George Jones Praises Kenny Chesney

posted September 12th, 2011 at 12:37 pm

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by Josh Martn

In an 80th birthday interview with Taste of Country, George Jones offers high praise for Kenny Chesney:

On the reunion tour with Tammy Wynette, Kenny Chesney opened up the show. Kenny has come a long way since then, and it appears the two of you still work together, as his latest album features you on the track ‘Small Y’all.’ How did your friendship with Kenny begin, and why is he one of your favorite modern singers in country music?

I love Kenny, and he has remained as close as a son to me. My stepdaughter with Nancy worked for Morris Management, who manages Kenny. Kenny was just starting out and we all agreed to bring him along on the tour. He took his first private plane trip with me and he was just thrilled. In fact, he wore overalls that day and gave them to me. I have them framed down in my memorabilia basement! Through the years, Kenny always stayed in touch and, as he became such a big star, he never forgot me. We do little surprises for each other. Just a couple of months ago, I surprised him on tour and walked out onstage singing to him. He just about fell over. He was so happy and emotional. He knows I don’t normally show up at other people’s shows, and it was a wonderful moment between us. We had dinner back in Nashville a couple of nights later. Kenny is a good, good man and I think of him as a son — and he calls me “Dad.” I am so proud of all that he’s accomplished, and he has stayed the same down to earth humble guy that he’s always been.

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