Listen to Writer’s Version of “Somewhere With You”

posted August 25th, 2010 at 11:34 pm

by Josh Martn

One of the singles from Kenny Chesney’s upcoming album Hemingway’s Whiskey is “Somewhere With You.” It’s written by J.T. Harding and Shane McAnally (who also goes by Shane Mack).

“This song killed me when I heard it,” says Chesney. “This is a tortured soul song. If you get going with somebody, you’ve been in a relationship and for whatever reason she’s gone or you’re gone. And you’re not necessarily in another relationship, but you’re with somebody else, just starting something with somebody else. Trying to balance both those worlds is tough. I’ve done it a lot, where you’re with somebody and you’re thinking this isn’t necessarily bad, but wow, man it would be really great to be with you. That can be a lot of mental baggage.”

Listen to Shane’s version below. Obviously Kenny’s version will have its own sound, but you can get an idea of the song by listening to this:

What do you think of it?

Hemingway’s Whiskey hits stores September 28th. Pre-order now at

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  • RumShopRyan

    Looking forward to hearing Kenny’s take on the song.

  • KennyCsgirl

    Can’t wait to hear Kenny sing it!

  • Barbie

    Love the song – can’t wait for Kenny’s version!!!

  • Janet White

    This is a great song!!! Can’t wait to hear Kenny’s version.

  • Lynne

    Wow, I’m loving this song! I like the way Shane sings it, too. I also can hear Kenny’s voice in my head as Shane is singing…I look forward to hearing how Kenny is going to make it sound…this will be the first track I listen to when I get the CD!

  • Ann

    heard Kenny sing this song on CMT Invitation Only! It is absoultelty going to number 1!!!!! This is a HOT song!! TRIPLE LOVE THIS SONG!!

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