Chesney Speaks Out on Women’s Image in Today’s Country

posted September 13th, 2014 at 7:54 am

by Josh Martn

In a great, wide-ranging interview with, Kenny Chesney touched on the representation of women in today’s country music:

“In the last several years, a lot of the songs about women have been written in kind of an objectifying way,” he says. “If you didn’t wear cut-off jeans or a bikini top, or sit on a tailgate and drink, then you really weren’t worthy, you didn’t really add up. But ‘Wild Child’ is telling some girl out there that’s got dreams, that’s a free spirit, who’s smart and interesting, that she has a chance, that she is worthy.”

Chesney grew up in Luttrell, Tenn., and says that he was surrounded by a family with “a lot of women” during his years as a high school athlete and marketing major at East Tennessee State. “All the women that have been in my life — in my family or that I chased, fell in love with and out of love with, my island friends, my hippie New England friends — they all had this idea of the ‘wild child’ in them, and I thought about all of them when I was writing the song. I think it’s an important song, because it’s saying that they don’t have to be this one thing that’s been sung about over and over again recently. And I’m proud of that, that we wrote a song that lifts up a woman in that way.”

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  • Steven Craig west

    That is a great start, Most men don’t give it a second thought, In their Mothers womb, ” they started out female, So in a deep retrospect, ‘ they just downgrade themselves and their Mothers and sisters, “and force hem into a box of expectation, desires , needs and wants, If the woman is secure and trusting of herself only, “to me that is a woman for me. When she trusts herself only, “she would be a lot more dependable, and you can have. confidence, “in her abilities to , form decisions based on her well being. Women Are nurture re ‘ s, when they have that kind of confidence in themselves, “and have the abilities to Love, “and aren’t jaded, and shoved into a man’s world, “so to speak, As a person of trustworthiness, “You enter a circle of Love, and one does ,what one does for the person , “they Love. It sure would be one day see, “our Women recognized, “for the HEART, “they contribute, “to our well being, “and society, “as a whole, “instead of what, “they wear, “look like, have /don’t, “or need from the person, “they love, “as a whole we all benefit, “by the advancement of society. I just wish, “I learned this stuff, long before, “I wouldn’t have had, “that long winding road.

  • tina

    Kenny is super talented…sounds even better live…lov lov lov him


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