Goin’ Coastal Tour Ends in Boston

posted August 28th, 2011 at 7:58 pm

by Josh Martn

As Hurricane Irene beared down on New England, Kenny Chesney played in the rain for over 50,000 fans at Gillette Stadium. The second Boston show (the first was Friday night, rescheduled from Sunday night) marked the end of the 2011 Goin’ Coastal Tour.

Hurricane rains did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of Kenny Chesney’s fans on Saturday in Foxboro, MA, as 2,000 tickets released on the day of the show were snapped up within minutes despite hurricane warnings, bringing the attendance for Saturday’s show to 59,000 and the total for Chesney’s two sold-out Gillette Stadium shows to over 106,000.

As the first ring of storms from Hurricane Irene showered the capacity crowd in advance of Sunday’s expected storm impact, Chesney celebrated the close of his 2011 ‘Goin’ Coastal’ Tour with a triumphant set that included a massive crowd sing-along on “She’s From Boston,” a high kicking chorus line by Billy Currington and his band on “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems,” an audacious version of “Baby Got Back” with Zac Brown Band, and a mid-set award by CMA President Steve Moore to Chesney keyboardist Wyatt Beard as the CMA’s first-ever ‘Touring Musician of the Year.’ Chesney was jubilant during the show, calling the Foxboro crowd “one of the loudest and most loving crowds of the tour.” Beach balls flew through the air and a sunny spirit prevailed while waves of rain drenched the audience and the performers several times throughout the evening.

Did you attend a Goin’ Coastal show this year? Drop us a note in the comments section to share your experience.

Thanks for another great tour Kenny! See ya next year!

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  • Kev – Lincoln

    Saw The Coastal Tour twice this year … Qwest Center in March, and Arrowhead in July … Both shows were awesome!

  • Kjoc69

    Yes my husband and I did. It was a awsome show can’t wait until he come back to Boston.

  • Klmmcm13

    Hello CW. Went to Kenny last night. Got soaked! It was awesome!

    I took my nephew River to his foirst ever concert. He had no idea what to expect. We sat rhough Unlcle Ktracker (he was okay), Billy Currington (also okay and quite a hottie!), the ZBB. Zbb was good. although some of their set seemed like Zack and his fiddle player were playing to and for each other and not entertaining the fans.

    Then Kenny came in. He lights up on stage and never stops smiling! He has a blast out there and so do we. It’s fun just watching him have fun! River even noticed the difference in style between Kenny and everyone else.

    The encore has been given big write ups all year. For me, not so much. Currington destroyed Tractor. Uncle Karcker was ok on When the sun goes down. For the life of me I can not figure out what the hell ZBB was doing out there. Could not understand a word they said / sang. I was glad that it was over. Kennny doesn;t need any support on stage. He can do his own encores from now on as far as I’m concerned!

    All the other artisit had great things to say about Kenny and the way they were treated all year.

    During the encore, the only part worth the price of admission for me, was whne they poured the gatorade thin g over Kenny (like in the NFL). He didn;t seem to like the way it felt. Som he stripped his shirt off (OMG! The ladies were swooning!) and changed into a fresh shirt. LOL! It was great!

  • carol

    I saw Kenny in Detroit, and he was awesome

  • Tlsmr001

    I went to the Tampa and Raliegh shows and both were AWESOME. Hope tosee him again next year.

  • Jenniferm

    I saw Kenny in Columbus Ohio this summer in June!! Awesome show!! Cannot wait until next year!!! love me some KENNY! :)

  • Acalexie

    I saw Kenny Chesney’s Goin Coastal Tour in Detroit, Michigan.  He looked so rested from taking a year off from heavy touring.  Thank you for a wonderful concert.  You outdid yourself. 

  • Drakesmaine

    Saw the show on Saturday in Boston, best concert I have ever seen. The rain was a bonus as it cooled everyone down from all the dancing and singing they were doing. If only we all had jobs that made us as happy as Kenny’s job makes him!!

    Looking forward to next year, Have a well deserved vacation Kenny you deserve it!!!

  • kennyfan

    Saw Kenny 4 times this year.  1st show at Portland Civic Center, Maine, second was the next day at Mohegan Sun, CT and then the final shows of the year at Gillette Friday and then Saturday, which was the best Kenny show i’ve ever been to ever seen.  I’m hoping he ends the tour at Gillette again next year. 

    Hope Kenny takes a well needed break from the tour this year and I can see him 4 more times next year!

  • Deeandgeo

    This was my 3rd yr, for Ford Field venue. Love Kenny’s concerts, will definetly be a yrly thang for me:)




    Saw a total of 10 shows this yr. Kicked off the tour with him in Fl for the first two. Five shows in May & wrapped it up with 3 in JN. Got a couple of posters autographed. They R now framed & hung in my house with the rest of my KC collection.  As always, awesome tour with some shows rocking more than others. Nice to see our man well rested & enoying himself after his yr. off. Just goes by too fast. Can’t wait to see KC & crew in 2012. Well done from my #1 entertainer. 

  • Skeeter

    I was so so happy Kenny did the show at Roberts in Ind.  Out of now where he added this show.  We are going to miss Roberts so much  as they are building a new one, BUT Kenny took it out in GRAND STYLE!!!! So hoping he comes back and opens the new one for us, WHO ELSE could do it?????!!!!!!!!  This was my first time in seeing Kenny, SURE WON’T BE MY LAST.  Already planning on at least 3 shows for next year.  Seeing Kenny was Awesome, and just as Awesome is the friends I finally got to meet from FaceBook!!!!!!  Love you guys so so much!!!!  SAME TIME SAME PLACE next year.  Enjoy your down time Kenny!!!! Thanks for the Memorys, and even more THANKS FOR THE MUSIC!!

  • Budschic

    Enjoy your boats, ocean and islands Kenny… hopefully as much as we, your loving fans, enjoyed you this summer!  Your voice moves me.

  • Guest

    We were rescheduled to Friday night and we HAD an AWESOME TIME!    He truly is a great performer we love Kenny!!

  • Jenny

    I went to the one in St Paul where Kenny stayed on the stage from 9 pm to midnight, it was amazing.

  • Tshirola

    My husband and I saw the third show at Red Rocks, which Kenny described as being like a revival!!  And we also make the trek to Kansas City!  Both were amazing shows and definately the highlight of our year!!  We made great friends and fell in love with Kenny even more!!  Thank you Kenny!!  Enjoy your much needed escape to the Islands!! 

  • Murphee

    We had a blast in the sandbar, met a lot of nice people and the show was outstanding!  Lots of funny signs about Irene and Kenny changed his shirt after gettng doused by the standard football drink container dump were some extras!

  • Sscoville2179

    Have been to every Kenny show in Boston. Always the best. But this one ranks as THE best ever.

  • http://www.rumshopryan.com RumShopRyan

    Great tour, sad to see it come to an end. We went to the first stadium concert of the tour in Tampa. We had sandbar tickets and it was amazing. So much energy and so much fun!


  • Janisdi

    Saw Kenny in mass on friday night, the 26th. He was more awesome then ever. Your music takes me away, makes me feel like i’m on one of the islands you sing about. You truly are a great entertainer. Your My # one entertainer, love you Kenny. Hope to ser you again in 2012

  • Kennyfan2009

    Saw him twice this year, @Bi Lo center in Greenville SC & @Verizon in Charlotte NC. As always, FANtastic! I have gone for years & plan to keep the tradition alive. Thanks for always giving me great memories Kenny! Love you like the sun!

  • http://twitter.com/mist_xoxo Misty Kreider

    this tour i had sandbar tickets in philly, floor seats in pitt and nose bleed seats in new jersey. no matter where you are sitting the show is amazing. ive seen kenny chesney 7 times and it never gets old. im already looking forward to seeing him out on the road again, hopefully itll be next summer <3

  • Bishops95

    6th time seeing Kenny in Foxboro! great show!

  • Bishops95

    6th time seeing Kenny in Foxboro! great show!

  • Georgia Caskey

    We’re still talking about the FIRST stadium concert on the Goin Coastal tour – we had so much fun traveling to Tampa and spending the evening with Kenny, Zac and Billy!  Ready for next year <3

  • Sbaker10

    Yes..saw here in Indianapolis!! He was just as HOT as ever!!!

  • Crazyformycowboy

    Took my 9 year old son in place of my 19 year old daughter to the Friday 8/26 Gillette show, she had to work so he stepped in and I believe he will be looking foward to next years tour with the rest of us. I had Section A3 and the people in my section just loved that he was there and were the best people to be around. Kenny put on one of the best shows I have ever saw and i’ve been to more than 20 shows including all of the Gilette shows. Thanks so much for keeping me updated on Kenny news, the fan club posts news too but it’s nice to see a variety.

  • Gwen

    Saw Kenny in VA beach, can’t wait until next year!!’

  • Caribbeancruzn

    My daughter & I saw KC in Wichita back in the spring & after waiting since buying tickets last November, we added dad & the bff to the group for the Arrowhead show in July.  It must have been 112 degrees on that stadium floor throughout the early part of the show – I’ve never been so sweaty in all my life! But I knew once Kenny took the stage, it would be worth the long hot day!  And it was!  Loved bringing a great stadium show back to Arrowhead after a lot of years! Hoping you return to Kansas next summer & hopefully we can travel to another show as well!  Thanks for the great music – have a great break in the islands!

  • BlueEyedGiraffe

    saw Friday’s Foxboro show and the weather was perfect….and Kenny was in the best spirits…..electric, energetic and just the BEST i’ve ever seen him perform!!!   It was a PERFECT night to end an awesome summer….he truly is in his element in a stadium show……it was THE best KC experience for me yet so far!!!  and thank you to KC and his entire crew for rescheduling and accommodating because of Irene!!

  • BexLea

    Went to both concerts Friday and Saturday night at Gillette. I’d say Kenny’s spirits were even higher the second night in the pouring rain! Friday’s weather might have been beautiful but the last show went even longer: Kenny and crew didn’t want to get off the stage. It was AMAZING. Can’t wait for next year <33

  • M_Neher

    I went to the concert in Noblesville In and it was awesome! I can’t wait till next year and hopefully Kenny will show up at Lucas Oil Stadium! Its so much better in Indy because you can tailgate and hangout with other people that enjoy Kennys music! Thanks kenny can’t wait till next year! cya

  • Gingerk68

    Hi, my name is Ginger Morrell and I actually won a text to win flyaway to see KC in Boston!!!! (I am from Virginia.) I have never won anything like this in my life and me and my husband were ecstatic! This year was our 10th Anniversary and my hubby’s bday. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene came in and we could not make the trip due to the fact that we have a kids and an mother-in-law to worry about. So we could not make the trip and we were both devastated. Sony music said we could not have a consolation prize since we didn’t make the trip! We cannot help that we had an earthquake, wildfires and a hurricane all in one week! I was hoping maybe KC would see this  and maybe have pity on us. (ha ha) We were really looking forward to coming and seeing him in Boston! I’ve seen him 5 times and this would’ve been the best yet!!! Can you imagine winning something like this and not be able to go due to mother nature??? It’s very frustrating and sad. But thanks for the opportunity to vent…THANKS FOR BEING YOU KENNY CHESNEY! SORRY WE MISSED YOU IN BOSTON!! 



    UR THE # 1 FAN OF THE MAN FROM TN :):) ;)

  • Sandy South

    The Goin Coastal tour was the 7th time I’ve seen Kenny and I would go 7 more times!  His concerts are the best I’ve been to and I’m in my 50’s! so I’ve been to a lot of concerts.  My classic rock and roller boyfriend enjoys Kenny’s shows and he doesn’t even like country music!  Thank you, Kenny, for all the music that I absolutely LOVE!!!  I absolutely LOVE you, too!!!

  • maria

    The friday night show at Gilette Stadium was my 5th time seeing KENNY and he NEVER disapoints…Every summer me and some girlfriends make the 9 hours drive to get there from NB(CAN) and that is our summer vacation and WE LOVE IT !!!!! What more could we ask, we always have the same thing, a awsome concert that we can’t wait to see again, shopping, very kind people and sometimes a glimps of the Pats…What more could we want for our vacations ??? THANKS AGAIN KENNY …and we missed you last summer our vacation wasn’t the same

  • Carolynpittmon

    Was able to see Kenny 3 times this year. Each concert was awesome. Kenny was great as usual and we had so much fun. Can’t wait until next year.


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