Summer in 3D Blu-ray Coming – Win a Copy!

posted March 26th, 2011 at 9:00 pm

by Josh Martn

On Tuesday, the Blu-ray 3D version of Kenny Chesney’s hit film ‘Summer in 3D’ will land in stores, and to celebrate we’re giving away copies of the DVD version!

To enter to win, simply leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Kenny Chesney song is. Random winners will be selected at the end of the week.

Beyond the unparalleled performances filmed over 6 nights, captured from onstage, the front row, the wings and even the Goodyear blimp, this film includes extensive archival footage, behind-the-scenes moments and photographs held together by Chesney’s own narrative, taking people inside the life, the love, and the reasons for his unprecedented success. This spectacular release contains 4 bonus songs not seen in theaters.

Songs: Live Those Songs, Summertime, Beer in Mexico, Keg in The Closet, Out Last Night, Big Star, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, I Go Back, Anything But Mine, Down the Road, Back Where I Come From, There Goes My Life, Old Blue Chair, Living In Fast Forward, Young, Boston, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, When the Sun Goes Down, Don’t Happen Twice, She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, Better As A Memory, Ain’t Back Yet (Credit Theme), Be As You Are (Credit Theme)

Bonus Songs: Me and You, Don’t Blink, Guitars and Tiki Bars, Never Wanted Nothing More

Get the ‘Summer in 3D’ Blu-ray 3D movie at for $15.99, or the 2D DVD version for $14.99.

Please note the Blu-ray contains both the 3D version and the 2D version of the concert film and will play on a standard Blu-ray player. To watch the 3D version, you’ll need a 3D HDTV (with glasses) and 3D Blu-ray player (Playstation 3 is now compatible).”

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  • Mary

    My favorite Kenny Chesney song is off the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” album. It was never released as a single, so I’ve never heard it onstage or the radio. The song is called “Dreams.” It’s a song he wrote about his mom after she broke up with someone. It really shows how the person that enriches your life is the one that will just be there, talking about dependability and common sense. The line that I especially love is “dreams, of never, ever being alone again. It also really shows how much he must love his mom. The thing the endeared me to Kenny FOREVER, was when he one the new male vocalist award at the ACMs in 1997 and he brought his mom up on stage with him!

  • Aprilellis

    Favorite song: “I go back”!!!
    April in NH

  • Lisa

    My favorite song is : Be as you are
    Kiss from France

  • Jennifer

    My favorite song is The Tin Man. I have so many favorites but I think this one will always be a top choice!

  • Snewdill

    “Island Boy”
    Stephanie in SC
    Happy Birthday, Kenny!!

  • Rosalie Golz


  • Budschic

    Magic. This song has touched my life in SO many ways. The whole Be As You Are album is a direct connect for me, but Magic is my mostest!

  • jessica brodman

    My favorite song is Who You’d Be Today, In memory of my sister Jackii that passed away in a car accident in 1991. She was 19 yrs. old. That’s why I love Kenny’s music. Its touches your heart!!! He is the GREATEST!!!

  • Norma Caskey

    I always love hearing There’s Something Sexy About The Rain….so many emotions resonant with this song. It always brings me back to a special place…..those same feelings as Somewhere With You. I just made the trip to see Kenny in Tampa after watching him in the movie theater last year. I wanted to experience the stadium tour even though he is coming to Atlanta in a smaller venue….and it was everything I wanted and so much more. YOU HAVE TO LOVE KENNY :)

  • Norma Caskey

    I always love hearing There’s Something Sexy About The Rain….so many emotions resonant with this song. It always brings me back to a special place…..those same feelings as Somewhere With You. I just made the trip to see Kenny in Tampa after watching him in the movie theater last year. I wanted to experience the stadium tour even though he is coming to Atlanta in a smaller venue….and it was everything I wanted and so much more. YOU HAVE TO LOVE KENNY :)

  • Winlass

    Old Blue Chair is so poignant. It’s Kenny’s vivid image of his place and maybe himself…It’s right there. Everything from a lover who took a piece of his heart, to his restful place, to his creative self and to the that echoing line about waking up after one New Years’ eve after too much Malibu/Cruzan and Diet (coke) with 100 misquito bites, “I swear”…he got ‘em all sitting right there in that old blue chair. That chair is Kenny..

  • Ann Alexue

    I would love to win this video. I am a big fan of Kenny Chesney ever since I saw him for two summers in a row at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Dthompson41065

    Beer in Mexico……..would loved to oh hung out with Kenny and Sammy in Cabo well creating this #1 Hit

  • Debra

    “Boys of Fall” When I heard that song it just touched my soul. It is awesome and I cannot listen to it enough. Happy Birthday Kenny and keep up the fantastic work. Hugs

  • Jennypacheco

    My favorite KC song is “Freedom.” I love all the tones Kenny hits in this song-he goes from mellow with clear, acoustic sounds, to really rocking with great guitar solos. When I listen to this song, all the other distractions of real-life vanish for a few minutes. Amazing sound Kenny!

  • Kenny’s biggest fan

    Anything but Mine..its Kenny’s vision of a summer love but it resonates with everyone

  • Hardimon

    Boston! :) It’s so descriptive, can almost see the girl wearing her red sox cap :)

  • MemphisTiger

    Has to be “Island Boy”….I’m a southern guy stuck here on the outskirts of Memphis, and everyday I’m dreaming and planning on how I can get to the islands, live a good life without being rich, and never leave the salt and the sun. I have had a love for the sand and saltwater since I was young enough to remember and take about 5 trips a year to a carribbean beach…….I truly am a “Island Boy”

  • Jo-Ann

    To me, “Be As You Are” epitomizes everything Kenny and his fans are about.
    Being true to yourself and finding comfort in your own jeans – or shorts & flip flops as it were!
    It’s about finding that special beach (even if it’s in your mind) and letting the day play itself out however it wants to. I think Kenny really tapped into that vibe with this song…..

  • NThrasher

    Something Sexy About The Rain is my favorite…saw Kenny in St. Paul Friday night for the 5th time, he was GREAT like always and it was fun to celebrate his birthday with him!!!

  • Cablegirl113

    OMG….this is got to be the hardest picking your favorite song…..I would have to say one of my most favorite and holds a special place in my heart with someone special that I’m no longer with is “Because of Your Love” Kenny rocked in Tampa last weekend….It was my 28th Kenny concert….PRICELESS !

    • Cortezmariela17

      28th time i wanna just like u then!

  • Cablegirl113

    Seen the movie last summer 4 times in the theater…..was there at the first showing…..It was totally awesome and I cried my eyes out along with everyone else at the end……LOVE KENNY !!!!

  • Gmgresh

    Wow! That’s a tough one! There are so many and it depends on what mood I’m in. Right now I’d have to say “I Lost It”.

  • sar2240

    So many but “Key Lime Pie” just takes the cake!!

  • TN beach bum

    My all time favorite KC song is Everywhere We Go.
    Seems like everywhere we go baby, love goes
    Everywhere, everytime our hearts meet, love is all around us.

    Just melts my heart and I think of my husband singing it to me.

    Teresa Freeman

  • ezespinosa

    Me and You…is my favorite…and when I heard him sing it live when I attended this concert in Houston, I couldn’t help but tear up

  • Alh4791

    Better as a memory! But it is so hard to decide! He is the best!

  • Tristiaw

    All of Kenny’s songs are my favorite! But if I must pick, I love the lyrics and imagery of ‘Old Blue Chair’.

  • Mdkk305

    Cool. My favorite Kenny Chesney song is You Had Me From Hello and She Thinks My Tractors Sexy. Even though I love all his songs.

  • Anita

    Love all of Kenny’s songs!! But to pick one it would have to be You Save Me!!

  • TLK Momma

    The song that touches me every time is “Don’t Blink.” It reminds me of my handsome nephew, Adam, who was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident last summer. He was here for only 21 short years, but his memory will last a lifetime.

  • Majestic13pj

    favortie song from the movie? That’s a tough one! I would have to say Live Those Songs…….because if I could be somewhere else I’ll tell you where I’d be….. I’d be rollin’ on the river with Creedence…stealing kissing from Kenneth Arnold

  • Shari Lynn Rice

    I would have to say I’d done a lot of things different. I think it makes you wonder if you had of said or not said that, done or not done that . Should you have spent more time with someone that is no longer with us. Or did you waste to much time on things that you shouldn’t have. Where would you be and who would you be with. But then a lot of Kenny’s songs make you wonder about possiblities.

  • Carol Motte

    I love all of Kennys songs but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be I Want My Rib Back

  • CountryLovin

    This is tough but my ultimate favorite Kenny Chesney song would have to be “The Good Stuff”. But, honestly I love all of his songs :)

  • Erin Morton

    Oh man. It’s so hard to pick just one. But I think I’ll have to go with No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems!!! It just reminds me of being on the beach every time I hear it :)

  • Diane gardner

    Who’d you’ll be are Death is a hard thing to take and this song just tells one way to take it A few friendsand family have gone Some to young to know anything and I always wonder what they would be like at the age they would be today at the age of 36
    Diane of Prov. RI

  • Molly

    Oooo I love them all, but I have to say i love She’s From Boston because im 13 year old that lives near Boston :) Also, I loveeeee your music and songs!! <3

  • Hannahchesney

    My favorite song is Better As A Memory. I just love the words and how he sings the song is just so wonderful. Happy late Birthday Kenny!!! <3

  • Kayla

    So hard! But I have to say Keg in the Closet :)

  • Hayhan27

    You and me. But I love all if his songs.

  • TNgirl

    Back Where I Come From but SOOO hard to choose just one.

  • Ccerra64

    My favorite Kenny song is Spirit of a Storm

  • Maria

    I love all his songs, but I’ll say it’s “no shoes, no shirt, no problem” because no matter what we are going through in our day to day, and mourning the death of my baby sister, that song and alot of his other songs lifts my soul.

  • gsoss

    Summertime took me back in a major way! Riding to the pond in my grandfathers old teal green pick up truck in Mississippi. Always had a pepsi bottle rolling around on the floorboard. Love it.

  • Melinda

    That is a hard decision to make. There are so many that touch me in many different ways like Somewhere with you – I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can truly connect with that song – while I may be with someone else there is always you on my mind. Then I love There’s Something Sexy about the Rain. What a great song to remember someone with. Old Blue Chair is probably that comfort song. And I can truly see Kenny in his old blue chair on the beach. No Shoes, No Shirt, No problem speaks for itself. Little a little, love alot….WOW. HOw much better can it get. Then the Boys of Fall – what a lesson in the song and how true to our daily lives this song is. She thinks my Tractor’s Sexy makes me smile and think of only Kenny. So which song… There is not one.

    Melbourne, FL.

  • kris

    How Forever Feels is my very favorite

  • Laoliver

    Love, love, love “Don’t Blink” and waited for that special song to be played last night in Omaha…but was not in the set :( Still a great concert…Kenny has so much electric energy and Omaha was on fire…

    I named my sweet brown lab puppy Chesney 3 years ago…it came to me as I was driving down the road and “Don’t Blink” came on the radio…as that sweet “Ches”tnut brown colored puppy cuddled in my lap, the music inspired me and her name was meant to be…

  • jcsunshine55

    My alltime favorite song is Old Blue Chair because everytime I see it sitting in the sand it takes me there – hearing the waves crash around the chair. I too love the islands and “feel” what kenny feels when he’s there; which also leads to my tie for favorite song – Be As You Are because in the islands thats what you do! P.S. If kenny were to play Old Blue Chair when he’s in Detroit – he’d make one of his most devoted fans sooooo happy!!! Can’t wait for Aug 20th!!

  • Tonya Roy

    Don’t Blink is my favorite!!!

  • Fabbill

    “Beer in Mexico” right now. I’m in a ROCKIN” mood and this song seriously ROCKS!!!

  • flipflopgirl

    Old Blue Chairs is my all time favorite, but is is hard to choose, so many good ones.

  • Mzbecky10

    But I agree with everyone,,,, its hard to pick a favorite “one”
    I have so many favorites :)

  • Lisa Kite

    I’m Alive is my favorite!!I’m so thankful for being here!!God Bless!!

  • Chris H

    From previous albums, my favorite songs are Keys in the Conch Shell, Old Blue Chair, She’s From Boston, and Beer in Mexico. From the new album, my favorites are Coastal, Seven Days, and Live a Little. Love ‘em all Kenny, keep ‘em coming! Can’t wait to see you in Charlotte on June 2nd!!!

  • Dgbobdog

    Island Boy

  • Megsuekot/Sue Kotkiewicz

    When The Sun Goes Down
    my favorite song from the start of listening to KC – still touches my heart…

  • Karen

    My favorite Kenny song would have to be Don’t Blink.

  • Emily

    my favorite song is Keg in the Closet!! Oh and The boys of fall. My daughter says hers is I think your Tractor is sexy lol

  • Megsuekot/Sue Kotkiewicz

    When The Sun Goes Down
    my fist loved song & started listening to Kenny always
    still touches my heart…

  • Jodichesney

    my favorte song is all of them if i had to pick it will be me and you because it brings backtime with my parter thay are all so great jodi

  • Abarras44

    Beer in Mexico…just brings to the Mexican Riviera…Ahhhh

  • Tmartin2964

    Summer Time Because that songs says what it means, leaving everything behind enjoying yourself and when i hear its time to leave your problems behind and enjoy the music its the start of summer.

  • Cortezmariela17

    My favorite song is Beer in Mexico because it was the first song i ever heard from kenny Chesney i was like 11 years old when i heard now im 19 and i think im Kenny chesneys Biggest FAN alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another is Old Blue Chair, Dont HAppen Twice, Where I grew uP~ all his songs i admire! good luck Kenny Chseney hope u still keep rocking!

  • Dana Jordan

    My all-time fav is “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” because it’s the perfect song to listen to year ’round and it always makes me think of summer! From his last CD, I gotta go with “Seven Days.” …that song is incredible.

  • Runjoy

    You guys ask tough questions. I have a hard time deciding between “You Had Me From Hello”, “Old Blue Chair”, “There’s Something Sexy About The Rain” and “Somewhere With You”; never heard a KC album I didn’t like at least 99% of the songs.

  • Delias

    I love all of Kenny’s songs. But one of my favorites is “I Go Back”. It’s just one of those songs that touches you emotionally and rocks you at the same time.

  • Beth

    The Life – reminds me of how simple things can be to people.

  • ches87

    There are so many good songs to choose from, but I would have to say Boats. IT is a great song to encourage you to hang on through whatever is going on in your life and it will be better on the otherside. Great song!!

  • Solost72

    Don’t Blink. My kids are 17 and 15 and I recently divorced what I thought was the love of my life. Just amazing how accurate and sad this song really is. Thanks Kenny!!!!

  • Tracynoll

    “Anything But Mine” without a doubt, best song ever with “Me and You” running a close second.

  • Lisa

    Anything but Mine is my favorite Chesney song. Every time I hear it I am 18 again spending my summers with friends at Rocky Point Amusement Park in my hometown of Warwick, RI. Even though the park and the rides have now been taken down (in fact a movie was made about it “You Must Be This Tall”), I can still smell the popcorn, cotton candy, and remember the thrills of riding the Music Express and the Flume and playing pinball and skeeball when I listen to this song! Even the video for Anything But Mine stirs up those sweet memories. I can so relate to the image of meeting someone in the summer and “feeling the sting of summer on my skin” after a day at the beach in Narragansett.
    Kenny has such a way of relating to all aspects of life and living. I have been lucky enough to have seen him in concert 5 times and every time it is a new and exciting experience. I recently took my 18 year old daughter to see him and she is as big a fan as I am.

  • Lori Ann

    You had me from hello…but really, who can pick just one???

  • Kim Arseneault

    Every Kenny song is my favorite, but if I really have to pick ONE, it would be Better As A Memory, especially after seeing Summer in 3D. It broke my heart to see the tears streaming down his face during Better As A Memory, but he left us with so much to think about long after the show. I bought my copy as soon as they were out and I watch it often. Although I live in Canada, a friend and I traveled to Kentucky last July just to see Kenny at the Hullabalou Festival. We will be seeing him twice this year, once in Portland, Maine and again at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts in August (my birthday present). Kenny is the best ever!

  • Maggie

    It’s so hard to say which one of KC’s songs is my fav., there isn’t one song on any of his CD’s that I don’t like. However 2 years ago, 9 of my very good friends and I took a 10 day trip to Mexico. When we returned, I made everyone a slide show DVD with all the picture from the trip and added “Beer in Mexico” as the background music. I just went to the “Going Coastal” show in West Palm with the same group of great friends and when Kenny played “Beer in Mexico” it took me back to that great Mexican vacation, as it does everytime I here it, so I guess “Beer in Mexico” is one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs, but I love them all! Can I just add that we just got a 3D TV package, this movie would be the perfect starter movie for this Kenny Chesney nut =)

  • SM

    I agree with others that it’s hard to choose just one, but mine has to be I Go Back. I didn’t listen to Country music until I married my husband. We were in the car and this song came on the radio. I didn’t know who Kenny was but fell in love with his voice and the song. And I have to say when I saw a picture of him for the first time I fell in love with him too. Every time I hear the song I can remember exactly where we were driving at the time. It’s funny that a song called I Go Back takes be back to the exact place where I heard Kenny and the song for the first time.

  • Barbie

    My favorite song: Dreams. But as others said, hard to choose just one ;-)

  • Linda

    Don’t Happen Twice is one of my favorites but how do you pick just one? Can’t wait to see him in June for my birthday!!!

  • Onesecretaryjj

    Oh my gosh, there are so many to choose from. He is my favorite artist, but if I had to chose it would be “Scare Me”.

  • Ck714

    Love all of Kenny’s songs…but my favorite would have to be “Because of you love”, that song gets me every time…

  • lovekacfe

    YES, This is A Very Hard Question To Answer When Kenny Does Not Have NOT 1 Bad Song..But, My Favorite Song By Kenny Chesney Is “Better As A Memory” Because When I Went & Seen The Movie Summer In 3D & Kenny Singing That Song At The End & Pouring His Heart Out In Front Of Thousand & Thousand’s Of Fan’s,Tell’s Me Even More About How Hard & How Much Kenny Is Actually So Connected To His Work & A Full Dedicator To His Fan’s..I Cried My Eye’s Out Right Along With Him When I Seen That..Ever Since Then That Has Become My All Time Favorite:) PRICELESS!!

  • scooter

    Extremely difficult to choose just one. I love so many of his songs with equal passion. If I had to pick, “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” b/c anytime I start singing it in my head it makes me happy. Such a fun song and it takes all your troubles away. Happy Birthday, Kenny! Thanks for being who you are. Love you!

  • Tracyk

    My favorite song is “Anything But Mine.” It reminds me of the beach & “teenage love”.

  • Robert Candella055

    My favorite song by Kenny chensey is summertime

    Robert candella


    Be As You Are. Simply put, I try to live by these words and its not really hard to do. I wish more people would.

  • Bbjhavens1018

    OMG! It is so hard to pick ONE favorite Kenny song. However, TinMan has been a long time favorite and Better as a Memory because I was Blessed to be at Indianapolis 2009 at Kenny’s last tour concert for a year – what a very memorable, emotional night! But there are so many that have so many special meanings to me that I could go on and on. Seeing Kenny in concert and getting lost in his songs is what gets me thru the hard times.

  • Danloriluke

    “The Good Stuff” is one of my favorites, but….I love the entire ‘Be As You Are’ albumn. It is hard to choose just one song…I love them all.

  • Lk4star

    The boys of Fall. It made me appreciate why my son enjoys high school football so much. Thank you Kenny

  • Prh005

    Don’t Blink is my favorite!

  • Margaretasenna

    Anything But Mine… Hope to hear it at the concert in Portland next week. So happy that Kenny is going coastal. It was pretty hot hot (did I mention hot), and I don’t just mean Kenny, in Kentucky last year at the Hullabaloo.

  • Holly B

    Just attended the concert at Mohegan Sun on Saturday and I gotta say I loved every bit of it! Have alot of favorites but the one I sing my butt off too is Beer in Mexico!

  • demita

    Better as A Memory has hit my heart full throttle when i went and seen the movie when it 1st came out..the same day to be exact, and when kenny could not sing the whole song and the fan’s kicked it on in and helped him out, it still put’s chill’s up and down my body everytime i hear or even talk about the it hit’s close to home dealing with my husband that is under hospice care @ home due to having Lymphoma cancer and liver failure..this song say’s it all..i absolutely LOVE it:)

  • Veronicag

    The Good Stuff

  • Jlstroud81

    Reallly, just one……..You Had Me From Hello. Truly tells the story of my fiance & I. Definitely will play this one at our wedding this summer. Can’t wait for Raleigh,NC…August. Missed ya KC!!!


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