More Video of Kenny on His Flooded Property

posted May 9th, 2010 at 9:26 pm

by Josh Martn

The Weather Channel has another video that Kenny Chesney shot of his flooded Nashville property last week:

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(H/T Stephanie)

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  • Peg

    God Bless you Kenny! My prayers are with you and all the people in Nashville that are going thru this horrible disaster. You are an awesome person! Don’t ever change! Luv you so much and will keep you in my Prayers. God Speed for recovery and getting back to normal. Went thru hurricane Andrew and I know what you are feeling. Big hugs to you! Keep safe Kenny!

  • Paula

    God Bless Kenny..Be safe, here in WI we are praying for out Nashville friends. I am getting togther supplies to bring to Nashville with hopes to help anyone I can. I just hope it makes a difference :)

  • Kay

    Good for you Kenny getting out there and making the public aware of this disatser! I sent something via RedCross tag on NSR. Wish I could do more. Stay safe.

  • sosilly

    He must have done more video of this damage then most. His team is really making sure it is sent to all outlets.
    I will say him contacting Anderson did more then anything.
    No one really knew about it or how bad it was.
    Even all the news media and Anderson was saying that the Red Cross arrived and so many church groups had already got supplies that it was beyond amazing………
    Nashville is full of wonderful people as is TN

  • Tom Martin

    You would never know he was a person who has everything the way he cares for others God Bless the people of Tenn, my thought and prayers are with each person affected. How about lets raise some money through what he does the best as well as give each day. Atlanta would be a great start sort of a mini keg tour all over the south

  • christina morretti

  • Barbie O’Neal

    This just shows how much of a stand up guy Kenny is. He called into CNN’s Anderson Cooper, has done several videos getting the message to ppl. trying to get help and also has audio on his No Shoes Radio a/b it as well, not to mention a live broadcasting tomorrow on there to raise money too. It’s great seeing ppl. not just Kenny but so many others in so many different places lending a hand, doing their part! Much love to all!

  • Kathy

    I think that it is awesome that Kenny is putting everyone else ahead of himself. He lost a lot with flood and he’s more concerned about people having a toothbrush and toothpaste!!! He is truly an awesome guy and I thank him for getting CNN involved and making everyone aware of how devastating everything is down there in Nashville!!!! He definately got me texting and donating to the Red Cross!!!!


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