Brothers of the Sun Tour Ends in Boston

posted August 25th, 2012 at 11:21 pm

by Josh Martn

The 2012 Brothers of the Sun Tour came to an end Saturday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw brought the house down one final night:

“This is always a bittersweet night, everybody,” Kenny said, when he took the stage tonight for our final show of the 2012 Brothers of the Sun tour. It had been a perfect, breezy New England afternoon, with the sun glistening off the pretty people in the parking lots, heating up the asphalt and making those Corona Lights go down just a little easier. But all day, we knew every moment was our last this year: The last time we open doors, the last time Jake Owen sings “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” the last time Grace Potter and her Nocturnals do their insane drum breakdown, the last time Tim McGraw hits that goosebump-inducing key change in “Live Like You Were Dying,” and the last time that Kenny would emerge from the middle of a football stadium as the opening chords of “Beer In Mexico” rang into a perfect summer night. Not gonna lie: It got a little emotional out here.

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You can see the set list here, which included the first ever live performance of El Cerrito Place, plus a few other special songs just for Boston.

Did you attend a BOTS show this summer? Share your experience in the comments.

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  • John T

    He gives us great new music every year, but continues to do a set list that is just awful. Beer, Keg, Big Star…enough is enough. Kenny makes new music for the true fans and then he caters to the bandwagon idiots in the summer.

  • Jane

    John T – I totally agree…I get that there are certain “party” songs that have to be done for a summer stadium show – but KC has so many beautifully melodic songs that go right to your soul – I so wish they would do those. Glad to see they did El Cerrito Place – wish I could have been there for that!

  • Klmmcm13

    It was an incredible show. My fourth and by far the best so far. The energy in the stadium was INSANE! Who says there we no country fans in NE. Must be if he can sell out 2 nights 2 years in a row. And another local but smaller venue, Comcast Center routinely sells out country acts that play there. Kenny’s the only one I’ll pay to see. He is mesmerizing on stage. It is so obvious how much fun he is having. I don’t know how he can sing he is smiling and laughing so much! A real pleasure to see!

  • Lovecountry78

    I was at the last show of the tour at Gillette Stadium. As always Kenny puts on an amazing show. All the act’s were great! I will admit wasn’t a huge fam of Grace Potters but after hearing her live, I will admit I am not sure what i was thinking she was great. Loved her music. Didn’t make it in time to see Jake Owen. But Tim McGraw was incredible and I especially loved it when Faith Hill joined him on stage to sing a song. They are an amazing beautiful couple. Can’t wait to see who Kenny has tour wtih him next year!!!!!

  • PamelaGiroux1

    It was an amazing show…we had an awesome time…wish it would never end….super talented…..thanks to Kenny, Tim, Jake Grace and their bands and crews for a wonderful show….looking forward to more…

  • timbmbun

    Guess you have to live on the East coast to be a fan.

  • Finsupkc

    I agree with John t. I have been going to see kc for about 6 years now and he puts on a great show but he hasn’t changed the stadium set list in forever. I understand you have to play like 8 staple songs but switch it up Kenny! Play some gems like magic or freedom.

  • Tanya Milone

    I went grudgingly to the MetLife Stadium Concert on August 11th. I had bought the thickets for my daughter as a Christmas present. She wanted me to go with her as something for us to do before going to college. I loved Tim McGraw but never really knew Kenny Chesney’s songs. I am now a country music fan and trying to listen to as many of Chesney’s songs possible. i never in my life had somuch fun at a concert before. it was worth every penny and dying to again so this time i can sing the words to songs. McGraw and Chesney were so great.


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