyone else.”

Remarkably enough, Chesney’s rum was ready in time for his show at Cowboy Stadium in May. The combination of hard work and a self-reliant approach has boosted the singer’s already-vaunted status in the country world.

Though country artists traditionally haven’t produced as many brand extensions as, say, hip-hop, Chesney and his peers may be starting to change that. Keith Urban and Blake Shelton have branched out into television, while top-earner Toby Keith launched a mescal line in 2011 and a restaurant chain in 2005. (“I don’t pay attention to those things,” says Chesney. “I try to take care of my business.”)

Like just about any startup, Blue Chair Bay likely won’t be profitable immediately. But perhaps not too far on that seaside horizon, there are hefty rewards to be reaped. And Chesney is happy to wait.

“The business of rum is not like a record,” he says. “Typically you’re going to do a third of your business with the first week of a record. Rum doesn’t work like that, it trickles out little by little … I want to do more than get my money back.”

Read the full article here

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Blue Chair Bay Rum Launch Parties in 18 Cities

posted May 11th, 2013 at 10:23 pm

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by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney revealed this week that Blue Chair Bay Rum, his recently announced line of premium, born-on-the-beach spirits, will throw launch parties in 18 key cities during his No Shoes Nation tour this spring and summer. These parties, which range from parking lot tailgates to on-premise celebrations, promise to deliver the island-lover’s signature “nowhere to go, nowhere to be” state of mind to rum enthusiasts and music fans across the country.

“So much of the inspiration for my music comes from the places I’ve been, and people I’ve met in the Caribbean,” says Chesney. “I started thinking, ‘What if I could share that sense of escape, and freedom… and fun with friends with everyone! That’s the reason for creating Blue Chair Bay Rum, so I wanted a way to share it beyond the shelf. That’s what we’re — hopefully — bringing people with this rum and these parties.”

The laid-back parties invite like-minded imbibers across the nation to raise a glass of Blue Chair Bay Rum’s White, Coconut and Coconut Spiced flavors in celebration of the anytime, anywhere spirit that defines island life. Locals are invited to sip on signature Blue Chair Bay Rum cocktails, take part in island-themed giveaways and indulge in the singer/songwriter’s “check your troubles at the shore” way of life. All will be open to No Shoes Nation tour ticketholders 21 years of age and older. Markets include Dallas (5/11); Milwaukee (5/18); Landover, MD. (5/24); Seattle (6/1); Virginia Beach, VA. (6/6); Philadelphia (6/8); Indianapolis (6/13); Kansas City, MO (6/15); Pittsburgh (6/22); Columbus (6/29); Minneapolis (7/12); Denver (7/20); Mountain View, CA. (7/25); Anaheim, CA. (7/27); Charlotte, N.C. (8/1); Atlanta (8/3); East Rutherford, N.J. (8/10); Detroit (8/17) and Foxboro, MA (8/23).

Blue Chair Bay Rum will also co-host a series of No Shoes Nation Happy Hours that are free and open to the 21+ public. Events will be held in partnership with No Shoes Radio, Chesney’s eclectic online radio station, the night before parties in Dallas, Milwaukee, Landover, Seattle, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Denver, Anaheim, Atlanta, E. Rutherford, Detroit and Boston.

Those who won’t be in one of the 18 cities can still get in on the action by downloading the special Join The Nation app. With it, they can take the ultimate pirate quest: transforming a picture of their face into the skeleton that flies on the No Shoes Nation flag.

“Kenny’s music compels people to live more carefree lives, no matter how far from the beach they may be,” says Jon Anthony, Managing Partner of No Shoes Radio. “Turning his love of island life into something people can sip on takes his music and lifestyle to a whole new level. Kenny’s always seeking new things and taking the time to enjoy them, which is what No Shoes Radio’s built on. People are going to experience that — music, friends, really good spirits and a shared experience — at Blue Chair Bay Rum’s parties and No Shoes Radio Happy Hours.”

Blue Chair Bay Rum is not an endorsement. Chesney wanted to make a rum based on authenticity and flavor. He was deeply involved in every step of the development process, including working closely with legendary blender Mike Booth and famed master mixologist Jonathan Pogash. The three premium blends of rum, all mellowed in casks on the shores of Barbados, will be available in 750ml and 1.75L bottles across 32 markets in May of 2013.

Chesney’s 42-city No Shoes Nation Tour, including 19 NFL Stadiums, will run through August 23-24 with a two-night stand at Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium. With his reflective Life On A Rock, a more acoustic and searching album with guest appearances by Willie Nelson and the Wailers, having arrived on April 30, the 8-time Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year will be making plenty of music this summer.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re on a beach in the Caribbean, or landlocked in the middle of the country,” says Chesney. “If you’ve got friends, laughter and a bottle of Blue Chair Bay Rum, you can check your troubles at the shore.”

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Chesney Reveals More Details About Rum Line

posted March 22nd, 2013 at 10:26 am

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by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney has released more information on his new rum line, including when it’ll be in stores (May).

When Kenny Chesney decided it was time to find the rum he’d always wanted to drink, he didn’t approach the various distillers who’d offered him lucrative deals to lend his name and likeness to a brand created for him. No, the man who oversees every aspect of giant stadium productions and listens to myriad songs beyond what he writes for his albums, decided he wanted to do it himself.

“Everybody’s always expected this from me,” says the man from Luttrell, Tennessee. “There have been people who’ve approached us, stories that have gone around over the years. But rum is what I drink, and I always told myself: if I was going to dothis, I wanted to create something I could be really proud of! Not just take a check and a piece of a company, but make the rum I truly wanted to drink.”

When a team of unique individuals collected around the singer, the 4-time Academy of Country Music and 4-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year decided it was worth looking into. Next thing he knew, he was in Barbados with master blender Mike Booth at one of the Caribbean’s oldest rum distilleries tasting various notes and striving to create a rum that stood out.

It was not an overnight process, but they kept tasting and tweaking. Before they were done, Chesney had not only a Coconut flavored rum, but a Coconut Spiced and a premium White Rum that’s already received an impressive score of 90 from the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge, unheard of for a pre-launch spirit.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’ve drunk a lot of rum in a lot of places,” Chesney muses. “And the more you drink, the more you know what you wish you could have. I finally decided there was no reason not to… I’d met some incredible business people who think outside the box like I always have; they also believe in realizing impossible dreams. All I had to do was decide once we started tasting what that flavor that truly felt like the end of the day in the islands was…”

Though Blue Chair Bay Rum won’t be available until May, a few select people in the beverage industry – and some key people along the road – will be among the first to sample what has been Chesney’s (unspoken) focus for the last year. “You know me, when I get my heart set on doing something, I will give it my complete attention. I didn’t know I was building a company or making a rum until I was waist deep, but I’m glad we did. I think anyone who enjoys rum is gonna love this.”

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Chesney Launching Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum

posted March 17th, 2013 at 8:29 pm

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by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney is launching a new line of rum and you can be the first to know more when you sign up at www.bluechairbayrum.com.

In a video, Kenny describes what he wants the rum to entail. Essentially he’s hoping to bottle his life and his passions into the rum.

No details are available for when Blue Chair Bay Rum will be available. A Kenny Chesney rum has been discussed at least since 2008.

Watch below:

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