Cleveland Show a Special Moment for Chesney

posted June 28th, 2011 at 7:44 pm

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney made a swing through the Midwest this weekend and there was a special moment in Cleveland:

For Chesney, one of the standout shows of the weekend was at the Blossom Music Center and he said, “The highlight for me this weekend was doing ‘Anything But Mine’ in Cleveland. That was just a magical, intense, moment of connection between everyone on stage and everyone in the audience. That moment reminded me of how powerful music really is and how much people live with these songs.”

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  • Suede

    It is so good to see you Kenny enjoy your life and music like you do. It seems you don’t put yourself first .You are such a humble man. You really love your music and your fans. You are always smiling and enjoy life. Kenny I think you are a wonderful man, and  you work really hard at what you do and it shows .Anyone that ends up with you, should like you for you and the genuine person that you are. Not just because you are famous, or just a video or song.That is what you do for a living.You deserve to get back and be loved by someone as much as you have given.I hope you find that someday. You deserve the passion and intensity that you give. Sincerely, Suede

  • Davideckle

    Wish I could off been their but I am a one legged man 50 years of age but sure love that song for sure Thank-You


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