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posted February 2nd, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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by Josh Martn

It’s a first of its kind… a digital version of a concert film made available on your smartphone. You can now download the Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D app to your iPhone or Android phone to watch the film anytime, anywhere.

Qello’s debut product, the Chesney App, is a first-of-its-kind HD concert App with easy to navigate chapters. Qello is releasing the Chesney concert film through a special digital marketing campaign with the support of the Apple and Droid App Marketplace. Following this first release on mobile devices, the concert film App will extend into the Gaming Console market and ITPV, spanning across all of Qello’s digital distribution, and making Chesney the first ever concert film on every device, anytime.

President of Qello Bob Frank says, “Kenny Chesney is one of the most popular performers in the world and a perfect partner for the launch of the exciting Qello platform. Just as Netflix did for movies, Qello is a first-mover, changing the way music fans will consume live concerts.”

With the Qello premiere of Chesney’s most recent tour, fans can relive the fun, the songs, and the moments that make Kenny Chesney the must-see concert experience.

Chesney says, “It was an amazing — and at times scary — experience to have cameras that close, in the air, in a blimp… cause they’re everywhere. But when you see what this film captures… well, even for me, who’s in the eye of the storm, I was taken aback! It has all the energy, all the thrills, and even better focus on some of the most rocking nights I can imagine. If you see this, you’ve seen me in a way I’ve never been seen…”

Search for the app in the iPhone store or Android Market now!

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