Watch Kenny on CBS Sunday Morning This Weekend

posted September 6th, 2013 at 1:28 pm

by Josh Martn

Update – This special has been rescheduled for October 6th

Be sure to tune into CBS Sunday Morning this weekend for a profile of Kenny Chesney. CBS followed Kenny around at his final show at Gillette, as well as during a visit to the Boston Medical Center to meet with marathon bombing victims.

“I knew when they decided to come back, they weren’t looking for a ride on the gator or a chance to see how fast it was,” Chesney says of his second appearance on the award-winning Sunday morning news magazine. “I’ve grown a lot as an artist, as a person – and I think that was something that maybe intrigued them. A lot of soul searching goes into what we do, and I think that interested them as much as anything.”

In addition to capturing the final weekend of the No Shoes Nation Tour – marking his 10th and 11th sell-outs of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA – the crew joined the songwriter/artist on an emotional tour of Boston Medical Center, which partners with him for the Spread the Love Fund. After visiting the Emergency Unit, Chesney also had the opportunity to meet with several of the Fund’s beneficiaries, to hear their stories, share their courage and, especially, their optimism.

“Watching what happened on tv, which the entire nation did, really threw me,” Chesney says. “But to see these amazing people who’re putting their lives back together, to hear their stories and see the way they approach getting their lives back… I was, well, moved beyond words.”

Chesney, normally reticent about this kind of media, allowed “Sunday Morning” to join him on the visit. Beyond capturing the annual yearbook distribution, a tradition started in 2002, the news crew captured the way it feels when Chesney hits the stage from as close as anyone has ever been to the man The Wall Street Journal deemed, “King of the Road.”

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  • Tina

    Just watched the entire show…nothing about Kenny!

  • timbmbun

    It showed that he was supposed to be on the show but I watched the entire hour and a half and they never mentioned his name.

  • Susan B

    It wasn’t on yesterday 6 0ctober, any idea when it will be on?
    Cant find anything on CBS’s website

  • timbmbun

    I forgot it had been rescheduled to Oct. 6 but from Susan B’s message it looks like it wasn’t on then either.


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