Chesney Launches No Shoes TV

posted April 17th, 2015 at 6:39 pm

by Josh

Kenny Chesney has launched a video series on Youtube entitled “No Shoes TV” that will cover each of the big shows on The Big Revival Tour.

Now he launches No Shoes TV, a quick-hit round-up of the best moments at this year’s The Big Revival Tour’s major stadiums shows. Correspondent Deanna Kay will catch up with the No Shoes Nation in the parking lot, on the road, in the stands and anywhere she thinks there’s a moment to capture.

“I’ve always said there is so much more to these shows and this tour than what happens onstage,” says Kenny. “The No Shoes Nation are the most passionate music lovers I’ve ever seen. When you get out amongst them, you can’t help but get swept up. And I wanted to give the people who can’t be there a chance to get the feel for the whole day… because some of what happens, you’ll never get a regular TV network to make part of a concert special.”

Deanna will also be a ticket source. During tour stops, she will hide tickets, leaving clues via social media (on the No Shoes Nation’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) to give fans the opportunity to have scavenger hunt fun and get upgraded, as well as rewarding people with the best stories some of the coveted wristbands for the GA area down front.

Watch episode one below:

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  • john5605

    How do u subscribe?

    • john5605

      To to Kenny C. Video site?

  • Guest

    Any in Sioux Falls, SD?

  • john5605

    Any in Sioux Falls, SD? Linn


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