Released: October 14th, 2008
Label: BNA

Chart Peak:

  • #1 – Billboard 200
  • #1 – Top Country Albums
Lucky Old Sun

Track List
1. I’m Alive (w/ Dave Matthews) 3:19
2. Way Down Here 5:52
3. Boats 4:36
4. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 4:17
5. Down The Road (w/ Mac McAnally) 2:59
6. Spirit of a Storm 3:36
7. Ten With a Two 3:11
8. The Life 4:27
9. Key’s In The Conch Shell 4:11
10. Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be 3:41
11. That Lucky Old Sun (w/ Willie Nelson) 4:15

Liner Notes

Boats… and oceans… and islands… and the sun moving across they sky. It is a whole other way of life, and whole other way to live. You can’t know – as I didn’t until I started spending time in the islands about a decade ago – how peaceful sitting on the front of a boat, feeling the waves hitting the bow and watching the clouds do much of nothing is until you’ve been there, yet somehow I think we all sense it.

This album is about that. It goes deeper than Be As You Are. Indeed, if that was a map to the life I found in the Caribbean, this is a map of the soul that emerges once you experience how still you can be.

I want to thank all the fans for being the reason for the music, why we work so hard, and for your passion. I say it every night after the show but thank you guys for giving all of us a great life out there on the road.

We all need songs to sing. Some of us need to write down our truth, and I am one of those people. Over the past few years, these songs have come to be, wanting to be – and I was honored to be able to write them. They are about where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and especially who I find myself becoming.

Life is a journey, as much as it is earning a living, and finding your place in the world. Along the way, if you are paying attention, it’s the people you meet, the stories you hear, the lessons you learn and the way it all makes you feel. These are some of my stories, my travels, and the people who’ve crossed my path…

God Bless,

(Montego Bay, Jamaica – July 2nd, 2008)

Album Review

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Kenny Chesney may title his 12th album after the pop standard that he sings here with Willie Nelson, but don’t mistake Lucky Old Sun for Nelson’s Stardust. Chesney is tipping his hat not to the Great American Songbook but the great ball in the sky, the one that shines on beaches from coast to coast, with the Gulf of Mexico being a particular favorite in his book. Lucky Old Sun is designed to be a soundtrack to laid-back afternoons on warm sand, which by now is very familiar territory for Chesney in his personal and professional life. Since Chesney swaps Jimmy Buffett’s boozy goofball schtick for gentle strumming, this isn’t music for a party, it’s music that laps softly against the shore. To be sure, there’s some pleasure to be had here, but it’s all about appreciating the album as pure texture and sunbleached mood music, which is appealing as far as it goes.