Kenny Plays Farm Aid in Milwaukee

posted October 2nd, 2010 at 11:08 pm

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney jetted from L.A. Friday (where he taped the Tonight Show with Jay Leno) to Milwaukee Saturday to perform at Farm Aid 25.

“Twenty-five years you’ve been doing this,” event organizer Willie Nelson said. “We’ve had thousands of artists, millions of people who have given their time and their money for the family farmer. What have we done in 25 years? Well, we’re still here. If we had it all worked out we wouldn’t have to be here again.”

View photos from the show here.

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  • Lynnsey

    I am so mad…I have watched the whole 6 hours on DirectTV and they never showed Kenny!

  • Melonie

    My comment is in response to Jon M. Gilbertson’s personal slur on Kenny Chesney’s performance at Farm Aide 25. The article posted in the Journal Interactive Milwaukee, welcomed filtered comments that obviously does not apply to the writers. Gilbertson’s jaded viewpoint is welcomed, it’s America, but as a writer covering a musical event coverage is just that..the music. Yet, Chesney mentions his just released CD at the concert and Gilbertson writes, “..neo-Nashville stars never quite stop hawking their wares.” To accuse an artist who is as loyal to fans, hard working and community oriented as Kenny Chesney as “hawking” his “wares” is just petty poor writting and coverage on Mr. Gilbertson’s behalf. Could he have reported on how the crowd Chesney was performing for at Farm Aide was responding. Where they jamming? Where they happy? Had it even crossed this writer’s mind there are people who work their American tails off to afford such a concert night, could be so busy that they appreciate being told a new CD is out by Chesney? The real question is: Mr. Gilbertson, does slurring a good artist not exactly “hawking” YOUR “wares”?

  • rella

    way to go melaine…stick up for our kenny…im sure he was just wannt’n to see how the crowd liked his new work…that cd is to be proud of…it is one of his bests…and he has a right to mention it or say anything to his fans…i bet that crowd came unglued when he said hemingway’s whiskey was out cause anybody who likes kenny has this cd and i’m sure if willie dave or anyone else had a new cd out they would’ve mentioned it to…awwh i’m sure kenny put ona great show…another one i missed but i do get to hear’m on my radio and i got his new cd mr. gilbertson…you should go buy it and see what all the hype i about..we love our kenny and we have his back…especially when its against the wall…bp.

  • Jessica

    I agree with both Melonie and Rella, but there’s always going to be Haters…. Screw HIM!!!! I was there last night and Kenny Rocked as always… Us fans, appreciate Kenny and his music, let the haters, hate! When we sit back and enjoy…. But that does piss me off,that’s just poor journalism, if that is all the man heard…. Lynnsey, they never show Kenny when he plays at Farm Aid and I don’t know why. I came home last night and it was on, which was pretty cool, I fell asleep considering it was almost 4a.m. ha ha I’m glad I know so I didn’t tape it today! Dave rocked the house too, and it was a nice surprise that Steven Tyler showed up!

  • cathy w

    Came all the way from St Louis to see him at Farm Aid and I can tell you he was just connecting with his audience like he always does. Had NOTHING to do with “hawking his wares”. A GREAT 45 minutes and worth my drive.


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