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posted August 2nd, 2010 at 11:20 am

by Josh Martn

The official music video for Kenny Chesney’s latest single “The Boys of Fall” debuted a short time ago on ESPN and now the 8-minute version is available to watch on

The opening sequence features Saints Coach (and good friend of Kenny) Sean Payton speaking in a locker room to a high school football team. Throughout the rest of the video you see various clips of peewee, high school, college and NFL football. Many of Kenny’s sports friends are in the video, and you even see a few photos of him in his high school football gear:

After the song fades out, a few athlete and coach interview clips are played (presumably from the Boys of Fall documentary) including Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, John Madden, and Joe Namath.

Watch the video now

How do you like the video?

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  • Deb Brinkman

    I had goosebumps through the whole video. Kenny did it again! That was AWESOME!!!

  • RumShopRyan

    I agree Deb, Goosebumps.

    I’m actually not that big a fan of the song, but the video is awesome.


  • Lynette

    I also had goosebumps when I watched it, too! I think it’s awesome and the song is even better!! Another #1 hit for Mr. Chesney!!!!

  • Barbara Goodgion

    Wow!!! AWESOME~~~ Liked the song, but Love the Video.. brings so much emotion. Thanks once again Kenny for opening up your life and bringing the full meaning to the song. It brought tears to my eyes.. The song captures the spirit of playing and being a fan of football, specifically the moments, details, heart and lessons the game embodies. Love Me Some Kenny ~ God Bless You

  • Rosi

    2 things I noticed

    1. was that Sean Payton in the beginning talking to the team? Is that a HS team

    2. I am guessing Kenny shot this in the fall since you can see his breath as it was cold.

    I love the video and the song……I can not wait for the documentary.

  • Becky

    Once again Kenny did some AWESOME work to bring a very emotional song to life. This video brought tears to my eyes with memories of my nephews and their championship high school football team. Great song, great video, and of course Kenny is great. Thank You once again – it is definitely #1 with this football lover.
    I can’t wait for the documentary. Love ya Kenny



  • Paul

    That was Sean Payton at the start. He returned to his old high school last fall and went through the entire pregame and game with the team acting as an asst coach. That was the real pregame locker room speech. My son was on the team. Payton is a real nice guy.

  • http://ChesneyWorld Charla

    Awesome video and song. I have a son that played high school and college ball and this song certainly captures the essence of football for these young men. Thirty years from now my son may not remember who he sat next to in History or English class, but he will always remember who he lined up next to on a Friday night.

  • Danny Latta

    WOW !!!
    What a video, it speaks of everthing in life’s journey if you listen to it. I was very moved in so many way’s. Thank you Kenny great job as always.

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  • Claude

    This video brings back so many memories. It reminded me of he way it felt to put on that game uniform and take to the field on Friday night in front of your friends and family and to play your heart out for your school. That was over 30 years ago, but that song and video took me right back there. Little did I know back then that those days spent at practice and those Friday nights under those bright lights would stay with me forever. The lessons learned then have stuck with me…how to get back up after being knocked down and try harder than you did the first time to succeed and how to put your teammates before yourself. Kenny did a great job with this song and video!

  • alex bofonchik

    this is the greatest song of the year it is the song for my football team the florala waldcats

  • Dawn

    First I heard the song…then I watched the vidoe. My oldest son is graduating this year and has played football for 10 years, from peewee to high school. This song just brought back all those memories of him and his friends and all that a football season brings to the players, coaches, parents and community. It definitely brought tears to my eyes. Everybody is talking about this song/video, even tose who proclaim to hate country music!

  • Tracey Bell

    What an amazing video.
    Kenny excellent job.
    Thank you for putting the emotion of the game as the primary visual for this video. Your awesome voice in the background, while all of these heartfelt scenes were being portrayed.
    As a Mom of two college football stars this video took me back to their Pee Wee years..
    The life lessons learned, the friendships, the highs and lows. Most importantly however; is the message to KEEP IT FUN for the kids. Life gets too serious too soon…let the kids have fun!
    Thanks Kenny!

  • teresa

    boys of the fall is one of the BEST videos i have ever seen. it is so awsome it really tells it all. it hits your heart like a ton of bricks and brings tears to your eyes.because its true feelings about the love of football.

  • Lisalynne

    HOW cool to see CELINA TEXAS in your video! Makes me cry when I hear it and I am heading to watch my 7th grade play MONDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! for Fowler Middle School in frisco Texas.

  • Steve

    I love high school and college football and this video covers it all, especially high school with all the communities rivalries. It’s so well put together and captures the feelings and emotions of the sport with an awesome song. Kenny, you’ve captured our lives once again.

  • GAY

    boys of fall

  • py.dye

    Sorry Kenny, I was in the band and, we needed support too! I love your song but, all the money and school support went into athletics. It’s just sad. At “Contest of Champions” we could have used a documentary on our side too. I understand this is your background, but we could use some publicity too!

  • Don Walker Sr.

    Kenny.. Truly the greatest singer/songwriter. Both my sons played HS ball. I am a police oficer of 32 years my oldest palyed he is now a police officer ” To Serve and Protect ” my youngest, now 21 played and now wants to be a police officer. Thanks for a song that made memories for Moms and Dads that went to games and watches my boys get off the bus and play. You are truly the greatest, in all my years of law enforcment being around singers/ entertainers you are by far the finest. Thank you and May God Bless you and keep you safe.
     A very proud DAD. DGW/SR 

  • Terridullnc

    My son plays high school football and does marching band. He is a honor student and we are very proud of him. It isnt easy on him doing both. He doesn’t get all the support he should from with side, but he loves both…


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