Kenny Chesney Has Aviation Arrival Procedure Named After Him

posted April 27th, 2015 at 4:28 pm

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by Josh

The Federal Aviation Administration has named an aviation arrival procedure into Nashville after Kenny Chesney. The CHSNE TWO arrival brings aircraft into the Nashville International Airport from the southwest, and includes the waypoints CHSNE, TIKKI, GDSTF, and BGSTR (aviation waypoints/intersections are always five letters).

So if you’re on an airliner coming into Nashville from the southwest, you just may be flying the CHSNE TWO arrival! How cool is that?!

There are also arrival procedures named after Brad Paisley (PASLY THREE) and Taylor Swift (SWFFT TWO), and departure procedures named after Merle Haggard (HGGRD TWO), Dolly Pardon (PARDN TWO), and apparently Aaron Tippin (TIPPN TWO).

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