Music Video Coming for New “Come Over” Single

posted May 16th, 2012 at 10:08 am

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney released his latest single “Come Over” earlier this week and the music video will be released soon too:

The song’s video was directed by Kenny’s longtime collaborator and friend Shaun Silva. They filmed it off the coast of Florida and while the “Come Over” video hasn’t been released yet, Shaun shared a few details about their latest collaboration.

“’Come Over’ is the most intimate journey I’ve captured of Kenny in the 10 years we’ve been making music videos together,” Shaun said. “It’s clear within the first five seconds of this video that Kenny is committed to his character in the video and was more than willing to open up to the vulnerabilities associated with this tortured love story. The music video was finished in black-and-white, delivering a strikingly timeless and cinematic result.”

(hat tip Rosi)

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  • Glwinders


    • Josh Martin

      Don’t know yet.

  • Caribbeancruzn

    Sounds like maybe the video will help me like the song better. Right now it just doesn’t sound like he has much heart or soul in it…also still sad that we never got to see the video they filmed for Seven Days…!

    • Josh Martin

      Yeah I was always waiting to see that video. That was my favorite song from Hemingway’s Whiskey

  • Rosi

    the video will be out this month, since the single was just released.
    it seems sad to me, that so many of kenny’s tunes are about past loves and not working as opposed to love that is………just sayin’

  • Kburcroff

    Video for “Seven Days” please

  • Mmaynard45

    Once again a hit that most of us can identify with.  He and his songwriters seem to know what we as fans may need because they experience some of the same things

  • Phyllis Hunter

    I can’t wait for this video…if it is as passionate as the song, it’s gonna be some good stuff. 


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