No Shoes Nation Tour Kicks Off Tonight in Tampa

posted March 16th, 2013 at 3:04 am

by Josh Martn

It’s the official kickoff to another summer as Kenny Chesney plays the first of his No Shoes Nation Tour shows tonight at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

“This is an unsure time,” Chesney, sitting in his backstage “vibe room,” tells a small group of journos on Thursday. “You’re not sure if everything you put together is going to work. … I sit up at night trying to figure out the best way to do what we do.”

Chesney says that this year’s tour will be a little less ballads and more energetic. “I went to see AC/DC and said wouldn’t it be awesome to do a show and not do one ballad,” he laughs. “We’re not there yet, but it’s pretty rocking.”

“In this environment and when we are in the sun, we like to keep it very rocking,” Chesney said. “It’s not the kind of show you come to, buy yourself a drink and sit down and enjoy the music. I’m proud of it – I’m proud of my guys and we are excited to be back here.”

We’ll be collecting set lists again this year for our Shows & Set Lists Archive. So if you attend the show, help us out by emailing the set list to us here.

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  • Billie

    I’m so excited to hear about his first show! Can’t wait to see him in Dallas again! #beyondexcited #12timetoseekenny #byfarthebestconcertever! #pirateflag

  • Njkcfan

    Reviews came out and they all seem to say that it’s the same old setlist. C’mon kenny! Your killing me. I understand you gotta play some hits but man switch it up. You have a new album coming out. Why has the setlist been basically the same for the last 4 years? You are making it hard for me to convince the wife it is worth it to go.

    Change the setlist up!

  • #1 Kenny Fan

    I was at the Tampa Show. Casey was good sounds alot like Miranda, Eli Young was good did some different stuff, Eric Church was a bit different to watch a little crazy but he was good. Kenny is who I was there for. High energy like normal you could tell he was happy to be back in front of the fams. Yes he did play some of his old stuff, played some songs from Welcome to the Fish Bowl and the new Pirate flag song. Only part I didn’t like was the duet with Cary on Come Over the song just didn’t fir her voice. All in all it was really good can’t wait to see him again.

  • MikeySlice

    It’s ALWAYS worth going to see Kenny NJKCFAN. C’mon man??
    I was at the Tampa show. I thought Eric Church was amazing. He is so intense and fired up to be out there. He is a really really talented guy. This was the 21st time I’ve seen Kenny and I do agree that the set list needs some variety however he still sang 25 songs or so and gives it his all. He was very excited to be out there again and that was evident. I love all of the fast “party” songs but I believe he is at his best when he sings ballads or at least slower tempo songs – I would have loved to hear “Down the Road,” “I’m Alive,” “Better as a Memory,” “The Good Stuff” etc.
    The duet with Kasey Musgraves was a little weak; she was too high for the key that Kenny was in. It’s a shame because that is a great song.
    All in all it really was a great concert – can’t wait to do it again next year!


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