“When I See This Bar” Video Debuting Soon

posted July 8th, 2013 at 5:13 pm

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by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney will debut the music video for his latest single “When I See This Bar” on July 18th!

When Kenny started thinking about debuting the intimate and deeply personal video for “When I See This Bar,” he knew he wanted to take the clip somewhere that wasn’t obvious. The largely man and his guitar performance piece is filled by locations he knows by heart, and the fact almost everyone has these same places in their own lives, he wanted to premiere where anyone who’s ever had friends, grown up, lost people they cared about and celebrated their little victories could experience the clip.

USA Today seemed the only option. Having already hailed “Pirate Flag” as their Song of the Week before Life On a Rock’s first single was even released and devoting an entire page to the mechanics of a stadium show in 2005, Chesney has always see the paper as a place where America finds its news. On July 18, USA Today will also be the place America can find “When I See This Bar,” which is already top 20 on the country singles charts and climbing.

“I think people, whether they’re country fans, music fans or just alive, all have a place like this, a place where they grew up, fell in love, learned to move on,” Chesney says. “You may never go back there, or only go back as a pilgrimage to who you were and how much you’ve grown… But that place? That place is always alive in your heart.”

Shot on location in the Virgin Islands and in rehearsals for his 2013 No Shoes Nation Tour, “When I See This Bar” captures the man beyond the footlights. Interwoven with pictures of his years and friends in the islands, footage of ad libbed late night bar jams and moments that are long gone, Chesney sought to offer up the “boy coming into his own” from the song co-written with Keith Gattis.

“It doesn’t matter where I go, everybody I talk to has that bar,” explains Chesney. “When I was in college, we had a bar we went to that first week, and it was where we all had one last beer before we graduated… The people who read USA Today, they’re just like me and my friends. They know this journey, so I was happy the editors wanted to team with us for this video’s premiere.”

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  • #1KennyFan

    I’m so excited to see it and better yet its on my birthday :)


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