Players Can’t Attend Chesney’s NFL Stadium Shows

posted March 24th, 2011 at 10:09 am

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney is good friends with several NFL players, but due to the contract deadlock, they are barred from going to the stadium shows:

Chesney, who has 10 NFL stadiums (including Green Bay’s Lambeau Field) on his 2011 itinerary, calls the lockout “interesting.”

At the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ home turf last week, “we had all baseball players there. We had a lot of Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees who were down there for spring training,” said Chesney, who opened his Goin’ Coastal Tour last weekend in Florida. “If you’re in the NFL, you’re in the (contract) lockout: You can’t go to your stadium, you can’t work out at your stadium, you can’t talk to your coaches. At West Palm (Beach), we had a ton of NFL players. I saw (guard Steve) Hutchinson from the Vikings. If we were to play the Dome (in Minneapolis), he couldn’t come to the show.”

Kenny goes on to talk in the interview about how great it feels to be back on the road:

“My body feels great,” said Chesney, a fitness buff who began working out in earnest Jan. 1. “More importantly, the heart and the mind and soul feel better. I could tell that me and the band had a hunger onstage. After Tampa and West Palm this weekend, I had a spring in my step that wasn’t there almost all of 2009 because I was just tired.”

Read the full interview here.

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  • Shari Lynn Rice

    The NFL should not be able to control where someone goes on there own time. Concerts and whatever other shows are takening place should be excluded from the lockout. That’s a little to much control on someone’s personal life. If they are there for a show and it has nothing to do with football and there’s no team involvement ie coaches etc then they should be able to go. If there was a fundraising event there would they be able to go then?.

  • Jenny

    It’s a good thing the Dome is hardly used now because they still have to repair the roof. I attended 2 Twins games there and watched all the ’87 & ’91 World Series. Gotta say I was one of few in GA that wanted the Twins to win that. Can’t wait to see KC tomorrow night!


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