Chesney Gives Wide-Ranging Interview with Rolling Stone

posted September 2nd, 2015 at 9:21 pm

by Josh

Kenny Chesney recently gave Rolling Stone a great wide-ranging interview covering many topics. Be sure to read the entire article here, but below are a few highlights, including discussions of next year’s tour and future tours that might take a different format:

“The last 15 years of my life, the very next day after the last show, I fly south and wake up and get on my boat, and I can hear the ringing in my ears from all summer,” he tells Rolling Stone Country.

“The end of the tour is a lot like the last day of school,” he says, just prior to the luncheon. “There’s this double-edged sword. You’re tired and ready for a break but you don’t want it to end because you wake up the next day and there’s nowhere to go,” he says with a laugh.

But of course, for Chesney there is his traditional end of tour trip to the islands with his band and crew, numbering 110 people this year.

“We’re just celebrating the fact that, first of all, we have music in our lives and we get to share it with each other and all the faces we got to share it with. And the flip side of that coin is to blow off a whole lot of steam,” he says, clearly relishing the idea of that relief valve.

“The business of doing business always has you thinking about it,” he says. “But the one thing I loved about The Big Revival was that we didn’t make that record in a cycle. I would love to have new music next year for the tour but I will tell you I’m not going to let next year’s tour dictate new music.”

The entertainer envisions taking another break at some point and switching up the way he tours. “I’ve never gone overseas,” he muses. “I think it would be fun to take a couple of acoustic guitars and go to Ireland and Australia and just play and film it. And then come back the next half of the year.”

Chesney is also attracted to the idea of a small venue tour where he can sing some of his more contemplative material, maybe hitting a theatre on the Wednesday night before his stadium show on a Saturday. “I think it would be fun for me and the fans that really love those songs and never get to hear them. That’s something we may do. I can see myself really loving that. Feeding my soul and theirs, but still keeping the business model that we have out here.”

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  • Jeremy

    Oh finally!! It would be so cool if he goes touring in Europe!

    Amsterdam Kenny, start in Amsterdam… ;-)

  • Susan Gute

    Would love to be at the small venue tour…love to see you sing some of your older songs! Listen to them all the time! You are the best!


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