Blue Chair Bay Rum a Success in First Year

posted November 27th, 2013 at 10:02 pm

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by Josh Martn

Blue Chair Bay Rum hasn’t even been on shelves for a full year yet, but it’s looking like it’s already a success for Kenny Chesney.

The Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle has an article on LiDestri Foods, the company that bottles the rum (it’s first distilled in Barbados): “Kenny Chesney’s rum a business hit for LeDestri”

“Everybody was completely knocked out by what happened,” said Fishbowl Spirits CEO Mark Montgomery. “Our original forecast for the first 12 months was 25,000 cases. We did that in seven weeks. Today it appears we are are one of the fastest-growing new spirits launches by a new company in the history of liquor. Most people have a demand problem, we have a struggle against the supply problem. We just now in November have gotten ahead of the demand and have enough supply to carry us through the holidays. It’s been an amazing thing to watch.”

“Obviously, they were double or almost triple what they initially told us they would be,” said LiDestri Spirits general manager Joe Ferrigno. “For a brand new brand, that’s spectacular. Especially for an independent like that.”

In an email, Chesney said that Blue Chair Bay started as an effort “to create the rum I truly wanted to drink.”

“If you know about my music and touring, I’m personally invested in every note that’s played, every bit of video on the screens, all the details about sound and lights, staging and any part of the experience I can have my hands on, because I want the fans to have the best possible experience at our shows,” Chesney said. “They know when they come out to party with us, they’re going to have the best night of the summer.

“So given that, rather than taking a deal and having my name on something, I’d rather create a rum I’d like to drink, be proud of serving people and hopefully, be something that can be special. So far, we’ve been awarded gold medals at a couple big competitions, so the work appears to be paying off. And to me, when I know we’re having to double production because people can’t keep it in stock, the people agree.”

Read the full article here.

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