Chesney Closes Out Craven Country Jamboree in Canada

posted July 19th, 2010 at 4:56 pm

by Josh Martn

On Sunday night, Kenny Chesney played north of the border at the Craven Country Jamboree outside of Regina, Saskatchewan:

“We’ve been on the road since 1983 and I’m quite certain we’ve never played here … What a crowd. We needed you,” the 42-year-old Chesney told the audience.

“Several hours ago on that highway out there, we pulled up on the bus and I have never seen so many campers in my life. I told my buddies, ‘If that was us, I know what we’d be doing.’ ”

What he was doing was putting on a dynamic and high-energy performance that proved he’s earned his reputation as one of country music’s top live acts. Taking the stage in his trademark jeans, sleeveless T-shirt and white cowboy hat, Chesney got the blood flowing with “Beer In Mexico,” “Keg In The Closet,” “Big Star” and “Summertime.”

Chesney’s music is about more than just the lyrics and tune — it’s a philosophy of life. “Don’t Blink” is a perfect example of how Chesney views life: “This song is about doing exactly what we’re doing here tonight, living life to the fullest and taking nothing for granted.”

He also understands the nuances of day-to-day life, from having fun and enjoying life to finding the love of your life. So his set list included fun tunes like “Living In Fast Forward,” “Young” and “When The Sun Goes Down,” and emotional songs like “Anything But Mine,” “Never Wanted Anything More” and “How Forever Feels.”

It would have been easy for Chesney to sit on his laurels — his 17 No. 1 hits make for an impressive resume — but he worked the crowd like a newbie trying to develop a following. A big show needs a big band and Chesney came armed with a big band — 12 musicians, including a four-piece horn section. Chesney was constantly in motion, working both sides of the stage and zipping out onto the catwalk at every available opportunity.

View the set list for the show here.

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  • Deb Brinkman

    This is the 1st summer in the past 7 years, I haven’t attended one of his concerts. Wish I could’ve been there!

  • nikki

    Wow I love Kenny I’ve never ever had a chance to see him, when he was here my husband was still alive but ill and we just cldn’t afford 200plus a ticket, I hope someday I get to see him, but I am getting up there and its really hard to get around, just super happy that so very many did get to see him and have the time of their life! You go Kenny, love you your music is awesome I always enjoy your videos and listening to your cd’s God Bless! (((hugs)))

  • Rosi

    Please tell me that is a typo, where Kenny says they have been on the road since 1983??? He was what 15………lol
    If he said 1983 then he is starting to forget things at his age……:)

  • Helen

    I sprained my ankle really bad Sunday morning but it did not stop me from seeing Kenny. Loved the show and hope you come back here soon.

  • Abbigail

    1983, I noticed that too, hope it was a typo and not his memory. Pretty sure it was 1993. He moved to Nashville in 1991 after graduation from college. Glad everyone had fun, sounds like a great show!

  • Jessica

    Finding the love of your life… Hmmm Hope he has.


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