Chesney to Perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

posted April 16th, 2013 at 8:25 pm

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by Josh Martn

He’s already scheduled for Katie Couric’s show, and now Kenny Chesney has booked another television show to promote his upcoming album Life On A Rock.

Beyond performing “Pirate Flag,” he wanted to play “Spread The Love,” the song he co-wrote with the Wailers Band, with Fallon’s musically progressive band The Roots.

“What Questlove and his guys do is beyond what most people would even begin to think of,” says the singer/songwriter. “They push all music beyond… and you can feel them getting under a song and really lifting it up. When Fam (Aston “Family Man” Barrett) asked me if I’d like to help finish this song they had, I was, like, ‘Sure…’ and intimidated all at once. They’re the Wailers, you know?”

“I wasn’t sure exactly, but I was watching the news – and it was all so negative. I figured we need to counter that somehow. So we got on the phone and talked it out, figured out what we wanted the song to say! Now that it’s done, I wanna take it to the world… But I wanna do it with people who musically can bring that higher sense of being to the song. Which is everything the Roots do, no matter who they’re working with.”

Chesney will appear on Fallon’s show the night of the album release: Tuesday, April 30th.

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