‘Hemingway’s Whiskey’ Debuts at Number One!

posted October 5th, 2010 at 9:27 pm

by Josh Martn

As expected, Kenny Chesney’s new album Hemingway’s Whiskey debuted at the top of the album charts this week, selling 182,000 copies. That’s up from his last album Lucky Old Sun, which sold 176,000 in 2008.

Kenny blew the competition away. The second place finisher, Lil Wayne, scored 109,000 copies and the Zac Brown Band landed at number three with ‘You Get What You Give’.

View Kenny’s full album chart history here.

Congrats on the number one album Kenny!

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  • Troy Lynch

    Congrats !to Kenny and the band. I have listento and like every song on this CD. Job well done to Kenny and everyone involved.

  • Melonie

    Awesome! Congrats Kenny!

  • Charrisse McArthur

    I love that CD and I am a cute black girl. He has crossed over all kinds of lines. I have all my firneds listening to him now, I do have all kinds of friends. Great CD.

  • http://kennychesneyonline.wordpress.com jessica

    I am glad he is number one.

  • KCSummer

    Def. not his best cd. Couple good songs. Little dissapointed he didnt write a lot of the songs considering it was such a personal album. I love Kenny and have been going to his shows for over 6 years, I just think it’s not his best work. Def some good ones, you and teq, hemmingways whiskey, coastal, a few number ones. Hopefully hell take these songs and put them in his show to switch it up a bit. I am happy for him but just a little dissapointed. Best Album: Be As You Are. Cant wait for the tour this summer though!

  • rella

    awwhh this cd is great and its got to be the best i’ve heard in a while…i bought it for boys of fall cause it was such a heart moving bone chill’n song and i found much more and i fell in love…i really love the sounds of each and everyone..it is different sounds for kenny…he was more an island feel..we get to hear a lil blues and rock feel to his lists of hits..this entire cd is going to produce #1s…they are fun get outo seat ones an then there are funy ones and then there ones that put a chill down your spin…and then there is one that makes you want ta gab someone takem fish’n..yeah, i got say i love this album…great work there kenny and i cant wait to catch a show…..i love everyng about this man and he just keeps get’n better in my book..love my new fb friend…. oh and i wantta say the band makes the music and the music makes the songs and let me ya fellas its nothing but great…good work kc and the fellas that make kc’s band what it is…love the musical talent…..bp

  • jcskwells

    Excellent CD! I love the different sounds he put together on this album. You can tell he put a lot of time into selecting the songs because they are all fantastic in their own way. No doubt he will get numbers ones out of this CD. This album is incredible and his band is amazing as well. Absolutely looking forward to some of his concerts this year. Hopefully I can see him more than once to make up for not seeing him last year. I love this CD!!!

  • KCSummer

    If you guys are looking for real rock and real blues, buy the new Zac Brown CD. Most of the songs on this CD are depressing. I know its hard for most Kenny fans to admit his mistakes. I am a big fan as well, but I can admit when my favorite artists slip a little.

  • john thunder

    Wow…and I see you have a tune written by one of my faves JTX…that’s why the cd is so hip…

  • Donna

    This is a FANTASTIC cd. I without a doubt do not think there was any part of this cd that was a mistake! It was very well put together with a GREAT mix of music! But, music is very personal to each and every one of us so we all will see it differently. I just had to say how I felt about this one because I really do like it that much!!


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