“The Boys of Fall” Documentary Premieres Today

posted August 29th, 2010 at 1:40 am

by Josh Martn

Keep your afternoon free today! Kenny Chesney’s football documentary “The Boys of Fall” debuts today on ESPN at 2 pm ET.

Chesney’s journey took him to places like Hattiesburg, Miss., where he had barbecue at Brett Favre’s house, Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Austin, Texas. He met with the giants of the game — Bill Parcells, Peyton Manning, Nick Saban, Bobby Bowden, John Madden — but also spent time filming peewee players in Nashville.

There were fun moments: “John Madden cooked what is the equivalent of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together for us. He told me when I walked in there, ‘When it comes to cooking I can take Brett Favre to the woodshed.’”

But he also came away with experiences that had a larger impact on him than he could ever imagine.

“Listening to those guys talk about the heart of and the emotions and everything that goes into loving people and living life and trying to get the most out of it and how it all relates to football, it stops and makes you think and look at your own life,” Chesney said. “And sometimes I’m too busy. I don’t do that.”

After it airs, come back and tell us what you thought of it!

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  • Debra

    is it aired in Canada today???

  • Tim V – Dallas TX

    Great film. How can I get a copy? Want to show it to my team for inspiration and ideas for creating vision, tradition and team approach.

  • Shawn

    Does anyone know if it will air again? and when?

  • Jeff Rhodes

    Want to buy a copy to show my team…

    Respond to Jeff.Rhodes@us.hjheinz.com

  • Jeff Rhodes

    Someone let me know where I can purchase this show?

  • http://chesneyworld.com david bondy

    Heartwarming and powerful. Extremely well done.
    Where can this be purchased?

  • JD

    That struck a nerve. Brought all the memories back. Thanks. I would love to have copy.

  • Susan

    The Boys of Fall Documentary exceeded my expectations. Wow. Heard great reviews on it from Aftermidnite’s Blair Garner. Was not expecting to be stunned. Great job.

  • Nancy Nakata

    It brought me to tears. I have two boys, one a Junior and one a Freshman in HS playing ball together for the first time. I want them to see it and I want to get a copy for our coaches. Please make it available or air it over and over. It should be mandatory for every coach and player in America to see. This film will be a classic for decades! Thank you

  • Janet White

    What a great documentary!!! It brought tears to my eyes. It shows just how much football means to the players, families, coaches and towns across America. Way to go Kenny. Great job!!!!

  • http://www.RumShopRyan.com RumShopRyan

    Loved it! Powerful stuff.

  • Kim Barker

    I watched today, it was great, brought me to tears, have a husband that played high school football, was the quarterback, now coaches our son in sandlot, his last year. I would love for my son to see this film. Will it be aired again. :)

  • Kevin Williams

    I happened to be lucky enough to catch the premier showing of “The Boys of Fall” today and all I can say is AWESOME!!! For anyone that loves football or wants to hear and see one of the best “Life” motivational guides ever, should see this movie.

  • Kevin Williams


  • Deb Brinkman

    He did it again. I agree with Nancy. I think every high school coach should make his players watch this. Thank you Kenny!!!!! You are an INSPIRATION!

  • Deb Heinz

    Awesome! I had 6 sons that played football, including my triplets who are seniors this year so it’s my last hurrah. This film made me cry, to think of never seeing my sons play again after this year. Watching my sons play football has been the highlight of my life and I will miss it sooo much! Please let us know if we can buy this so the rest of their team can be inspired before it gets too late into the season! Thanks Kenny!

  • Teresa Toland

    Just watched the documentary, It is totally AWESOME. What a powerful message this sends to our young people. Everyone should watch this. When will it air again. Thank you Kenny Chesney! We love you in small town football!

  • http://chesneyworld Cindy Rein

    please advise if the documentary “Boys Of Fall” is coming back on again—i set my dvr and for some reason it did not record—I was so upset!

  • Tony Reaser

    Absolutely FANTASTIC! Brought back so many memories and would really like to know when it will show again or where I can buy a copy. I want my buddies to see it!

  • AL

    My son is one of the players who played for Sean Payton’s alma mater. We thought it was so well done. I loved the comments from the coaches and players. I don’t think our kids who just finished playing high school even realize what it will mean to them some day. We heard from our school that the DVD will be available for purchase in November.

  • David Henderson

    I want to echo the comments made already. Moving, inspiring,so many emotions. Our is a soph in HS playing football. We are and have been so blessed to have our son coached by great men that are mentors who are also active in FCA and demonstrate what it means to walk in faith as they coach football. Many of these Coaches will tell you that their mission field is the young men that cross their paths n the football field oover the years.
    Thank you Kenny reminding us of what the game of football can teach about life.
    God Bless you from another East Tennessean

  • Jana Nix

    I agree with every single positive comment! I WANT a copie to share with my sons coaches. Would be wonderful if the team could all watch for inspiration!

  • Geoffrey N.

    Where can I go to watch this again or buy it?

  • pam

    how do I get a copy? I want the football team to watch it together.

    Awesome job!

  • Bonnie

    This was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I agree the boys that love this sport will enjoy this so much. Where do I get a copy.

  • Scott Dixon

    That was fantastic. Will it reair?

  • S. Johnson

    Football teaches life “through the ball.” For anyone who may have ever misunderstood the vehicle the game of football is to teach about life, this is a must see! For all who know football’s value, thank you for the amazing confirmation. The documentary is an awesome testament to this complex game. Where can we buy a copy. . .soon please!!!

  • Coach deeds

    was the best documentary I’ve ever seen.
    Gave a great look into what it takes to be a football player and the lessons learned by playing the game ..
    wish I could show this to my team in Frostproof Florida.
    Can’t wait till I can buy a copy ..
    Thanks for bring back all the memories of me.
    Coach deeds
    frostproof High School
    Frostproof Florida

  • SF Irish Mom

    As a mom who had 2 boys playing high school football, this film brought me to tears. As an adult I understand now the lessons that we learned are so important. I hope all these young men look at this and recognize the lesson now and not when they are 30 talking about the good old days. I so appreciate my kids coaches and everything they did and everything they taught to those boys. Go Irish!

  • Tim Thompson

    Why will no one from Kenny’s camp respond… I want to buy this if I can, or at least watch it on TV. Please O Please let us all know.

  • http://www.chesneyworld.com Josh

    Re-air dates: http://www.chesneyworld.com/2010/08/29/the-boys-of-fall-re-air-dates/

    The documentary will be available for purchase at some point, but not sure yet when

  • http://nnu.edu marc

    great! makes me miss football and im only 4 years out of the game. its a great way to raise a boy. football teaches all of the things life WILL put in front of him. thanks Kenny.

  • http://nnu.edu marc

    P.S. football is americas sport!!!!!!!!!!

  • DE42

    Great documentary.

    Please make DVD available.

    This should be required watching for every HS coach and demanded by fathers if their sons want to play.

    Again, great job.

  • http://thebulldogway.com Coach Inglima

    INCREDIBLE. I MUST have a copy. Please let me know as soon as possible how to purchase this documentary. I am a high school football coach in CA and I want to show my entire program this incredible film.

    Tom Inglima

  • http://thebulldogway.com Coach Inglima


    Where can i purchase this and show my football program.?

  • Cristian

    when will this be aired again? I heard it was a great documentary and I’d love to see it

  • guy houston

    when and where can I buy the documentary?

  • Ryan’s Mom #64

    Loved every minuet of it! It’s my sons Senior year and have never missed a game. From peewee football to today. Still crying and documentary was over 30 minuets ago! Love the show, love the game but most of all I love my son! Go KHS!!! Would love to know where I can purchase DVD.

  • Steve

    Great show brought back many memories would love to get a copy to give to both of my boys football coach’s I am in Canada were would I be able to get it?

  • Josh
  • Chris

    Great movie. I almost cried twice. Almost…

  • Gretchen

    Saw it last night on ESPN. Would like to know if/when it will be re-aired. I was crying throughout the whole thing. My kids looked at me like I was crazy! I call it Football Mom Syndrome…lol. Someday they will understand.

  • Rick

    Words fail me. I played 10 years of football; my last game was in November 1977. I miss the game, dream often of being back on the field. My son is now a freshman and has been playing for 4 years. I have been trying with marginal success to tell him how important the game is and that he should be savoring every moment. This film might as well have been filmed out of my dreams – it was powerful to watch, rendered me speechless. My son watched our DVR copy later that night, was moved to tears. NOW he is starting to get it – great job; this film needs to be watched by all who play or have played and love the game of football so much….

  • Jon C.

    I saw this a few weeks back and a recent interview with Kenny Chesney about it. I coach youth football ages 10 and 11/12. I’ve seen many of you ask on here when it will re-air, but don’t see anyone answering. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHEN THIS WILL RE-AIR, PLESAE LET US KNOW! I would love to show this to my youth players, even though they are young, I think everyone that loves the game should see this documentary, truly moving! Makes me want to be a better coach to these youngsters.

  • Troy

    I have seen the video but would love to see the Documentry, missed it’s airing, When will it run again or when will it be released on DVD. The Video speaks to all who played the sport and would like to show our boys who are having a great season.

  • Dylan

    I am on the Henderson West Chester pennsylvania Warrior football team and us as a team watched this and it brought us together more then ever i love it i wanna see it again

  • Janet Burkitt

    Will the Boys of Fall air again? Today is Nov 3, 2010

  • Marsha Eckermann

    HOw can one order a copy of the documentary???

  • Janet White

    You can pre-order through Walmart only. It will be available at Walmart on Nov. 9.

  • Miguel N

    UNBELIEVABLE! INSPIRATIONAL! To be enjoyed by all footbal fans, players, coaches and by all true sports fans!!! My son asked me to watch it with him… I had tears in my eyes. Extremely motivational!! Amazing!!

    (Son, I used your email…. miss you. Dad)


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