Watch “Feel Like a Rock Star” Music Video

posted April 20th, 2012 at 9:02 am

by Josh Martn

It’s here! Directed by Shaun Silva, the video for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw’s “Feel Like a Rock Star” finds the duo in a massive, all-white aircraft hangar.

What do you think of the video?

Watch below:

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  • Diana Bouter Carr

    love it..but way too many flickering lights..first & last watch!

  • Jnadeau


  • Kimberly Naylor

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bknox

    I love, love, love, love…. this video. These guys are too hot for words.

  • Rosi

    I did not like it, showed no creativity from either Shaun or Kenny.
    At the last shot, if the plane that landed and opened it doors had some either really famous Mick Jagger or say someone thinking they are a rock star that would have had a little fun to it.
    Then had Kenny and Tim look at each other like WTH that would have made it.
    Sorry, thought it seemed boring………

  • Tlsmr001

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Can’t wait to see them. Once again he’s done a great job with his music. :)

  • Caribbeancruzn

    Well they could be singing the phone book & I think I would like it because having these two together in a song & a video is a event – it’s fun & knowing they are good friends makes it more real.  Oh and thanks Shaun Silva for showing Clay & his rockin guitar as well!

  • marsha

    i love it

  • Samfl1111

    Well, this is going to be an amazing beginning for Kenny’s new CD…Welcome to the Fishbowl…and yes, Tim is icing on the cake on this track…Feel Like a Rock Star!!!!

  • Alh4791

     I really liked it too.. I think it was unique and not over the top.. Love Kenny and Tim so it has to be good..

  • Mdkk305

    Loved it. Two of them together I need not say more.

  • Alison Rongstad

    I loved it!  Great preview for us to see what this summer’s live shows.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!
    Love Kenny!  Love Tim!  Love Shaun!  Love Kenny’s band!
    Can not wait for this tour.  I hope they are coming to Phoenix.  :)

  • honeywife

    …where do I purchase a ticket for a ride on that plane?!!  Can’t wait to see Kenny & Tim in Nashville TN (coming from OH)…gonna be an awesome concert!  Got my sandbar tickets!

  • Megsuekot


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  • Skullhunter7

    Great video. 2 superstars just doing what they love. Playing music, having fun.

  • Bjs5255

    Awesome Duet Kenny  & Tim….Love Love Love you both!!!

  • Marquitos06

    nunca crei ver a kenny chesney cantando con Tim Mcgraw, suena bien, me gusta como cantan ambos, pero sin duda kenny tiene excelente voz.

  • Dianne L. Cuseo

    Very,Very Cool And Hot Video :}:} Great Job Shaun Silva:}:}


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