Trip Around The Sun Tour by The Numbers

posted April 24th, 2018 at 6:57 pm

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by Josh has a rundown on the numbers behind Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun Tour. Check this out:

55,292: Fans who came to the first show in Tampa on April 21.

127: Minutes he played at that Tampa show.

360,000: Pounds the concert stage weighs.

48: The width of the video screen, measured in feet.

110: Decibels the sound system can create to reach the fans in the way back (“It’s nice to know it can create that kind of sonic intensity,” he adds. “For us, it was really about people being able to hear the words, because these songs are important to them — and they deserve that.”).

404: Number of lighting fixtures.

19: Buses to haul the band and crew in and out of shows.

28: Trucks to haul the equipment in and out of shows.

80,000: Square feet of flooring for covering the fields to make room for seating.

133: Stagehands who travel with the tour.

100: Local stagehands Chesney hires to help with the load in each morning.

175: Local stagehands who help with the loadout each night (“It’s a whole lot of people,” he says. “But they’re so good at what they do, I am amazed every single time we do this.”).

19: Number of stadiums Chesney will play this year.

156: Number of stadium shows Chesney will have headlined by the end of the Trip Around the Sun tour.

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