Kenny on the Cover of Men’s Health

posted May 17th, 2012 at 7:55 pm

by Josh Martn

The June issue of Men’s Health features Kenny Chesney on the cover. In the accompanying article, he discusses how he keeps himself in shape.

Chesney’s goal isn’t muscle. “I don’t go in here and try to bench-press 200 pounds,” says the cover boy of the June issue of Men’s Health, his first major men’s magazine cover.

But he can do 300 pushups in 10 minutes.

He says he just wants to maintain energy for his two-hour concerts in summer humidity. “You think you’re sprinting on this treadmill,” he says. “When I’m up there it’s like I’m at a constant sprint at a 15 level. But the thing you have onstage that you don’t have in the gym is adrenaline.”

Chesney’s trainer, Daniel Meng of MUV Fitness Coaching in Nashville, has worked with the singer for more than a decade. Meng says their training plan starts in January with total-body conditioning and ramps up as they get closer to tour time, when Meng tacks on 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training to the end of a 45-minute strength-training session.

“It’s a very intense workout routine usually reserved for athletes,” Meng says, “but Kenny has a certain standard he holds himself to when putting on a show, and it’s my job to get him there.”

Chesney also closely monitors his diet, he tells Men’s Health.

“Growing up in East Tennessee, everything you do revolves around food,” he says. He doesn’t eat many dairy products, hasn’t touched salt in 10 years, hasn’t had bread “in a while.” He watches what he eats during the week, but allows Sunday to be a cheat day.

He adds, “I’ve never abused my body with drugs. I’ve never smoked. But I will say that I’ve probably been overserved a lot. You can’t spend 19 years on the road and not have a few drinks.”

Read the full article here.

Chesney was also featured in Men’s Health last year.

(hat tip Judi)

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  • Rosi

    that is a very short piece for a cover story…normally the cover is 2 pages or more.

    • Rosi

      it is from USA today the link, not Mens Health……

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  • Phyllis Hunter

    Wow, Rosi, there were words?  I see a picture of Kenny with his shorts showing enough skin to make me blush.

  • kenny chesney

    I can’t believe that Chesney do 300 pushes in 10 minutes but no doubt he is a perfect and having good health.


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