Brad Paisley Jokes About Chesney’s Island Time

posted February 6th, 2013 at 6:07 pm

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by Josh Martn

In a recent radio interview, Brad Paisley joked about Kenny’s rum-drinking, island hopping:

The deejay had eighth grader Kayla Jayne, who was shadowing him, ask the superstar some off-the-wall questions, like, “Do you think Kenny Chesney has spent way too much time on an island drinking rum?”

“I do,” Brad joked, not missing a beat. “I think that he needs to become a productive member of society and quit embezzling all his money into a Cayman island account and going down there and spending money illegally in the British territories. I’m just surprised no one has called him out in the middle of one of our campaigns as somebody who has a lot of offshore accounts.”

Paisley also joked in the interview that Carrie Underwood “hates children.”

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