Blue Chair Bay Online Store Open for Business

posted June 7th, 2010 at 9:13 am

by Josh Martn

After officially launching in September 2009, Kenny Chesney’s clothing line Blue Chair Bay seemed to lay dormant for months with little info available. But recently the official store launched at

Everyone has dreams of their favorite places, places where the water was blue, the people were friendly, and the memories unforgettable. Blue Chair Bay is that place, a place with crashing surf, wide sandy beaches, locals laughing about their lives at the local pub, arguing whether tomorrow will be sunny and warm or cloudy and cool. It’s a place where the local business owners know they their clients are their friends as well. It is a place of big hearts, big smiles, big dreams, and small businesses. Where time stands still and the chance to catch the next wave is more important than making a dollar. Tomorrow is far away because today is where we live now. Such is life at our fictional place, the wonderful island in the sun, Blue Chair Bay. — Kenny Chesney

At the online store you’ll find men’s and women’s t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, bottoms, and dresses. The site also has a retail store locator.

Go browse the store now at

Blue Chair Bay is also on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • RumShopRyan

    About time. Fast Buck Freddy’s website sucks.

  • Rosi

    it still seems a bit pricey to me, maybe others can pay that much.

  • Deb Brinkman

    I just ordered from there. It was a very easy transaction. Can’t wait to get my package.

  • Deb Brinkman

    It took only 3 days to receive my package. I think the next time I order a t-shirt, I will go up 1 size, otherwise, I loved the merchandise!

  • Naomi

    Would love to try some of these clothes (and get the hubby in them) but $32 for a Tshirt is a bit high. I will need to try the clothes at a store first before paying that much. Best of luck with it Kenny!!

  • Jane

    I just ordered mine!!!! But usually women’s t shirts are not priced this high! But I bought one anyway, :) So, who am I to say .

  • Robinr2205kc

    I love Kenny and would pay the prices, it would be worth every penny!!!!!! Can’t wait to order for me andmy son!!!

  • Shane

    Do not purchase anything from this place! 3 weeks ago I picked out 4
    items for my husband for fathers day. After completing my order and them
    charging me in full, I receive and email a week later telling me that
    the hat I order was out of stock in the color I wanted. I wasn’t pleased
    but said ok, just refund the money to my card. Then later on in the day
    get another email, sorry the shirt you wanted is out of stock. That
    ticked off but again just asked for the money to be put back on the
    card, and told them this is a gift I need it by fathers day. Well today I
    get one of of the two items and the tracking # on the other isn’t
    showing that it has even been shipped. Never again will I order from
    this place! Also there is no way to get a person on the phone, its all
    over email so I can’t even resolve this today. Very disappointed!

  • Dirkvanstralen

    Great store.  Great service so far.  I have completed two orders and one exchange and so far they have worked with me great. Thanks. 

  • karly

    Hello all!! I am searching for the Kenny stickers that were for sale on his retail store. Its the same logo as Blue Chair bay is using too….its the palm tree with the guitar propped against it. I want those stickers and cant even find them on ebay!!! HELP!!!  


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