Music Video Being Shot in Maine

posted October 13th, 2010 at 10:36 am

by Josh Martn

The music video for Kenny Chesney’s “Seven Days” is being filmed in Maine this week.

A crew of more than a dozen people was in Port Clyde on Tuesday to film a music video for Chesney’s song “Seven Days A Thousands Times,” which is on his new album, “Hemingway’s Whiskey.” Video producer Don Lepore tells the Bangor Daily News that the song is about the coast, lighthouses and the fall.

According to Tacklebox Films, the video is being filmed now to capture the New England Fall colors but won’t be out until next Fall:

Update – Kenny arrived in town Tuesday afternoon and is filming today:

The film crew with lights and portable heaters could be seen shooting on the breakwater during a beautiful Midcoast dawn over Rockland Harbor. A singer (Kenny) with an acoustic guitar could be seen performing on the rocks as the crew filmed, and music could be heard coming from the shoot.

Silva was there with a crew of about 20 from TackleBox Films out of Nashville. Don Lepore, the producer, was also on hand.

“We were looking for the small town feel of Maine, a fishing town,” Silva said. “It’s a beautiful area.”

Lepore said that on Oct. 12 they were shooting the story part of the video, using actors. Chesney was not in that part of the video.

They were filming on board the Capt’n Lee, owned by Roger Libby.

Craig Wilgus of St. George is playing the fishing boat captain in the video. Playing the fisherman who comes to work for him is Alexander Carroll of Los Angeles.

Wilgus said it was his first acting job. He said he got involved because the film crew is using a building he owns nearby. He has a landscaping business, he said.

Following the morning shoot, the crew went into town and had lunch at the Dip Net Restaurant. Port Clyde residents reported that Chesney came to the Dip Net later in the day and signed autographs.

View more photos from the shoot here.

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  • Jody

    Such a beautiful spot! Went there last summer and crossed those same rocks to get to the lighthouse. The tide came in and so the water rose above the tops of the rocks. It appeared that we were walking on top of the water. WIshed I had known he was going to be there yesterday/today…I would have made the trip back. Can’t wait to see the video next Fall!

    • Kricket

      Lived in Maine for 40 years. Just saw Kenny in Tampa! Awesome

  • Rosi

    According to Tacklebox Films, the video is being filmed now to capture the New England Fall colors but won’t be out until next Fall:

    The above makes NO sense……he is NOT releasing the video for another yr???

  • Josh

    Well Rosi, if they want the music video to have the Fall colors but then maybe released in early Fall next year or late Summer, they’ll already have the colors and can produce and edit the video already.

  • Rosi

    I get that idea Josh, I just meant why wait til next fall to release the single? I doubt they will release the single anytime soon IF they are NOT releasing a video til next fall.
    That was my point.

  • Josh

    Ahh I see. Must be planning to put out another single or two before that one.

  • rella

    wow..maine..way on top of the map…and i bet it was beautiful…especially when the sun went down on the shore..sit’n by the rocks look’n up at that lighthouse…oh yeah…and the daytime as well..with the pretty orange yellow and red leaves as they sway in the trees and lay on the gound…..oh how we love the colors of fall…and seven days is a bone chill’n song..and i cant wait to see the video…and i hope he releases small ya’ll and coastal…or you and tequila and round and round…or live a lil love a lot and hemingway’s whiskey…or somewhere with you and seven days..why not release the entire cd…..shoot to me its that good…..anyway..have fun my fb friend…until i get ta finally met you…love ya and God bless….bp

  • Tee

    Anxiously waiting for this video.  Fall of 2011 has come and gone?  When will we see it?

    • Josh Martin

      Great question. Don’t know the answer

  • SkyCamUsa

    check out our flickr for behind the scenes photos


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