Released: Sept. 28th, 2010
Label: BNA

Chart Peak:

  • #1 – Billboard 200
Hemingway’s Whiskey

Track List
1. The Boys of Fall
2. Live a Little
3. Coastal
4. You and Tequila (with Grace Potter)
5. Seven Days
6. Small Y’all (with George Jones)
7. Where I Grew Up
8. Reality
9. Round and Round
10. Somewhere with You
11. Hemingway’s Whiskey
12. Ain’t Ever Going Back Again (Bonus Track)
13. I Didn’t Get Here Alone (Bonus Track)

Liner Notes

I want to thank everyone that has been there for me… so many have given to this. To a dream that started several years ago – and I want to tell everyone that has been on the ride and are still on the ride with me that I love them. We are all here ’cause we love music. It touched us somewhere in our lives and allowed us all to dream and dream big!! Thanks to all of you for dreaming with me, working with me, and living with me!! I realize every day that I didn’t get here alone and I am so thankful for that!! So to all the fans and everyone in my life… I love you!!

– Kenny

Album Review

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