Chesney with Coach Payton at Superdome

posted October 24th, 2011 at 10:37 am

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by Josh Martn

The New Orleans Saints crushed the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, and Kenny Chesney was there with his pal Sean Payton who was recovering from a leg injury suffered on the sidelines last week.

Payton’s surgically repaired left leg was still in a bulky brace after taking a crippling hit on the Saints’ third offensive play during last week’s loss to Tampa Bay. The Superdome’s coaching booth is barely equipped to handle able-bodied legs, so Payton’s inflexible peg leg had to be propped up on a chair more than likely. Everything about the situation reeked of uncomfortableness, and then came kickoff.

Payton wasn’t able to leave the press box with the injury, which he knew would be the case going into the game. So Payton chowed down a hot dog and then his good buddy, country music star Kenny Chesney, joined him to pass the time. (Yes, that really happened.)

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