Chart Update: “Live A Little” In The Top 30

posted February 25th, 2011 at 3:01 pm

by Josh Martn

Fresh off another number one hit, Kenny Chesney’s latest single “Live A Little” is the most added song at country radio for the second straight week. And in only the third week on the Billboard chart, the single is at #29, up nine from #38 last week.

“I think ‘Live A Little’ defines me a lot,” says Chesney. “Everybody that knows me knows I’m a very focused guy, I keep my eye on the ball, I work really hard, and I’m hands on a lot of times to a fault. But you do at some point have to set it down no matter what you do, and I’m still learning that even now.”

This song will be in our show forever, it’s going to be a staple. I’m going to keep reminding people through music that you’ve got to love life, and you’ve got to live it, and you can’t work all the time. And the tempo and the edginess of this song reflects our show to a tee.”

Coming in at number one this week is Blake Shelton with “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking.”

Preview and download the song below through Amazon or get it at iTunes.

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  • RumShopRyan

    I love this song. I can see him opening with it for the Goin’ Costal tour. See you in Tampa everyone!

  • tony

    After Boys of fall, and somewhere with you, two songs that pull at your heartstrings for 2 different reasons, this song is perfect , kenny being kenny lol, this is kind of song that helps him fill up those stadiums,”young” beerin mexico” living in fast forward “keg in the closet”,no shoes” those type of songs, add this to list, hey everyday life is hard sometimes, its good to have anthems to listen to and sing we can relate to as fans.. kenny is just the man, thats all


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