More Video of Chesney and Taylor Swift

posted September 18th, 2011 at 11:25 am

by Josh Martn

Last night we posted a poor video of Kenny Chesney joining Taylor Swift on stage at her Nashville show.

Here’s a much better clip:

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  • Jenny

    OMG I wish I was there! I like Kenny and Taylor equally and I’ve gotten e-mails & a phone call from Taylor and I just met her this year. She could’ve helped me meet him. Next time I will have to try to see her in Nashville after his tour. I would flip if he joined her or she joined him.

  • Klmmcm13

    Wicked awesome!

  • Kass41757

    Look Mazin For you and your Mama! LOL!

  • Ma

    Look Mazin for you and your Mama LOL!

  • Alessandra J

    Why, thank you!

  • Scooter

    I am not really what you’d call a BIG fan of either…I do like Kenny for his Tropical stuff (sorry, I’m a parrothead!) and maybe a few other tunes.  Taylor is an incredible talent with an incredible head on her shoulders; however, as I’m 60 years of age, I do have some difficulty relating to some of her music. BUT LET ME SAY THIS…I can’t think of a more appropriate song to pay all due homage to Taylor’s success in the BIZ!!!  Right on Kenny & Taylor – you rocked the house and hey Taylor…you were a gracious hostess in this performance.  

  • Scooter

    Just watched it again in the full screen mode….INCREDIBLE performance!

  • RumShopRyan

    Great stuff and perfect song! Big fan of Swift as well. Great songwriting just as Chesney.



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