Kenny Rocks West Palm Beach to Open 2011 Tour

posted March 17th, 2011 at 11:12 pm

by Josh Martn

It was opening night for Kenny Chesney and by all accounts, he rocked it in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Kenny kicked the show off with his latest single “Live a Little,” which climbed this week to number 14 on the Billboard Top Country Songs Chart. A few other songs from the new album were played, including “Reality,” “Coastal,” “Somewhere With You,” and “The Boys of Fall.”

There were also some surprise guests… Mishka joined Kenny for “Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing” and Florida boy Jake Owen helped KC out with “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” And of course Uncle Kracker and Kenny performed “When The Sun Goes Down” together.

(photo by @ShelliB082507)

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  • RumShopRyan

    Loading up the car for Tampa right now. Painkillers check, beach chairs check. NSR playin in the phone check. Cheers!

  • ALK

    What are the lyrics for the 3rd verse he sang last night?

    • Desiree Ricks

      I am wondering that as well! The only part I could understand was “finger in the a**hole” or whatever it was lol

      • Chesney

        part of it was “little thicker in the top, little thicker in the ass…..”

    • Chelcstyle2120

      I want to know too!!!!!

    • Patrice

      He said something about the reunion class…being thinner on top a little thicker in the ass..a bunch of grownups standing around…and I couldn’t make out the rest. Hope that helps!

    • Chevyboy

      Everyday about the reunion of the class, now I’m thinner on top, a little thicker in the ass. A bunch of grownups just standing around, looking at eachother, laughing and joking about

      • spearson

        a slight modification in the lyrics though:
        Everyday about the reunion of the class, now I’m thinner on top, a
        little thicker in the ass. Just a bunch of grownups standing around,
        looking at eachother, smiling, laughing, joking talking about.

  • Patrickbutler53

    i’m surprised he didn’t play “Ain’t Back Yet”, it would have really cranked the show up a notch.

  • Bki357

    Love the new set list but wondering where “I Go Back” is and “Back Where I Come From”

    • Josh Martin

      Someone mentioned that I Go Back actually was played but not sure where it goes in the set list. I wondered the same thing about Back Where I Come From

  • GJ

    I heard Jack and Diane is really “I Go Back” which makes more sense to me.

    • Josh Martin

      Yeah that would make sense. I’m trying to find the answer

  • jafralady

    Surpised he didn’t do: Old Blue Chair, Keg in the Closet and Big Star. I think my first year not hearing those songs.


      he played old blue chair and big star at mohegan sun on sat nite
      HE ROCKED!

  • Steve Bocanegra

    Can anyone tell me how long the concert lasted? They are going to be my way in June….


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