Kenny Can’t Make Rescheduled Gulf Coast Show

posted June 29th, 2010 at 11:35 pm

by Josh Martn

Originally scheduled to take place this Thursday, the postponed Gulf Coast concert (now scheduled for July 11th) will be without Kenny Chesney. On Tuesday night the following message went out on his twitter account:

On Monday the decision was made to postpone the July 1st concert to Sunday, July 11th. Officials worried that winds and storm surge from Tropical Storm Alex could threaten the stability of the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama where the concert is to be held. The stage, which had been going up this week, is already being taken down.

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  • RumShopRyan

    Figures. Everytime I get super excited about going to an event something like this happens. Stupid storm. Now now Kenny. I thought he might be more able to make it being that he now doesn’t have a Vegas show the very next day. O’well.

  • Kennyfan

    WTF? Come on Kenny !!! Dont do this !!! You never do this !!! This is why we love you so much !!!

  • Hoover

    All the other artists made adjustments but KC can’t? WTF? Did he forget the purpose and meaning behind this show? I’m sure if all the other artists and a majority of the 35000 people who had tickets will still be there

  • rosi

    Wonder why, what is the deal?
    His album is done, his documentary about football is done, he has no shows. I wonder what he can not change in his schedule for ONE day??
    Maybe he is getting married, can’t change that………lol

  • anon

    carrie underwood is getting married that weekend

  • http://none Chelsea

    KENNY! (:
    Pleaseee dont do this! i was only going for YOUUU and so were alot of other people!!!! You know that theyy changed the date right? Cause they did and please PLEASE try to reshedule whatever you have because we need you! Im only 14 but youre my inspiration and im not gonna get to see you for forever. ): And my bestfriend is also in loveee with you and was going with me! Alot of the people who were lucky enough to get the tickets wont go now because you arent. ): I LOVE YOU KENNY PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND!!

  • michael

    come on people. he is only human. if you had something important scheduled or had other plans with something else you would do the same thing. he has his own life, and i thought that was the purpose of him taking a year off, to regain his own life. it isn’t his fault that the concert got rescheduled. i am disappointed but, things happen sometimes and somethings just don’t workout the way you want it to. there will be other concerts. i promise.

  • rosi

    You are right Michael. The more I think about it, he could have many plans to do so many things that he can not back out of, even for a couple of hours on a Sunday.
    He may not even be in the country at that time.

  • Abigail

    He’s not the headliner and this is his year to do what he wants. I’m sure people are disappointed but I can see both sides too. KC doesn’t have any control over the weather or the reschedule date. He had good intentions agreeing to do the July 1st show in the first place. It just didn’t work out which was beyond his control. I give him a break on this one.

  • Barbie

    I’m sure if Kenny somehow saw a way to be there, he’d be there. But there are things that can’t be postponed or rescheduled. Like he tweeted, he hates not to be able to be on stage with JB and ZBB, and I’m positive if there was a way to make it, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

  • Deb Brinkman

    That’s why he took the year off. We all miss him, but he needs his time off, too.

  • Tyler

    The only bad thing about him not being there is the fact that piss breaks are gonna be during good performers now. On the bright side though, everyone else will get longer set list now.

  • Becky

    I’m sure if KC could make it to sing with Jimmy, Zac, and Mac, he would. After all he took this year off and is still doing 12 or so shows, plus numerous other projects. He is pretty well booked most of July and probably actually can’t change his plans. I think we should be glad he is giving us a chance to see him at all during his year OFF. He is an awesome human being and needs time to himself.


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