Released: April 30th, 2013
Label: Blue Chair/Columbia

Chart Peak:

  • #1 – Billboard 200
  • #1 – Top County Albums
Life On A Rock

Track List
1. Pirate Flag
2. When I See This Bar
3. Spread The Love
4. Lindy
5. Coconut Tree
6. It’s That Time of Day
7. Life On A Rock
8. Marley
9. Must Be Something I Missed
10. Happy On The Hey Now

Album Review

Kenny Chesney’s new album “Life On A Rock” is surely the most personal work he’s ever done, and time will likely prove it to be among his best-loved by fans. While it does have its stadium-ready party songs in the title cut, “Pirate Flag” and “When I See This Bar” that will be sure to please the throngs on the road, “Life On A Rock” often wields the most power in its quieter moments, personal reflections and observation primarily drawn from Chesney’s “other life” in the Virgin Islands, away from the pressures of maintaining his status as a chart-topper, radio stalwart, and the top touring artist in country music history. On “Life On A Rock,” Kenny Chesney the songwriter, the storyteller, is front and center.

“I’ll look back on [“Pirate Flag”] as one of my favorite records for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is the way the record was made,” Chesney tells Billboard. “I wrote a lot of these songs without music. I just wrote the lyrics down and tried to take moments from my life and my friends lives, and some of their stories, and the crazy characters I’ve met, and tried to give them a pulse, tried to paint a picture, and honestly tell a story that I haven’t been able to tell up to know because of the nature of our business and the way we make music. And not only did I write without music initially, I wrote them without expectations, without a timeline. I wrote them without editing myself.”

The result is an intimate, powerful album populated by some of the most memorable songs of Chesney’s lengthy career.

– by Ray Waddell, Billboard