Released: March 2nd, 1999
Label: BNA

Chart Peak:

  • #51 – Billboard 200
  • #5 – Top Country Albums
Everywhere We Go

Track List
1. What I Need To Do 4:05
2. How Forever Feels 3:08
3. You Had Me From Hello 3:51
4. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 4:02
5. Life Is Good 3:25
6. Everywhere We Go 3:06
7. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy 4:08
8. California 3:53
9. Baptism 4:15
10. A Woman Knows 3:41
11. I Might Get Over You 3:25

Album Review

by Pemberton Roach, All Music Guide

Kenny Chesney’s voice has always been a remarkable instrument, capable of a wide range of emotional expression, despite Chesney’s subtle approach and laid-back delivery. On Everywhere We Go, however, this unique talent seems wasted on too many cookie-cutter ballads and country-rock numbers that don’t even pretend to rock. Chesney is at his best on songs like “What I Need to Do,” a Don Henley-like mid-tempo pop song. The song’s quietly desperate, regular guy lyrics fit Chesney like a glove, and consequently make ridiculous country stud-muffin filler like “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” sound completely out of place. In its finest moments, this album recalls the work of Don Williams. Unfortunately, these moments are rare; unlike Williams, Chesney seems afraid to explore the darker areas of his psyche and is content to wallow in Hallmark card emotional territory. The musicianship on Everywhere We Go is superb (typical for Nashville studio cats), yet the players here — like Chesney — have little meat in which to sink their teeth and, thus, sound a bit sleepy.