Win a Kenny Chesney Costa Sunglasses Pack!

posted May 31st, 2012 at 11:32 am

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney recently announced that he’s expanding his partnership with Costa with five new limited edition sunglasses, with a portion of the proceeds continuing to benefit Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). The partnership, which debuted in 2011 on Chesney’s “Goin’ Coastal” concert tour, has raised more than $50,000 for CCA to date.

The five new Kenny Chesney Costa styles include Hammerhead, Caballito, Switchfoot, Hammock and Maya, and will retail from $129 to $199. Each style will feature Kenny Chesney’s signature and his palm tree logo inside the frame, and will come in a variety of unique color combinations, including tortoise/light green, black/white and clear/light blue.

We’re giving away two Kenny Chesney Costa kits (one male, one female) that include a pair of sunglasses, a hat, case, and cleaning cloth.

To enter to win, just leave a comment below. We’ll pick the winners a week from today (June 7th).

Good luck!

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  • Jennifer Everts

    Thanks for all you do!! Kenny fans are the best

  • Sharonr

    Love the new Sunglasses Kenny.  Can’t wait to see you in August at Ford Field 
    Sharon Ryder4

  • Michelle

    i love kenny chesney!!! went to his concert last summer and it was amazing! I hope I win!

  • Jennparker1295

    Yay! I am the first to leave a comment. I love Costa sunglasses almost as much as I love Kenny! Fingers crossed I win!

  • Atowens28

    I want to win! : ))))

  • Karen Wheeler

    I have never missed a Kenny concert since he came out….Been to all the ones in Tampa FL and Key West and even been to OH 3 times to see him.  Certainly would love to win this PRIZE PACK !!!!!!  

  • Jennparker1295

    If I leave more comments do I have better chances of winning? LOL!

  • Acone

    I love kenny chesney!

  • Roxanne Roland

    I love Kenny Chesney.  I been to all of his concerts at fedEX field in Md.  I have all of his cd’s and I am a die hard fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelley_ciampa

    I would look wonderful sporting these from the PIT in Foxboro, MA this year!!!! Boston loves Kenny!!! Bring on Summer 2012~~~~~~

  • Jack Wright

    Man this would be the coolest gift  :)

  • MissJay

     Oh please please please please please Kenny is my absolute favorite artist,.I finally got to see him in Edmonton in the summer of 2011 and it was the highlight of my year.  Unfortunately, the ability to buy Costa and support Kenny’s foundation was not an option here.  I would love to be the lucky winner. If we don’t try we never win is my motto so,…I’m trying :-)  Thank you

  • Erik Flatt

    Ooh pick me pick me. Seeing Kenny/Tim in MN & CO this summer.

  • Jennifer Garrettson Adle

    I love Kenny Chesney! His Costa line was at the Orange Beach, AL concert last year and I was there!! Sure hope he comes back this year!! 

  • Jordan

    I’m all about rockin’ this gift !!

  • Pattithyme

    Can’t wait for the concert at Arrowhead June 10th. I don’t know how it could be any better than last year…but I have no doubt Kenny will outdo himself! Love my Costa’s I bought last year at the Tulsa concert. Would love to win a pair for my hubby!!

  • heads

    Hope I win!

  • Tdaniels1975

    We love Kenny Chesney in Texas. Can’t wait to see you August 4th in Houston. :)

  • Dawne S

    My sister and I take a “sister runaway” every year to see Kenny Chesney!  This year we are couinting our days down to head to Dallas TX!….We have these runaways to spend time together, give us something to laugh about until the next year when we see him, to get us thru a divorce and to celebrate being cancer free!  Kenny Chesney is our runaway every year for the past 8 years!  We love Kenny!

  • Plshawen

    Love these glass….Great job raising all the $ for the CCA

  • Caroline Bond

    I really try to live by his songs… Been to his show 3 times! So bummed I don’t have enough money to see him with Tim this summer… An awesome kit like this would totally make up for missing the show this year! Have a rocking summer boys!

  • Whit_14

    There’s not one person I love more than country music singer Kenny Chesney!! I will be seeing him in Nashville this summer! I would be so excited to win this!!

  • Wyndi Mcguire

    My birthday is June 9th so I could really use some awesome shades so I can tone down that dreadful 40 number and shed a new light on things. :)

  • Wyndi Mcguire

    My birthday is June 9th so I could really use some awesome shades so I can tone down that dreadful 40 number and shed a new light on things. :)

  • Jeffkelso12

    Been to over 12 KC shows and am frustrated he is not coming to Seattle this year.

  • Jeffkelso12

    Been to over 12 KC shows and am frustrated he is not coming to Seattle this year.

  • Lmalone968

    we were just in the BVI singing all the best Kenny songs along the way!

  • Lmalone968

    we were just in the BVI singing all the best Kenny songs along the way!

  • Mykenna01

    That would b so AWESOME!! Seen Kenny 13 times And still enjoy seeing him! Hope I get picked !!

  • Mykenna01

    That would b so AWESOME!! Seen Kenny 13 times And still enjoy seeing him! Hope I get picked !!

  • Teresa

    We love our home town boy Kennynhere in Knoxville Tn. Can’t wait till The Nashville show. Love your website. Great job!

  • Teresa

    We love our home town boy Kennynhere in Knoxville Tn. Can’t wait till The Nashville show. Love your website. Great job!

  • Lashidal

    Cool shades and a cool cause!!

  • Lashidal

    Cool shades and a cool cause!!

  • Nicole E Brown

    Great cause and I love Kenny!!! Haven’t missed a Boston show yet!! I’m getting married in Septenber and this would be great to rock on the honeymoon ;).

  • Nicole E Brown

    Great cause and I love Kenny!!! Haven’t missed a Boston show yet!! I’m getting married in Septenber and this would be great to rock on the honeymoon ;).

  • Kyle1French

    Kenny Chesney is AWESOME!!!

  • Kyle1French

    Kenny Chesney is AWESOME!!!

  • Gionna Marotta

    Kenny I’ve been a fan since I was 8 years old and still loving you today!!! I went to Going Coastal last year and I got my tickets for Brothers In the Sun for August!!! Pick me :*

  • Gionna Marotta

    Kenny I’ve been a fan since I was 8 years old and still loving you today!!! I went to Going Coastal last year and I got my tickets for Brothers In the Sun for August!!! Pick me :*

  • Jodi Yearling

    Can’t  wait to see you @ Soldier Field!

  • Jodi Yearling

    Can’t  wait to see you @ Soldier Field!

  • Kurt Torster

    Perfect time, I just broke mine.

  • Kurt Torster

    Perfect time, I just broke mine.

  • Bubbles042377

    Can’t wait to see you in Charlotte in a few weeks!!!!!

  • Bubbles042377

    Can’t wait to see you in Charlotte in a few weeks!!!!!

  • Mjgrimau

    Love Kenny, love the ocean, love Costa! From landlocked Missouri!

  • Mjgrimau

    Love Kenny, love the ocean, love Costa! From landlocked Missouri!

  • Vllaws

    Love me some big kenny and costa del sunglasses!!!

  • Vllaws

    Love me some big kenny and costa del sunglasses!!!

  • Tozinthesand

    Without CCA There would be no coasts for Kenny to sing about. Great job on picking a great cause to help.

  • Tozinthesand

    Without CCA There would be no coasts for Kenny to sing about. Great job on picking a great cause to help.

  • Billydhayes

    Just perfect since I went coastal along time ago…Costas help my bikini conservation…I mean observation.

  • Billydhayes

    Just perfect since I went coastal along time ago…Costas help my bikini conservation…I mean observation.

  • Kristie Johnson

    I LOVE me some Kenny! :) Celebrated my 40th BDay in Vegas 2010 with his show at the Hard Rock! Incredible show!!!…I love to be sporting those Costas (my favorite color!) and that Kenny ball cap!!

  • Kristie Johnson

    I LOVE me some Kenny! :) Celebrated my 40th BDay in Vegas 2010 with his show at the Hard Rock! Incredible show!!!…I love to be sporting those Costas (my favorite color!) and that Kenny ball cap!!

  • Marilyn S

    Would love to have a pair. Sure can’t afford to buy them. Nice.

  • Marilyn S

    Would love to have a pair. Sure can’t afford to buy them. Nice.

  • Janabonana

    I would love to win the Costa sunglasses sets. It would be a great 40th birthday present for me. See you in KC on the 10th.

  • Taylorque2531

    Not only does Kenny love the sea, he also wants to keep it beautiful! Great cause to raise money for and a great product to help raise that money. The best thing in music and in sunglasses, KENNY and COSTA!!!

  • Tlandrusjr

    Going coastal is the mostal!

  • Jodi Klein Gonzalez

    I’ve been a Kenny fan forever and have seen him in concert a bunch of.  Actually just saw him in Atlantis, Bahmas last Saturday and going to see him in Tampa, FL this Saturday.

    I never win anything, so winning Kenny stuff would mean a lot to me!  <3

  • Kclonestarfan

    First time I saw Kenny was when he opened for Tim in 2001and haven’t missed a tour since! Next weekend I get to relive my first one again in Dallas!

  • Rachel Merry

    Went Costal in cincinati last summer! best concert of my life!! Can’t wait to do it all again now that I’m officially old enough to truly celebrate ;)

  • Adrianna Minoia

    I love Kenny Chesney <3 <3

  • Jday1221

    This is awesome news.

  • Layne Bruno

    I want some! I’m hanging out with the Brothers this summer under the sun in Dallas and new shades would be perfect!

  • okiemom1

    I went to my first Kenny show last year and I’m hungry to go to another!! His is a “must see” concert! Oklahoma misses you Kenny… come ’round again! :) 

  • gatorfan1996

    See what’s out there with Costa and hear what’s out there with Kenny.

  • kerri

    :)  :)  :)

  • Abbygirl

    love, love these sunglasses!  my husband has a pair and won’t share!

  • Kcslady2003

    I’d look really cool if I won these! Lol

  • Jtant1256

    Love my Costas.. Just need a pair of “Kenny’s” !!!

  • Julie Svetlanovich

    I sooooo want a female kit to show off I’m on the beach Tampabay. Waitin patiently for the BOTS show on Saturdayyyyyy!!!!!YEA!!!!! My third KC show and second for TM! <3!!!

  • Kel Flanagan

    I have a pair that are a few years old and desperately need a new pair!! They are awesome sunglasses for life on the water.

  • Rosi

    So cool Josh, what a great thing to do……….I would love to have a pair to wear to STJ when I head home for carnival…

  • Jnadeau

    went coastal at Gilette with Kenny! It was amazing!! Definitly unforgettable!!!

  • Jnadeau

    went coastal at Gilette with Kenny! It was amazing!! Definitly unforgettable!!!

  • Alhs13

    Perfect timing for new sunglasses.
    Rainy season is going away and concert season is getting started. Can’t think of a better way to enjoy the summer than Chesney and Costa . . . And a Corona on the side!

  • Nancy Pilarski

    I’d LOVE to win and wear my sunglasses with pride at the Brothers of the Sun concert that I have tickets for in Indianapolis in July!!! Woo Hoo!

  • Josh Waters

    I saw you perform with jimmy buffett last year in Nashville, and I am convinced that I have to go to one of your concerts now!!

  • Kristie

    Love anything to do with Kenny!! Now that summer is here, you can never own too many sunglasses!!

  • Mike C.

    Wanna look through my (new kenny chesney costa) shades, and see you there with me

  • Kcfan43

    Tried on a pair of them last summer at Kenny’s show but never got a pair…help me out?


    I’m so sad because I won’t be going to “brothers of the sun tour.”. I have been to every KC concert in the past 10 years. This year because of our financial situation I won’t be going. I know that June 9th will be a sad day for me! I would love to win these amazing sunglasses but if I don’t I will definitely buy some when both my husband and I are working again. I love you Kenny and will see you next tour!! :(

  • Celtic534

    So excited to see Kenny in Massachusetts, I’ll be sitting in the Sandbar!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Richman

    Sandbar @ Foxborough – the only way to “go coastal”!

  • Ashleynmorgan

    Kenny fan for life…always have been, always will be :) can’t wait to see him in Charlotte in June :) :)

  • Lilem0210

    So ready for Kenny to come back to NC he was my first concert in Raleigh and I got to literally spend the weekend with him as he was there 3 days and I was lucky enough to be a backstage runner for the concert pavilion. Best memory of my life….

  • Lilem0210

    So ready for Kenny to come back to NC he was my first concert in Raleigh and I got to literally spend the weekend with him as he was there 3 days and I was lucky enough to be a backstage runner for the concert pavilion. Best memory of my life….

  • Kara Dion

    This coming August I will be seeing Kenny for the 6th time and (bonus) Tim McGraw will be with him!! Can’t wait!!!!!! <3

  • Keithdroid

    Kenny Chesney World ROCKS!

  • Lkolde

    Bought my first pair of Kenny Chesney Costas – guitars, tiki bars and a whole lotta love – in key west this past January

  • Jill Bielecki Carlee

    Heading to Tampa tomorrow to kick off the Brothers of the Sun tour with Kenny and Tim! I’d LOVE to be able to say “I won a sweeeet KC Costa prize pack” while I am there tailgating it up!!! Did I mention a friend of mine will be there and she has a baby daughter named “Chesney”??? Does that help my chances of winning??? :) 

  • K Vollentine

    Can’t wait for Brothers of the Sun, Houston

  • Simkel

    I am Kenny’s biggest fan and I NEED that pack!! Please pick me!!

  • Mzavala1985

    These sunglasses are super cute! If I don’t win I MUST buy a pair! Love you Kenny Chesney!

  • Susannevest97

    Hand it over!!! I’ll take that whole pkg deal & go “SOMEWHERE WITH YOUUUUUU”

  • Kacey

    I love your website!  Looking forward to seeing Kenny at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta this coming Sunday June 3rd!

  • Heidi

    I love the Costa glasses, I just can’t justify ( to me or my husband) spending that much on a pair so I would love to win some! That would bring some Summertime into my everyday life, even if it was to keep down the glare off the snow during winter.

  • jlynnclay

    Really love to see how you and Coasta have joined together and how everyone has joined to help raise money for a great cause. Can’t wait to see you and everyone in Dallas this year. Have a safe and happy summer!!!!

  • EricainEaston

    Can’t wait to see you in August Kenny! I hope to be looking at you through my new Coasta’s…they would be THE perfect accessory to wear while sitting on a boat, sipping on a Corona and watching the sun move across the sky. LOVE YOU KENNY!

  • Chris Elliott

    Wow, would LOVE a set!

  • Khannem1

    Love love love how these sunglasses look!! Can’t wait to have some of my own…hope I win :)

  • Breehinson

    Love the Costa sunglasses and can’t wait to see Kenny this summer in Cincinnati!

  • Jamie Cassidy

    Sum sum summertime!!! Went coastal last year and getting down with the Brothers of Sun this year!! I would love to be wearing Kenny’s shades at the concert or they Would be an awesome Father’s day gift for my hubby!!!

  • Alisha_waugh

    Yay!!! Can’t wait to see Kenny in the sandbar in Chicago and Indianapolis. Come on July :)

  • Becca

    No better way to start summer than Kenny & Tim rockin Stadiums and showing off my Costa! They will let you be Rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janel Kidd

    On June 24th,  I will be standing in front of Kenny and I would love to be wearing a pair of Costa’s. 

  • Countryfan326

    It would be great to win.

  • Sbittl

    Dallas June 9th!! Would love to be wearing the Costas somewhere in the sun!

  • Jeannie Pucci

    Can’t wait to see Kenny and Tim Saturday in Tampa.

  • Dustin G

    Will be in KC June 10th… Costas would be a great addition

  • Timbmbun

    Since Kenny’s not coming to the Northwest I won’t be able to see him this year.  Hope you have a great tour!  The Northwest will miss you.  :)

  • Costadelmar927

    Taking the trip to Charlotte this year to see the man!! I don’t know if my cheap sunglasses will even make it to the concert. Hopefully they’ll stay in one piece!!

  • Karlyn

    Going to see Kenny in foxboro MA! Hopefully there won’t be a hurricane like last year ;) but who doesn’t wanna see Kenny in the rain <3 but hopefully I get to wear my new costal sunglasses in Gillette stadium this year!

  • Threecoveys

    Can’t wait to see Kenny June 10th in KC!

  • Runjoy

    Sure hoping that after I win this package the sun stays out in Chicago so I can wear them.  Will definitely help on my drive to Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis.

  • Mylinda_21

    Kenny, gracias por tu musica. Eres una inspiracion! Love the glasses!!

  • Justin Eppenbrock

    I am a good looking man, probably a 9.7 out of 10. These Costa’s are just what I need to get up to the very hard to reach 10 out of 10!! 

  • Abeachy1231

    Can’t wait for the summer fun and your awesome concert.


    Can not wait for summer to start and the party to start as well.
    Summer is the Best time of the year!
    Saw Kenny in concert last year, awesome.

  • Yts Rhonda

    Seen Kenny last year in Tampa. Just got SAND BAR tickets for June 2nd show in Tampa. Kenny is the ultimate. This concert is a birthday gift for my hubby who’s b-day is the day of the concert. These gift sets would be an Awesome finish to what is gonna be a great day. YEAH!!!!

  • Bnicolecole

    Wanted to by a pair for my honey last year in Charlotte, but they didn’t have a Costa set up there……boo hoo. I owe him a pair, since my dog chewed his up. Hook us up yall! Thanks for the awsome times each year@the concerts. My tropical get away, even if only for a few magical hours

  • Mon78

    Kenny and the best fishing glasses ever!! Now that is one awesome prize pack!

  • Craig Hodnik

     Going DOWN THE ROAD to where the BOYS OF FALL play to LIVE A LITTLE and FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR. Because WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN we’ll be LIVING IN FAST FORWARD watching A BIG STAR. Then tomorrow we can be SOMEWHERE IN THE SUN saying I REMEMBER when we went OUT LAST NIGHT and it GOT A LITTE CRAZY and know that I am a LUCKY OLD SUN and living THE LIFE! Can’t wait to COME OVER to Tampa on Saturday and see the opening night of the Brothers in the Sun!

  • Pooh10121966

    Life is good when it involves Kenny and costa sunglasses.

  • Jil_racin24

    Love my Kenny and love to show off this merchandise when I see him at Gillette Stadium in August!

  • Hardworkernmc

    YOU SAVED ME and Im getting back on track cant wait to see you at Ford Feild in August my days are counting down !!!!!!!

  • DeepSeaFrating

    Kenny chesney is the man. He’s done some great things for CCA. Next time Kenny tours, He should come to San Antonio

  • Kjkreiner

    Love me some Kenny and Costa!!

  • Mrsandey1

    I need some new sunshades!!! Kenny shade would make my year!

  • lorri

    I NEED a pair to wear at soldier field where my sister and I will be celebrating our 50th birthdays with Kenny on July 7. Whoot whoot! !!!!!

  • Patsy

    Kenny’s songs have a way of touching everyone in different ways.  We make it an event to see Kenny in concert and the group I go with keeps expanding from my 71 year old aunt to my 5 year old great nephew.  I will always be a Chesney fan.

  • Neil Walsh

    Can’t wait for his Meadowlands show, seeing Rex Ryan doing dancing at the end made my night and season as a Jets fan.

  • heather yelton

    i want some please so i can take them to the charlotte concert with me! ;) love u kc

  • Hrchboomerang

    no kenny fix this year :(  KC fans in Ontario will miss you! Sounds like this years tour will be awesome! Would love to win a pair of shade! h

  • Arlenamathis

    See yall on the 9th! Can’t wait!!

  • Debgem

    I love Kenny I can’t wait to see him at Heinz Field in June.

  • Jude

    Looking forward to Ford Field in August!!!! Going to show our teens how us old folk party!

  • Jason

    Would love to see Kenny and Tim through a pair of Costas in Cincy!!

  • JT

    Bummed we can only go to one show this year because my wife is pregnant…but there’s many more shows in our future!! Can’t wait to raise our child on Kenny, Costas, and the islands!!

  • Kelleyjh

    I have noticed that most of Kenny’s music comes from his heart and all has a special meaning, It also helps that he is a great singer. Keep bring us that great music

  • JaPs1007

    My last concert was his last in Indy before his off. Want to see the brothers this year, maybe these will help me see clearer.

  • Femaz

    Love Kenny, Love Costa!!!

  • Bethany Spradley Jackson

    Would love to win this!! Headed to see Kenny in ATL on Sunday! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Michelle Hwang

    OMG~!!!! I would so love to have this!!! Huge fan of Kenny Chesney’s!! Saw these on his site when he was partnering up with Costa…absolutely fell in love these things!! These would be my first merchandise from him! ^_^

  • Paul

    We’ll be there opening night in Tampa. Only one more day!!!

  • David Jordan

    Kenny and the Gang can’t wait to jam in RayJay tommorrow.  I’d like to look through my sunglasses and see my baby next to me in the Sandbar!!  Brothers of The Son

  • KEITH Ormrod

    Hey come over come over come over come over come over and check out my new Kenny CHESNEY Costa Sunglasses Buy a pair it will make you feel like a rockstar.

  • Rbzfry

    Heading out in August with my daughter to share our 7th Kenny concert together. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Anonymous

    Coming from Ohio to see Kenny & Tim in Tennessee!  Soooo excited!  I have a pair of Costa sunglasses but it does not have Kenny’s signature on it.  It would be my dream come true if I could win them.  I love Kenny Chesney!!  xoxo

  • Stacey121978

    Cool. The glasses look awesome. Having these would make me tailgating experience this year in August alot better… Stacey Whitney

  • Sharonr

    I want to win this so bad 

  • Carla

    Been a Kenny fan from the start. Even when made fun of when he sang She Thinks my Tractors Sexy. Have been to a show each year. Some years twice. Will not miss New Orleans Superdome show. Cant wait. As to date my all time fav album is Be As You Are-Songs from an Old Blue Chair. Dats some Good Stuff!!!!! I will love me some Kenny 4evr.

  • Pgbrochet

    I am a long time fan of Kennys since his start in country music. I would love to be able to wear a pair of costas for my June 16th Concert with Kenny in Philadelphia,plus my birthday is June 28th so this would be the best birthday gift ever!

  • Aprilellis44

    Looking at the stage through a new set of Costas at Foxboro will be awesome! Last year we had a hurricane during the concert but no spirits were dampened by the rains!!

  • Mooreweb

    thanks Kenny! Love my new sunglasses! What a great consolation since I can’t attend a show this summer. Due with #4 in 5 days so I’ll have to wait ’til the next tour to show off my new look  and new addition!

  • Gretch282

    Looking thru those new shades in Pittsburgh would be excellent!

  • Lake Gibson

    Kenny is not only one that I look up to-but is also part of my graduation gift! My friend and I will be at the Bank of America Stadium attending the biggest gig of the summer!!

    Today-June first is my last day of school
    I’m going off to college… SOME PEOPLE CHANGE…but that’s cool.
    Getting these glasses would help me WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN,
    What a great graduation gift that would be when Kenny comes to town!!
    -yal’… The summertime is finally here!!

  • Smjzsam

    We bought a pair of Costa’s last  year for my husband, he loves them. Only wish I could have a pair to try!

  • Paula Davidson

    Thanks to Kenny, No Shoes Radio, and their new sponsor Costa I’ll be flying off to Nashville in a few weeks to meet up with some really great people. Music truly does bring people together. I’d love to be sporting a pair of Kenny Chesney’s Costa Sunglasses this summer. Also a shout out to Costa and Kenny for giving some of the proceeds to the CCA, I love that!

  • Shirley Lanham

    Can’t wait for the Party of the Year to kick off tomorrow, June 2, 2012 in Tampa!! WOOHOO!! Would really love to have a pair of Kenny’s Costa’s and everything else in the great package!

  • Cheryl

    I hope that I DONT BLINK and miss any of your Foxboro show cuz my current sunglasses need to be replaced with Costa glasses!!!! Cant wait to see you.

  • Anonymous

    Please Come To Boston with a Costa Sunglasses Kit, because it’s not Summertime until you see Kenny Chesney!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yes, I’ll be there in August for some Kenny Time!!!!

  • Ncmears

    ‘SPEC’tacular!!!  Can’t wait to wear them!

  • Samfl1111

    I would sure love to have the COSTA package….I would take it along with me to. Somewhere in the Sun… Tampa and Philly …and probably Feel Like a Rock Star….;))

  • Cfeltman

    So love Kenny and Costas…I really need to win this!

  • Loren Schmidt

    Thanks ChesneyWorld/Josh for putting this great opportunity out there for us, very nice!  It’s great to see some proceeds going to CCA and for Kenny being part of it!  I’ll be attending the Tampa show tomorrow and will do my best to track the setlist for ya!  Should be a great show!  I sure wish I had a set of KC Costa Sunglasses to be Feelin’ Like a Rock Star as it’s going to sunny and hot tomorrow for the Brothers of the Sun Tour!  Keep doing what your doin’ ChesneyWorld, a great site!  A long time follower, your A1ASeaPirate, Loren Schmidt (male)…

  • Jewellschofield

    A week from today will be on the road from Oklahoma to Arlington for my big day with Kenny. It’s going to be Awesome!

  • Donnajo Couch

    My Girls wrote this when they were younger. 
    The Kenny Songs in a Story
    HAve a Beer in Mexico on your Old BLue Chair but when the Sun Goes Down Don’t Blink because youe Never Wanted Nothing More.  In the morning you got Shift Work so go to sleep don’t be saying You Had Me From Hello.  So you dreamed of a girl saying She Thinks My Tractors Sexy.  Now you Know How Forever Feels.  Now that it is Summertime you say That’s Just Who I am A Poet and A Pirate because youe have No Shirt No Shoes No Problem.  You Saved Me from the Road and The Radio because I’m Living In Fast Forward,

    Thanks for all you do Kenny.  I have gone to every concert you have had in Pittsburgh except one.  See you on the 30th of June.  Sure would be great to show off your brand of Sunglasses. 

  • Jkt

    I’ll wear those glasses for your kick off concert in KC!  Can’t wait to see you perform!  

  • Kris

    Looking forward to seeing you in Philly next month. First time I’ll be in the sandbar! 

  • Yellowrose4338

    Don’t know what to say! Lol but I need a new pair of sunglasses and have been wanting to get a pair of your’s since Kenny come out with his line of glasses.. I just so when I put them on in the winter i just imagine back on a beach somewhere instead of the cold snow :-) so I hope u pick me cause that will make me one happy chica… Thanks :-)

  • Brenda

    I would love to go to a Kenny concert. I have been trying for years to get good tickets and it just has not happened for me because of finances.  But I still have hope that I will see Kenny perform LIVE one day. I am looking forward to the new album Welcome To The Fishbowl.

    Thanks Chesney world for allowing us to do this.  This is the most up to date Kenny site that keeps me informed and gives me the hews first.

    Thank you!!!!

  • Jeff

    We saw Kenny 11 years ago at the Ga National Fair and had a blast.  Going to see him again this weekend in ATL…

  • Rhonda Wissinger

    Going to see Kenny in Charlotte.  I have been a loyal fan and have seen him every year since 2000 when he opened for Tim McGraw! My mom, sister and I see him in VA. Beach every year and this year we are taking the road trip for the stadium show! Can’t wait!  I totally love the new blue sunglasses and would love to be seen in my Kenny shades at the show :) 

  • Leafriverrat60

    Kenny chesney rocks like a rock star

  • Elizabeth Roxann Viens-Isaacs


  • Melinda

    I wish Kenny was coming to the coast of VA – I am going to miss my summer concert fix

  • Butterflymom34

    Wow!!!! Thats a great prize pack…I would love to be the girl to win this seeing as I am from Kennys home state Of TENNESSEE…I would like to have the bragging rights to say that I won this great prize from Kennys new Costa Sunglasses line…I am keeping my fingers crossed for good luck!!!

  • Miss Molly

    Costa sunglasses are the best,
    They’re higher quality than all the rest.

    They come in black and brown and white,
    Wear them when the sun is bright.

    Thanks to Josh who’s got the scoop
    On winning sunglasses that “are the poop!”

  • Kim Baugh

    As for me I’d like to thank my lucky stars that I’m alive and well. And today, you know that’s good enough for me, Breathin’ in and out’s a blessin’ can’t you see, Today’s the first day of the rest of my life And I’m alive, and well, I’m alive, and well.

  • Amyc1217

    15 days!!!!!!!!!

  • Bond16th

    Tampa this weekend! Opening show! Can’t wait!

  • Jamie

    I bought a pair of Kenny Costas last year and love them! See you in LA in July Kenny!

  • nursegoodbody

    Over 40 shows in 8 yrs. & I still can’t get enough of this man.  Wish I could afford to do more, but I’m a sand bar junkie.  Thanks Kenny for all you have brought into my life.  Your music has been my therapy for yrs.  See you tomorrow night in Tampa and then Atlanta. 

  • Beach8771

    What can I say about Kenny Chesney and Costa sunglasses…. I love you both…. I have been to see Kenny many times in different places and always had a blast.. in my costa sunglasses, I have two pairs.. a kenny no shoes no shirt no problem and an orginial pair .. kenny and life look so much better through a pair  of costa sunglasses.. so looking forward to Tampa June 2….  I recently have suffered alot of set backs in my life and my true friend Debra has been with me to weather the storm…  She is attending her very first Kenny Concert with me in Tampa … we have had a lot of training for this…. watching kenny videos, watching all of my kenny dvds, and of course listening to every kenny album on my ipod…. even looking at kenny’s costa sunglass in grander mountain and on line….   well like alot of americans right now  money is tough and going to this concert has taken alot of planning and watching every penny to enable both of us to go…. she was going to purchase a pair at the concert but simply can’t afford it right now… i was going to buy her a pair but i can’t afford it either since i just got laid off from my job… so winning a costa sunglass pack would be awesome…. I could love to give her a pair of sunglasses as a thank you and a cool way to remember her first  Kenny Chesney concert   and she can wear them to  hopefully many more Kenny Chesney concerts in the future…..    Either way…. Kenny and Costa keep up the fantastic job that you do … because if you don’t know it you make an impact in many people’s lives ….. and I thank you…..well enough said… I am ready to feel like a rock star in Tampa with my costa sunglasses and Kenny…and my life is good even if it is just for one evening… With Kenny , Costa and my friend Debra………

  • TM-80

    NOTHING COMPARES….to a Chesney-Costa-Combo! I NEVER leave the shore without them!

  • meleahnicole

    Taking the trip to see the Brothers of the Sun tour in Charlotte this summer with one of my best friends who is probably the BIGGEST Kenny Chesney fan everrrrr! I could use some new sunglasses!

  • Landshark15

    Can’t wait to see KC & TM this summer & thanks for picking me for the Costas!!!

  • Missmudgal

    Tickets (check), Sunshine ( check check ) Corona (check check check)
    KC Costa hat and sunglasses ( check check check check)
    Kenny & Tim  ( T O T A L L Y   A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

  • Danielle Pera

    I wish he was coming around here this summer.  Oh well gonna have to travel to see him!

  • roxygirl61104

    I lived my dream last year of seeing Kenny in concert during his going coastal tour! I cried when he started singing my favorite song, Anything But Mine!! I love him, he is by far the best artist in country music!!! :)

  • Calie Appling

    It would be awesome if I could win the female Costa sunglasses! I have been wanting a pair since they came out last year.I am 15 and seriously spent all of my savings on two VIP tickets for my sister and I to go to the Atlanta show. I am still working around the house and stuff to help pay them off. I am such a huge Kenny Chesney fan and have been since I was little. I really would love these glasses!

  • Crazyformycowboy

    I have had the same $5 sunglasses for more than 5 years so I think I would be a great candidate to win these amazing Costa’s. I know if I won them I would take great care of them and wear them for many years. I also have been in Kenny’s on-line fan club since it began and have been to every one of his shows in Boston including the one when he opened for George Strait in 1999. I am a huge fan of Kenny’s, love Costa sunglasses and would love to see Kenny through them in Boston to wrap up the Brothers In The Sun Tour.

  • Sandy4hall

    Packing right now for an all girls weekend to go to the brothers of the sun tour in Tampa! can’t wait to see you!

  • Tinab24

    I turn 40 in July and winning this would be the best birthday ever! I absolutely love love love Kenny & Costa. I would be one happy 40 year old woman! *sighs in want* :). Love u guys!

  • P Hart

    Can’t wait to see them in Arlington Texas June 9th. It will be the Crazy Kat Crew party in the parking lot….

  • Heavensent49rs

    I think that by you givIng to cca and being a partner with it is a good thing your doing. if we all do are part and give, whether big or small it makes a big impact. It makes you feel good inside and helps our planet and benefits those around us.

  • Bhard3Barry

    No shirt, no shoes, no problem, but can a TN beach bum win a hat and some glasses for a summer long road trip of 12u USSSA baseball,summer basketball that will take a brief hiatus tailgating at UT/Florida Fall Clash while non stop kicking it to Kenny Chesney Coastal Country Classic Creations…who needs shirts and shoes when ya got a hat and some glasses…You sing what we dream…Love It

  • Spivey26

    Kenny Chesney Weekend!! Atlanta Concert bound!! Love him!

  • DThomas

    I love the look of the sunglasses. I’m going to the concert in Nashville on June 23 and would love to be wearing my new Kenny Chesney Costa sunglasses!

  • sun n fun

    Saw Kenny in Lambeau last year and Soliders Field this year.  Can’t wait!!

  • Acookhome

    Counting down the days until I am in Nashville with my friends and Kenny! Can not wait to forget all our worries and just be!

    Thanks Chesney World for keeping us up to date on everything Kenny!

  • tracer65

    These sunglasses are so cool. Would be a perfect gift for the ultimate kenny fan , uh, well me of course ! Missing kenny this year, first time since 2007 )-;

  • Maggie

    Kenny – Your music ROCKS My World!!!  The Lyrics, the Melody, the Harmonies from your Band Mates, the tone of your voice when you sing…..just Awesome!!I  I have so much Country music on my Ipod…and I take it with me, every single time I float the River here, in Calgary!!  Its a 4 – 5 hour float, and let me tell y’all….its Kenny’s Voice that calms me.  I would literally Pass out, if I were to be Lucky enough to be chosen for this Prize Kit.  I would wear the Sunglasses and Hat with Pride, Respect and PURE JOY!!!!!!  Thank You… ;) 

  • Seyfriedja

    I would LOVE to wear these to good ol sunny California concert in July…gonna be tail gating ALLLLLL day in that HOT July sun the hat along with the sunglasses would DO THE JOB :) oh yea

  • beckls

    I have been to several of Kenny’s shows and he just continues to get better.  They are the highlight of my summer and I plan my vacation around them.  I would love to have a pair of the new Kenny Costa’s.  I have an old pair and they are the best sunglasses.  I am a true believer in Kenny and Costa’s.  Hope everyone has a Super Kenny Summer!!!

  • Robin

    going to the concert in Tampa tomorrow!

  • YECATS68

    The glasses are awesome!  I loved how there was a display at the concert last year so i was able to try to see how they looked and felt on me!    My boyfriend was too cheap to buy them for me so This year is am going SOLO and taking cash to pick me up a pair!!!!!!   BUT IF I WIN THEM…….. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……………..THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL!

  • Jmdempsey1

    Headed to PCB now…i  could use some COSTA gear next time we go :) 

  • Christian Derderian

    pick me.

  • Psheerin

    Heading to Nashville on Wednesday!!! CMA’s here we come!

  • Billystrong8

    Hopefully I can wear these sunglasses to the Anaheim show this July. Cheap shades and a tattoo and a yoohoo need to be Kenny shades a tattoo and a yoohoo! Goin Coastal with Costa!!!

  • Dsmohler

    Cause you and Tequila make me crazy, run like poison in my blood. One more night could kill me baby….One is one too many, one more is never enough.

  • Ramona Ewald

    Hi, kenny and to all the guys and gals working so hard , I would love to win the sunglass package been a hard year for me my mom was battling with Emphysema for 12 years then in 2010 found a lump in her left lung by 2012 it took over her i was by her side to the end she passed april 29,  i was so lost without her not sure where to go what to do then out of the blue my very old friend from back when i was 18 yrs old comes back into my life and help me find direction and a smile again now he is on his way here as i write this to see me ,i am 39 yrs old now and we cannot beleive after all this time we are going to be a couple funny maybe my mother had a hand in this :))))) so i figure winning this package me mona & mike can sit in our old blue chairs and listen to the waves and enjoy our lives together ………..
                                                                                             thanks mona

  • mommykms

     Throwing my hat into this competition and wishing all of you who get the chance to see Kenny live a blast! I’ll be rocking with you in spirit!!

    Greetings from Germany,

  • Anonymous

    Kenny you ROCK! One of the best entertainers in the game.

  • Christee OHearn

    I discovered Kenny when a Jimmy Buffett fan website said he was someone to watch!!! Since that day I have been a huge fan and have attended every concert tour Kenny has performed in my area and in 3 different states! The tailgating plans are already in motion for August 11 at Giants Stadium!!! Thanks for everything!

  • Jennilyn6

    Went coastal in phila and doin BOTS this year. Can’t wait for Kenny to come over!!!!!

  • Walt

    My wife LOVES Kenny and is dragging me to Oakland from Seattle on July 15th to see him!! He’s the only person we would travel that far to see!!

  • Jeanbock5

    Can’t wait to see you in Charlotte!

  • Christie

    Thank you for helping to keep our coastal shores pristine.

  • bp2010

    Going to see yall in houston on Aug 4th!! Can’t wait my husband and I love Kenny Chesney!!

  • Mj5859

    Rented a full charter bus to take myself and 29 of my best friends to Philly and have the best time of the summer!!!

  • Lyndsey

    We love Kenny so much! We got married in Riviera Maya Mexico with 41 of our close friends and family! I walked down the beach isle with my Dad to “on te coast of somewhere beautiful”! After the ceremony, my husband & I walked out to “beer in Mexico!”. We had a reception when we came back to Ohio and walked in the hall to “this is our time!” My husband picked a song to play to me at our reception and it was “you save me”! Kenny is a huge part of our lives! We will see you in Cleveland and Chicago! My husband will also see you in Pittsburg! Wish we could go to every concert! We love you!

  • Stewart 1040

    Me and 8 of my closest friends are graduating from college in a few days. We’ve decided to rent a charter bus for a week and head down to Cincinnati to see Kenny play on our way down to Panama City Beach as our last horrah and to celebrate the strides we have made since we were young kids. If you see a big scarlet and grey bus with 9 rowdy college kids be sure to stop by and have a drink or seven with us y’all.

  • Michael Wiley24

    I am so hot I have to wear SHADES!!  Bring it…

  • Mark honrales

    pick me!

  • Jen Grow

    No shoes, no shirt- Just those Costa sunglasses and no problems!!

  • Eric

    never wore sunglasses in my life,,but i would wear some KC shades pick me

  • Alyssa Driver

    Can’t wait to see you in Nashville!!!! Would love to win this!!!!! 

  • Amy Zonin Dalton

    I’d LURVE some Kenny Costas…I’m traumatized over having to miss the Tampa show tomorrow for the first time in almost 10 years…haven’t I suffered enough????? ;)

  • Sbwalker85

    I’ve been a Kenny fan for 10 plus yrs and have never won a contest before so it would be awesome to win the female Costa sunglasses kit. Can’t wait to see Kenny in July :)

  • Dlkimbel

    Love you Kenny!

  • Mds175

    Love me some Kenny and his glasses!

  • Shanmac

    Love Kenny’s Music & love my Costas that I bought last year!

  • Page

    Kenny, YOU HAD ME AT HELLO!! This will be my 17th time seeing you. WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN I can’t wait for you and Tim to make me FEEL LIKE A ROCK STAR.
    I love you and I’ve said many times I’d leave my husband for you (he knows this;))…would you please COME OVER?

  • #1 kenny fan

    huge kenny fan love love love him. travel every year to see him. the year he didn’t tour i was front and center at the movie theater for 3D. Not one summer has gone by that i didn’t miss him. Headed to foxboro this year 5 hour drive so well worth it. Love you kenny. Would love to have your sun glasses. Kenny have a great summer and a great tour. Be safe out there.

  • Robert LaSalle

    This prize would make me go coastal.

  • Tammy Parsons

    I have had two pair of the Kenny Costas and both pair have been stolen. So now I have none. I would really like another pair but I just can’t seem to do so at this time. Please help!!! And I also had to give my tickets up for his Tampa show tomorrow and I am really sad.

  • Carrie Kirkpatrick

     I would LOVE to win a kenny Chesney Costa Kit!! Can’t wait for the concert tonight!!

  • Gayle Winders

    Would love some new Costas to wear when I see Kenny in Charlotte!

  • Joe Nitchals

    These would be perfectly timed for my fiancee and i to take them to the Brothers of the Sun at Arrowhead in Kansas City

  • SuncoastZ

    Kenny Chesney* lover here……
    “I AM doing the best I can do to be myself.” *
    Intend to see our ‘Brothers of the Sun” Show
    today with my bud today in Tampa, FLorida!!

  • Jeremy

    It’s not summertime without a Kenny Chesney concert. I have seen Kenny in the pouring down rain in Dallas Texas and watched him sing for over four hours in Las Vegas. It shows like these that keep you going back for more. Thanks for keeping the party going year after year for your fans Kenny. You are a true artist and entertainer!!

  • Rod_jr

    Love Kenny and would love to have this giveway he is the best……………

  • Amy Wetzler

    Dying for a new pair of sunglasses and would be completely thrilled to win some Kenny Costas!!!

  • Julie Cosper

    Would love to win these!! Going to the concert tomorrow in Atl.. So excited!!!

  • Red bird

    Love,love…..Kenny, Costas and the sun! Will be Atl on Sunday!

  • Amyrubens36

    I’m so in love with Kenny all I can do is think and dream of him. His singing makes me feel good all over and I love those blue eyes of his so much. I wish he wouldn’t hide his eyes under a hat all the time. He’s my favoite singer of anyone! If I could or had the money to see him I would get the best seats ever.

  • Chance Ponthier

    From the rainy night in Dallas, to the beaches of Alabama, to the bar shows at Spinnakers to the last two years you performed at Bayou Country Superfest, I WAS THERE as I will also be in NOLA on August 3rd for BOTS. I broke my last pair of Costas at last years Bayou Country Superfest so I would love to get picked to get a new pair!

  • Kennyfanx2

    Can’t wait for the show in Detroit in August, we’ve got floor seats!!!  Last years concert was great, this years is going to be awesome!

  • Noelboerger

    The Concert was so amzing by far the best concert i’ve been to!!!!

  • Lorie Ederr

    Going to see Kenny and Yim TONIGHT at the Georgia Dome.  Would LOVE some new sunglasses to commemorate the occasion!!!

  • Mdreger65

    Saw him yesterday, got back home and saw this!

  • Purplered0722

    My fr

  • Purplered0722

    My friend and I attended the kick-off concert in Tampa yesterday. She so wants this set. I think she deserves to win b/c in buying memorabilla from the stadium they accidentally gave her a large youth shirt instead of a large adult shirt. Now she spent $30 on a t-shirt she cannot wear and has no one to pass it on to. She loves Kenny and it would make her year. :)

  • Katrina B

    Can’t wait to see the BROTHERS of another mother in North Carolina! Going with a bunch of my high school girlfriends for a reunion and could not be more excited! It’ll be a party OF THE SUN for sure!

  • Emily Powers Young

    Can’t wait to see the show in KC and then again in Chicago!

  • Marivon

    Great concert in tampa!!!!! Loved it !!!

  • ViolaW

    Would love to win, So I could wear them June 24 in Charlotte. I would feel like a rock star.

  • Beach8771

    I love Kenny…. awesome concert yesterday… I have a pair of costa sunglasses…. and my friend would love a pair too… but neither can afford to purchase a pair at this time… would love to have a pair to give her to remind her of the great time yesterday in tampa…. it was her first KENNY concert and now she is hooked…..

  • How_Kenny_Feels

    Only 6 more days until Kenny is at Cowboy Stadium!!!! Can’t wait to Rock it with Kenny!!!

  • Summertime Fun

    My eyes need to look through your sunglasses!  Can’t wait to “Party like a Rockstar with you and Tim McGraw!!”  See you soon!!!

  • Andrew Bertwell

    Going to see him in Cleveland! Got sandbar tickets for mine and my wives 5 year wedding anniversary!

  • Queenofthread

    I unfortunately had my KC “Somewhere in the Sun” Costa’s stolen recently. I hope the person appreciates there significance. They were black but blue is my favorite color:)

  • JuJu

    The kickoff concert in Tampa was the best concert I have ever attended!  The tickets were a birthday present for my two granddaughters (17 and 14) and they had a blast.  Just can’t get enough Kenny and Tim.

  • G8trgrl3

    I need these! Pick me, pick me! :) absolutely love me some KC!

  • Scottie

    2 reasons I would love these glasses.

    1) I’m too cheap to buy nice sunglasses, I think the most I have ever spent on a pair of sunglasses is 15 bucks, and I wear them daily.

    2) I’m a huge Kenny Chesney fan, and since he isn’t coming to the Northwest this summer I’m driving from Portland, OR. down to the Anaheim show on July 14th, and I would love to be rockin’ these shades from the sandbar!!

  • Kmayerco

    Taking my 12 year old daughter and 14 year old niece to their first concert ever in Dallas. Looking forward to showing them the Best of the Best of concerts! Thanks Kenny for being such an awesome role model for kids! See you Saturday at Cowboy Stadium!!

  • Bcahearn

    Saw him in Tampa on Saturday!Great show! Kenny never disappoints

  • Styx_03

    Saw the show last night at the GA Dome. Just as fun as several years ago at Williams Bryce Stadium. I love the high energy performance! I’ve been looking for a pair of Costa sunglasses, so I’d love to win these!

  • Suzanne Driggers

    I have always dreamed of having prescription sunglasses!!!! Kenny Chesney sun glasses would be perfect!!!!! Go Costa!!!

  • Suzanne Driggers

    I have always dreamed of having prescription sunglasses!!!! Kenny Chesney sun glasses would be perfect!!!!! Go Costa!!!

  • Randy Alan

    I’m a guy and your giving away one male KC Costa set, what a coincidence! 

    Sometimes these things just don’t happen twice :)

  • Tgoodman421

    What I woudn’t give to give this to my daughter who makes me so proud, I always knew that she would be so special when I looked in her eyes some 30+years ago! What a birthday gift from you Kenny! Can’t wait to see you in August

  • Djrichards

    I would absolutely love these sunglasses… and I promise to cherish them, take care of them and dote on them everyday!

  • Saddlejump

    Reality would be winning a pair of glasses to go along with the memory’s of lasts nights Brothers of the Son concert.  

  • Wellsclan49

    Kenny, Grandma’s birthday is the 16th and I may not get the chance to see you this year! Keep on makin’ the music!Love ya

  • Amymlee629

    What more can I say? I love Kenny!

  • RobynE1111

    Would love to win this….huge Kenny fan….traveled to Atlantis to see him last week….awesome show!! Please pick me :)

  • Dinkyleigh79

    I want to win!!!!

  • Berrysbonusbuys

    Heading to Arrowhead Stadium this weekend to see the concert.  I won tickets from KFDI and it’s my birthday.  It will be a great weekend.  Thank you KFDI!

  • Shane

    Can’t wait for his show at Soldier Field! 

  • Lisashmore32

    love Come Over

  • Kevin Tracy01

    Great glasses an singer what a combination

  • Wednesday Henry

    I love love the new line!  I want to win :-)

  • Brittanymiller18

    Woohooo love Kenny and love Costa!!!

  • Lee G

    Id love to be wearing these goodies in the summer time.. bringing some country to ENGLAND!

  • Ron Keiper

    Great opening day for Brothers of the Sun tour..  Great time tailgating with NSR next to us. Great party, great music. Stopped by the Costa RV to check out some of the nice shades they have, great product, especially for those who live by the water.. like me :)

  • 2roadsandrea

    I drive 8 hours last June to see Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown in Green Bay! Best show ever….

  • Jthomas

    Your such a great entertainer when you perform!! Have not missed a concert in Philly for quite a long time!! Even going on my honeymoon day later so we can be at your concert!!

  • Kaylee Hagsb

    Ive entered every contest to win these glasses and still haven’t one. Maybe this will be the one!

  • Kaylee Hagan

    Saw Kenny on Sunday in Atlanta and it was the best night of my life. Would LOVE Kenny Chesney Costas!

  • Vineyard8

    I spend my summers on the water like Kenny. This prize pack would be perfect for me. Love his music and love him.

  • Hmsheets91

    Yay Kenny Chesney!

  • Kyle knehans

    Kenny you’re amazing!

  • Jayne_heath

    Keep raising money Kenny, your songs are amazing. You should come over to England and visit us here x


    Ive seen him in concert three times, the first time it was in Deerfield, OH and I bet there wasn’t 50 people there, my sister and I were the only ones up against the stage! I have pics of that night. Put on a great show. Saw him years later after the success, and the show was a blast! Diehard fan, lifelong fan I’ll always be. Now that he’s put his name on great sunglasses, I’ll likely be getting a pair soon!! KENNY CHESNEY FOREVER.

  • Mbuynak007

    Pick me. Love the Kenny!

  • Elizabeth Clark

    Saw Kenny Sunday night @ the Ga Dome in Atlanta!!! Put on one hell of a show and made everyone feel like a rock star!

  • Razorbacks

    Love the music. I can apply several songs to my life. It wouldn’t be summer without ya!

  • Aminabradford

    Cd pre-ordered – check
    Tickets to BOS – check
    Bought behind the scenes – check
    Kenny costas – no check!

  • Rblake3384

    I bought a pair of Kenny’s special edition Costa Sunglasses at his last tour and have worn them every sunny day since. LOVE THEM almost as much as I love Kenny! LOL Mine are white and would just about faint (like I would if I met Kenny in person) if I could win a pink pair!!! I always have this fantasy I am walking along the “Coast of Somewhere Beautiful” and here comes Kenny!!

  • Steveski575

    can’t wait to see kenny, summer isn’t complete without seeing him

  • Debi Goin

    Seen the Tampa show.  Was very sick the night before the show.  Nothing was going to stop me from going.  Had to sit down during some of the show.  But so glad I went.  Have not missed a show in eight years this was the best yet.


    Hello! I have been a Kenny Chesney fan since 96. I have only seen him once back stage in 97 & he signed my jacket. I have been to his concerts every year that he had one in Raleigh except 1 year I was really sick & had to sell my tickets. I am going to CMT awards for the 1st time every & so glad Kenny will be there. So far he is not coming to Raleigh but I sure wish he would! Cant wait for the new cd!!!

  • Lisabpayne

    We just love Costa sunglasses the best sunglasses for boaters. We also love Kenny Chesney and can’t wait to see his concert this year. Listening to Kenny while crusing in our sea ray and wearing our Costas …..equals …great day for alln

  • Laurens77

    Saw the sho June 2. It was absolutely amazing. Tim and Kenny rocked! Not to much jake Owen and grace potter.. Can’t wait to see kenny again and can’t wait tilln une 19!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Oh!  My husband and I were just looking at purchasing these!  They were going to be our anniverary present to each other (on June 12th)!  Cool to see the potentional to win them!  Woo hoo!

  • Bword

    Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Brothers of the Sun concert in Atlanta on June 3rd with my girlfriends!!!  It was an awesome concert, and was most definately the best I’ve ever seen!!!  We saw you last year in Columbia, SC and have decided we would make plans to see you each year and already looking forward to your tour in 2013!!  Love all of your videos too :)

  • Gionna Marotta

    Me and my best friend at the Goin’ Coastal Tour last summer at Giant’s stadium! Best night of my life! Going to Brother’s of the Sun in August!

  • Mrybgll

    Need the glasses for WILDWOOD!

  • Ncampbell7

    Oh yes need the sunglasses – really really need that yacht in his new video – of course with Kenny with it!!! LOL – I cannot wait to see him in Charlotte!!! 

  • RA

    Pick me pick me pick me pick me! haha

    Can’t wait to see Chesney on June 30th. I’ve seen his show every year for the past 6 years. Gonna be another flip flop summer!

  • BRINER08


  • Patricia

    I love it. I hope I get chosen.  Thanks for the chance.  I can’t wait for the concert in Denver.

  • Swinneygirl04

    Hope I win!!! Love Kenny Chesney!

  • guest

    I’m going to see kenny twice this summer !!!! once on the 20th then again in august!!
      =)  thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!

  • Cshe2

    So happy Uncle Kenny’s tour coming to New Orleans in Aug! I would to have a pair of his new shades to get ready.

  • Karen Wheeler

    OMG Kenny totally rocked in Tampa…Looking forward to Cleveland and Charlotte.  PICK ME……

  • ANdi

    I have been to every headliner Kenny Chesney concert!  I love love love Kenny Chesney. I save all year to be front and center, its the only thing I ask for. I am beyond excited for his show in August at FedEx Field.  Hope to win this cool prize pack too!  Pick me!!!!

  • Jnine

    Can’t Wait to see you in Nashville.. I really enjoy your music and you are a person who people can look up too.. Thanks for everything you do..

  • 1laf2692

    Can’t wait for the new CD release and to see him live in August in Detroit!

  • Daisy30753

    See you at Dallas Stadium on Sat!! I could use some Costas to keep me cool while I tailgate:)

  • Jginter11

    Super excited to see Kenny and Tim next Saturday in Philly! Sandbar tickets again :) :) :)

  • Aligbme

    The new come over video is almost as amazing as song. Sigh…

  • Becky

    Would REALLY like to win and wear these to Jost Van Dyke, but since I can’t get there, I’ll settle for Nashville on June 23!

  • heather yelton

    cant wait to see you in charlotte kc!! :) will be my 8th show ilu

  • Alisa

    I have seen Kenny about 13 times. I flew to Vegas to see him one year. Going to Charlotte this year and also out to LA! Love this man and his energy!

  • Aj4tr_24

    I can’t wait for the CD release! Kenny Rocks!

  • Laura Wells

    I saw his show in Atlanta last Sunday and I’ve got to say it was amazing!! I’ve seen him 6 times already and can’t wait to book my next ticket! I’d love to have me some KC Costas to soak up that summer sun in!! :)

  • heather815

    Absolutely adore Kenny, his music is amazing and gets me through life not to mention makes me want to be on a island or beach somewhere!

  • Jonnee Davis

    I was at the Brothers of the Sun Tour on Saturday in Tampa. I saw them on the big screen. I remember looking at them on the web site. My dad told me for Christmas I could have got the sunglasses or the concert tickets. I picked the tickets. I wish that I could have had both. I keep looking at the Costa website. 

  • Karen Wheeler

    I’m still NUMB from the video “Come on Over”  by far the best Kenny and Shaun Silva has ever done…If is does not win video of the year…..Something is very wrong…..Loved it.  Kenny rocked in Tampa.  I have never missed a concert since he has come out……

  • Kirsty252

    Can’t wait til June 30th!!  Don’t worry…you wont miss us! :)  LOVE YOU KENNY!!   I wanna go COSTA!  
     BTW your new video is amazing..Ill come over anytime!  

  • Amandaychapman29

    I love your music. Hoping you pick me please. :)

  • Cctatersalad

    Its a kenny world and I need a piece of it! ;)

  • Amandajohnson1682

    Awe, I just want them!!!!

  • Paula54701

    The brothers tour hits by me around my birthday! I cannot think of a better gift than to see this tour.. Styling in my new Costas!!!!

  • Mjgrimau

    I wanna win!!

  • Tiffnp85

    So excited to see him in Chicago in July.

  • Jared Dunagan

    I am a huge Kenny Chesney fan. I would appreciate this pack very much. Thanks

  • Kristi Rustin

    Hey Chesneyworld!!! I love the information you share about everything KC.  I hope I win the gift pack, I would lovvvvvve it!!!!  Thanks for all you do.  : )

  • Toni

    Love Kenny have for many years would be awesome to win something of his and love the sunglasses. Don’t get to see him this year but would love to have a chance to win these. Love wearing my flip flops and my sunglasses in the summer Love all his music my fav artist. Thanks

  • Marty Bell

    I will be going to my 19th Concert this year!!  My 1st was in 2000!  I love me some Kenny Chesney!!

  • Patty_langan

    would love a pair of Kenny Chesney sunglasses!! would be great!! 

  • Theresapointer8

    Just saw Brothers of the Sun tour in Tampa Saturday. 2nd time I saw Kenny in concert, and yet again he was AWESOME!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his music. So talented!! I saw the Costa truck out at the concert and had to refrain from buying up all the sunglasses. They looked nice. What a great foundation to be giving some of the proceeds toward.

  • Herbertshelby

    My mom is definitely Kenny chesney’s number one fan! She has his limited edition autographed picture along with multiple glasses, mugs, hats, clothing, and can’t forget a life sized cardboard cut out of him! She has been going to every single concert that he has had in jersey! She would appreciate it!

  • Mcclellandrenee

    Going to see Kenny this weekend at Cowboys Stadium! Can’t wait!!!

  • Tyler Winkelmann

    Love Kenny, Love Costa

  • Robin porter

    I would love a pair!!!

  • Emily

    Kenny puts on the best show I have ever seen!

  • P1gsfly

    I can’t see Kenny on tour this year so I’d love to have this gift pack. I’ve seen him every year except when on hiatus so I’m not happy about missing him. This could ease the pain a little bit!

  • Brandizavala

    Thank you Kenny for giving your fans your all and than some! We appreciate your devotion and love!

  • Monica

    Kenny & Costas… You know it’s summertime :) can’t wait till August to see Kenny in Houston!! Love me some Kenny Chesney!!!

  • Daveb831

    Keep up the good work Kenny you are the man.

  • Misty Studdard Whitlock

    Most incredible night ever at the Georgia Dome on Sunday……Sandbar was awesome!!

  • Arielle Parson

    Kenny is the BEST!!!!<3

  • Trwaniewski

    I love kenny chesney I see him every year, his songs are great

  • Ty7tex

    I wanna win

  • Dixiemama5

    love me some kenny chrsney hes the best

  • BK68

    That hat is cool but those Glasses kick butt! Sure would be nice to have that pack and feel like a Rock Star!!

  • Campfoty5

    Love Kenny!  Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win!  See you July 8th at Target Field….

  • Cristy

    Thanks for the chance to own a piece of your awesome style! We love you in Indiana!

  • Lorac

    Would love to win…can’t believe that I will not be able to make a concert this year…but still have my fingers crossed!

  • Christine

    I’m going to see Kenny on Aug 11th (3 days before my 40th birthday).  I will be in the sandbar! Look for me Kenny.  <3

  • Jarrod

    Please pick me!!!

  • Emily

    Love me some Kenny!!!! Plain and simple :) can’t wait to see him on July 28th in Indianapolis for the 10th time!!!!! Amazing singer/songwriter/performer….Kenny is the definition of SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • W-julie

    May the sun always be at your back…but if not may you have your Kenny Chesney Costas with you!

  • Badgerbabe95

    I love Kenny SO MUCH!!! He is my everything! Im going to my 3rd Kenny concert on July 7th, and im only 17! Yea i said 3rd!!!! IM SO EXCITED no one has any idea! His music has gotten me so far in life already, as crazy as that sounds its true. :)

  • Coffeegurl

    I want a pair to wear at the Indy concert in July!!!

  • Wendy Boyce Schramm

    Last year, after finding out that the lump in my breast was just a cyst…I bought a red camaro and got a license plate that read LIVALTL!!! Thankful for Kenny’s songs and words to remind me to continue to Live A Little, & Love A Lot while you can! xxoo

  • Lynettelobato

    I wanna win because I love Kenny!

  • Bobby J

    Seems like everything Kenny touches, it turns out to be a success, and this sunglass pack is no different..Cheers to you Kenny..let the summer begin!

  • Wendy Boyce Schramm

    Driving down to see him from the Fort.  Last year he came here and it was awesome!!

  • Ang

    Love Kenny Chesney!!!! See you June 30th in Pittsburgh :)))))

  • Gus6210

    I would love a pair! I’m in need of quality eyewear!

  • Mark Hamrick

    Looking forward to the concert this summer. Last year’s version was great fun!

  • Arlenamathis

    Would love to be “On the coast of somewhere beautiful” wth my Kenny Chesney Costa sunglasses on !! :-)

  • Katswil

    Love Kenny!!! Cannot wait to see you in Dallas this Saturday night!!! Just 2 days!!!

  • Jctuck40

    Going to see Kenny in August, would love to wear the shades!

  • Mross

    Need these for Philly then Wildwood!

  • Colleen

    I am so excited to see Kenny at the meadowlands! I haven’t missed a show in the past five years! There’s no songs that I connect to and find in more than Kenny’s songs! And I lovvveeee that I’ve been to some of the places mentioned too!!! My favorite place in the world, White Bay, jost van dyke! Love you Kenny!
    Colleen, CT

  • Becky Billeci

    Summertime is here and I can’t wait to spend it On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful rocking in my Old Blue Chair watching my Old Bird Dog splashing in the waves thru my Costa’s, and When the Sun Goes Down I can’t wait to be the Woman With You.

  • Madmay2

    These glasses are hot! Just like Tim and Kenny just saw the show in Tampa and the concert was great. Would love to have a pair!

  • Michelle Stevens

    Thanks for all you do to keep us updated on all things Kenny! We saw the Costa booth at the Tampa show last week and they are awesome. Would love a pair since my budget has gone to seeing Kenny twice this year- Tampa and Nashville in two weeks! Sandbar is the only way to see him!

  • caljo310

    Ive seen Kenny 3x and everytime gets better and better! The most amazing thing was last year at lambeau field in greenbay Wisconsin during boys of fall when coach McCarthy came out with the Lombardi trophy! The whole stadium went crazy the atmosphere was indescribable! I love everything Kenny has to say in his songs and I go back will always be my favorite! I love the coast and I love fishing I recently got a pair of costas and I abaolutly love them! I want to live the lifestyle Kenny sings about going coastal with no shoes no shirt no problem and looking through Costas makes me feel one step closer!

  • Susan Waggoner

    Kenny you are so Awesome that you HAD ME FEOM HELLO and I can’t wait to see you in Indy in July for The Brothers of the Sun concert. My escape from REALITY!! I hope to be wearing my COSTA sunglasses even WHEN THE SUN GOSES DOWN. It’s SUMMER TIME Baby!! Oh… And I am so wishing that there are margaritas on tap again.

  • nenny

    The girl in the new come over veido has to be the luckest woman alive.  oh yea and i want to win the glasses kit

  • Kristiee

    Love KC!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    One more day until I get to sit in an old blue chair.

  • Shyerene Fisher

    It’s a great cause to support, winning glasses would be a bonus

  • Kirk

    I’d love a new pair of sunglasses to go watch Kenny at Target Field in a month!

  • Mugz60

    My sweet summertime ☀man ..

  • Radish6352

    Fishing Kenny and Costas? Just grab me a beer and an old blue chair and ill never have to leave

  • Brian Sampson

    Pick me please.  Im a huge KC fan.  It would pretty damn cool to have some of these glasses.

  • Elisabethgoins

    Have two pair of Costas and love them. Love Kenny and looking forward to seeing him in Charlotte on the 24th! Can’t wait for the new cd. Always love the different selection of songs he chooses to go on an album. Bought The Making of…and watched last night. There r several songs I am already in love with!! I predict many number ones from the Fishbowl cd :-)

  • Lori12272

    June 30th Pittsburgh cant wait to see you!

  • Theresakatie

    Love Kenny!! I got to meethim last year. He is even sweet in person!! Would love this!

  • Taminipp

    Love me some Kenny… Jost Van Dyke, Foxy’s Fire water Rum and Old Blue Chair… 

  • Lisanaspen

    I would love to win his for my husband for Father’s Day, but secretly I would want Costa to send the pink Switchfoot style so I could keep them for myself!! Love those shades!!!!!

  • Chris Tunget

    Thanks Kenny!!

  • Bwillk011

    I love Kenny Chesney, but I am bummed he isn’t coming to Virginia beach this summer! Looks like I’m headed to Gillet to see him in Foxboro, Ma instead! I sure would like to rock some costa shades at the concert!

  • Stephv301

    Sunshine, summer and Kenny Chesney. I never wanted nothing more! See you in Boston!

  • Billie Jo Hinojosa

    Please pick me! I love those sunglasses & I’m kenny’s BIGGEST fan!!

  • Ofmartin

    T-minus 1 day and 18 hours before I get to see Kenny again! I can barely stand the wait!! Every concert is better than the last!!!

  • Reed R News

    Can’t wait for Chicago and Boston!! Kenny in two cities this summer is going to be unbeatable :-)

  • Nickihadley

    I would love a pair!

  • Cspences

    I have saw Kenny Chesney multiple times and I am just
    graduating high school. The beginning of every song catches my attention and I
    know whose song is playing. I have six cd’s of him in my car and you can find
    me always listening to them. Kenny Chesney has inspired me ever since I have
    listened to the first song from him. His songs tell stories about real life and
    what you can achieve. He sings from his heart and he will always be my


  • Weatherss

    I’ll be rocking out Aug 3 in the Superdome!! New Costas will make the beach brighter!!

  • Mlmasse3

    Counting the days till foxboro !!!!! Can not wait !!

  • Margaret1021

    Would love to win this Costa pack:) It is AMAZING!!!!

  • Jmc

    am I too late?? Need Costa’s for Nashville concert!!!

  • Calie Appling

    I’m 15 and I spent my life savings on 2 VIP sandbar tickets to see Kenny Chesney with my sister in Atlanta. I have been dying for a pair of these super cute glasses, but I really don’t have the money now. I would do anything for the female pair!

  • Andrea

    Would love to sport my costa’s in sandbar at “The Brothers of The Sun Tour ” feeling like a rockstar …

  • Jessolah

    Wishing I was on the old van dyke sipping on some cruzing coconut rum with these cool Shades and the welcome to the fish bowl cd blasting

  • Danielle

    Would love to rock those Costa’s in New Orleans on August 3rd.  They would be a great birthday present for my 21st birthday on August 5th.  Ready to party like a rock star!

  • Afaye0789

    Would loVe to sit beside Kenny on a beach and drink a cold one!! Totally LOVE him!!!

  • Oliver Bachi

    I m a big Fan from Austria , Kenny is simply the best !!! :)

  • 525ostreet

    Would love to win this so I can wear them to brothers of sun in Nashville …. I will be in the second row..

  • Cgrimes5276

     My number 1 county super star. Cant wait to see you in Nashville in a couple weeks would love to be wearing some Costa shades…

  • Stacylord

    Kenny…. Your such an amazing person !


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