‘The Boys of Fall’ Documentary DVD Release Date

posted September 24th, 2010 at 6:41 pm

by Josh Martn

Many of you have been asking this, and now we have an answer: The Boys of Fall documentary will be released to DVD on Tuesday, November 9th.

You can Pre-Order Now at Walmart.com for $11.88.

“Boys of Fall” is a football documentary about life. Executive Producer and Country Superstar, Kenny Chesney began shooting footage and football interviews for his new single “The Boys of Fall” in fall 2009. After shooting footage of friend and New Orleans Saints’ coach Sean Payton at his high school alma mater, Chesney decided to expand the video into a full documentary film. Over the next several months he filmed youth football games, high school football games & locker room speeches as well as interviews with football greats. Interviews include Troy Aikman, Bobby Bowden, Mack Brown, Tony Dungy, Brett Favre, John Madden, Peyton Manning, Joe Namath, Sean Payton, Bill Parcells, Nick Saban and Jim Tressel. After an introduction that includes Payton speaking to his old high school team in the locker room before a big game, it depicts how those who do not go on to long, storied careers in the NFL, like high school wide receiver Chesney, the lessons learned on the field help to shape who they are today.

Update – “The Boys of Fall” DVD will be longer and include bonus features. Read more.

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  • rella

    wow…gotta get this and the 3d movie…will be get’n soon..just because i cant wait to see how he help’d put it together…sounds like both are gonna be hits..or are already…but in my book Kenny is the best…way to go again kenny…your on top of everything..bp

  • Matthew Gozzip

    I am from So Cali and really…..even though this is primarily lives of southern and blue collar type football teams, this brought tears to my eyes. A really great film that brought back memories of Friday Night Lights and just the overall emotional impact high school football has on a player or spectator rather than just the physical aspect. A truly marvelous film. cant wait to get it!

  • Amy Taylor

    Why is this being released after the season is over. We need a copy for our football team now, before playoffs. Please find a way to release this earlier.

    Thank you

  • ann edgewater

    I agree, get this thing out now. Has so many applicable life lessons for those playing football now. Your sales won’t be as robust, because out of sight out of mind..

  • coach B

    I would love to show this to my team on our next road trip. best football documentary to show our young men in a long time. However the release date is all wrong. High school football is for the most part over by then. Someone dropped the ball on Chesney’s end. You can’t make this film and then not release it on time. come on guys!

  • Jason Ferreira

    very very BAD timing for the release date….. our championship game is Nov 6th…… really would be a great video for the kids to see at practice this week…… someone dropped the ball when setting this up…… too bad….. great leaning video that the kids will miss.

  • Chriss Raab Ardon

    great should have read more…just in time for our Awards Banquet!!

  • Ed S.

    This documentary was aired numerous times on ESPN starting back in August, but I agree this should have been avaliable by the start of this past season. Great DVD for future seasons. It’s timeless!!

  • Sozio53


  • PleaseDraftMyWhackAss

    Just the preview is inspiring


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