Chesney Breaks a Record and Melts Hearts in New Jersey

posted August 17th, 2015 at 9:51 pm

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by Josh

Kenny Chesney set a new record at MetLife Stadium with a total of 58,642 fans in attendance for The Big Revival Tour. He also melted the hearts of everyone there when he kissed a woman with special needs on the lips at her request.

A young woman with Down Syndrome shouted from the crowd to come up on stage with the singer. He gladly lifted her to the stage where she shared some special moments with Chesney– including a kiss! “I just want to let you know,” said the young woman, “Kenny Chesney is my true love. He inspires me, and right now, I want to kiss him on the lips. Do you want to see it?” Chesney laughed and obliged before the fan continued.

“His music got me through the toughest times. His music inspires me. The reason why I want to be on the stage was because my grandfather’s dream was to see me up here, to sing with Kenny. Do you want to see me sing more with Kenny Chesney? Because I’ve been doing it for 24 years.” Chesney turned to the crowd and announced, “This is the reason we write songs. Right here!” Together they went to the main mic as Chesney sang his recent #1, “Wild Child.” “That young woman had so much heart, so much spirit,” Chesney said of the show-stopping fan. “She was just fearless and true and wanted to tell people what was on her mind. Talk about inspiring all of us about how to live our lives.”

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