Chesney Visits Reefs He Helped Create Through Sunglass Line

posted June 30th, 2015 at 1:47 pm

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by Josh

If you’ve bought a pair of Kenny Chesney’s Costa Del Mar sunglasses, you’ve helped marine life in the St John River through the Coastal Conservation Association. Kenny recently visited the man-made reefs in Jacksonville, Florida.

The two structures were built in just two weeks in the city’s St. John River using 1,300 tons of concrete. In the 18 months since they were built, Kenny says the reefs are “thriving with life.”

“What they were able to create here says a lot about the ways man can live not just in harmony, but supporting our natural aquatic resources,” Kenny says. “Beyond clean water, it is about supporting healthy marine life… and that includes being aware of the impact of erosion under the water.”

Kenny goes on to thank the University of Jacksonville for its help in making the man-made reefs a reality.

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