Listen to New Single “American Kids” Now

posted June 20th, 2014 at 9:46 am

by Josh Martn

news_americankidsKenny Chesney’s new single is out!

Get it at iTunes right now

“American Kids” can be heard in full below, or catch it on No Shoes Radio each hour all day long.

“When I heard it, I knew I was gonna cut it,” Chesney says in a press release. “It was unlike anything I’d ever heard –- and I listen to a lot of songs. The rhythms, the images, the way the melody moved… It just grabs you and holds on, but even more importantly, it feels really good.”

“Hey, life is hard,” Chesney reflects. “People work long hours, have all kinds of stuff going on in their personal lives. But if there’s one thing I’ve seen over the last 10 years, looking out at the faces in the crowd: you can’t keep my fans down. These are people who no matter what are in love with life, and they’re gonna find the good times no matter what.”

How do you like it?

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  • Jeanette Morado

    Sounds like life,I love it

  • Ronald O’Clair

    It was different, I will give you that. I think it is one that will grow on me in time, but I had a hard time understanding the lyrics.


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