“The Boys of Fall” Documentary to Debut This Sunday

posted August 23rd, 2010 at 2:08 pm

by Josh Martn

The much anticipated football documentary, “The Boys of Fall,” put together by Kenny Chesney over the last year, will debut this Sunday, August 29th on ESPN.

Chesney’s journey took him to places like Hattiesburg, Miss., where he had barbecue at Brett Favre’s house, Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Austin, Texas. He met with the giants of the game — Bill Parcells, Peyton Manning, Nick Saban, Bobby Bowden, John Madden — but also spent time filming peewee players in Nashville.

There were fun moments: “John Madden cooked what is the equivalent of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together for us. He told me when I walked in there, ‘When it comes to cooking I can take Brett Favre to the woodshed.'”

But he also came away with experiences that had a larger impact on him than he could ever imagine.

“Listening to those guys talk about the heart of and the emotions and everything that goes into loving people and living life and trying to get the most out of it and how it all relates to football, it stops and makes you think and look at your own life,” Chesney said. “And sometimes I’m too busy. I don’t do that.”

Tune in to ESPN on Sunday, August 29th at 2 pm ET to watch the film.

(hat tip Rebecca)

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  • http://www.rumshopryan.com RumShopRyan

    Bring it on and bring on the NFL!!! I’m ready to toss the pig skin around on Sunday afternoons with the boys.

  • Susan

    Thanks. Love your site.

  • Deb Brinkman

    I know how I’m going to spend my Sunday afternoon!

  • Angela

    Does anyone have a copy of Boys of Fall? My husband is serving in Afghanistan with no TV access. We are from Knoxville, love TN and Kenny. I would love to send my husband a copy of The Boys of Fall. It would make his day. Please contact me if you have a copy. Thank you!

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the “Boys of Fall” Documentary?

  • Coach Woodson

    OMG and wow! Greatest coach movie I’ve ever seen. Thanks to all involved and how do we share ? Next showing ? Purchase copies ? Thanks again ! Well done Kenny !

  • billy gesson

    When will this “gem” air again? Steller!

  • lori

    Please tell me how I can see this…I LOVE the video, and meant to tivo it because I wasn’t going to be home! I am beyond bummed!!!!! I love Kenny and football I must see this asap!

  • jacob

    I loved this documentary. I am a senior @ Hampton High school. A small town in northeast Tennessee where football is life up here. That video really made me think of how fast time flies. And how Its bout over for me & my friends to spend what little time we have together. I would love a copy to show my football team. Thanks.

  • Mike

    how do I buy? best video documentary I have ever seen!

  • Eric

    I’m with Mike. How do I purchase this video? Just “happened” upon the video yesterday while at my parents house. Loved it and want to purchase it.

  • Ray Lehner

    When will it be on again or where can I buy a copy?
    Please advise.

    Ray Lehner
    San Leandro CA


    Where and when will this be shown again? WE NEED TO KNOW! This was awesome!

  • L. Wirth

    I would love to know when it will air again. Or where can this be purchased. Awesome!!!

  • Monkeymome3

    Just loved this show, Kenny! When will it be on again? I know so many who need to see this!

  • mickibanger

    besides the August 30th debute when is the documentary going to be on t.v again. We missed it and heard it was very good really want to watch it could someone please let me know when and what time and what station it will be on again. Thanks everyone.

  • Monkeymome3

    Dear Suzanne,

    Thank you for contacting ESPN.

    That Boys of Fall program is currently scheduled to re-air on ESPN2 09/16/2010 1:00 AM EST and on ESPNU 10/14/2010 3:00 PM EST. Unfortunately, this program is not available for purchase.

  • Mary Hutchcraft

    Please let me know how I can get a copy of this documentary to share with my sales team.

  • Cory Connell

    I am a football player in New Jersey. I am also a captain on our team. I just watched the ESPN Boy’s of Fall. I would very much like to purchase the video if possible. I know my team would like to see this.
    We have been together since we were 7 years old.
    It’s our last season together.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Susan in No. Calif.

    We loved your documentary. We are having a BBQ tonight to show some of the boys the documentary which we DVR’d when it aired.

    Our boys all play high school football and live and breath for it. It’s a great film. Thank you for doing it. I know we are all going to have a blast tonight getting together and watching it. We played last night (Friday night) and it was a great night!!! We can carry that feeling over for another day/night while watching the documentary.

  • Rene R. Ruiz

    former high school and college football player and coach. this really hit home to my high school team 94″
    we were honored as the greastest undefeatd team in the schools history. where can this be perchased???

  • Eric Christiansen

    As a father of two football crazed young men, I want them to see this badly! Congratulations! On an amazing insiders heartfelt look at the game- it is sooooo very positive and spiritual! I need this DVD- When will air and again? But better yet I want to buy this DVD and share it every year with my boyz!!!!
    Great work! Thank you God!

  • marjorie

    any chance this will be on i tunes so we can download it? We missed this and would really like to see it. Thanks Marjorie

  • Carlos the baby

    I absolutely loved the video. Kenney hit a homerun with this one! I grew up in a small town in Texas where football is second ONLY to God and family. The ‘Celina Bobcats’ are known all across the great state of Texas! I’ve always told my son that football is the best “true to life” experience he will know until he gets out in the real world. This video shows how discipline, hard work and team work will carry you through the rest of your life. Thank you to the cast and crew and especially thanks to you Kenney!

  • Kevin

    According to DirecTV it will be on ESPN2 on 9/21 at 8:00 PM Central time

  • Jesse’s Dad

    just watched with my son Jesse,really hit home with both of us……..he just earned a spot on JV …his freashman year………….. 5’10″…. 310 pds….. nosetackle

  • Jesse’s Dad

    oppss freshman year

  • Football mom

    How can I purchase a copy of the documentary for my son’s football team?

  • Football Coach

    Many have asked when this documentry could be purchased…so far no answer. Though I did hear maybe in November.
    It is evident that it was well done and also evident that many many people would like to own it.
    Soooo please someone come up with the answer–When can we purchase the Video?

  • Rebecca K

    I’d also be interested in purchasing a copy if/when available.

  • Jeff

    For everyone looking for the DVD. You can preorder it at Walmart.com. It ships in November!!

  • Jeff A

    Jeff I can’t find it on Walmart website. Do you have a link you can post?

  • Josh
  • Jeff
  • Eric

    THANKS JEFF!!!! Just ordered my copy.

  • Jean

    Thanks so much for this walmart link – was about to give up in trying to find this DVD!!

  • Krflower

    My 9 year old grandson wants this documentary! He’s the one who told me about it! LOVES LOVES LOVES football! Where can I buythis? I’ve have searches Walmart, Barnes and Noble…..



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