Kenny Chesney World 2.0

posted May 7th, 2010 at 9:58 am

by Josh Martn

Welcome to the new version of Kenny Chesney World. It’s been almost two years since Chesney World launched and this is the first redesign of the site (if you’re new, you can see what the site looked like before here).

The biggest new visual addition that hits you immediately upon loading the site is the Featured Stories slideshow. It’s situated in the middle of the page and scrolls through four of the biggest recent stories. Other additions on the homepage include a Featured Video in the right column (currently featuring Kenny Chesney’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), and coming soon there will be a weekly poll.

A new Media Gallery has been added that combines photos and videos into a single collection. Most other changes to the site are aesthetic.

So browse around and see the changes. If you come across any bugs or links that don’t work, please shoot us an e-mail so we can get it fixed.

If you aren’t already a member, be sure to join our forum to discuss all things Chesney with a great group of fans!

And of course don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Facebook. And be sure to sign up for e-mail updates to get the latest news delivered to your inbox.

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  • RumShopRyan

    Site looks great! Are you going to use those new facebook plugin apps? I’ve seen a couple sites out there with them. Not exactly sure what they are all about yet.

    Have a No Shoes Weekend!

  • Teresa

    Great job guys, love it.

  • vicki weber

    I love the new look on Chesney World Josh, good job!
    Sharon, remember the comment you wrote to me on kenny chesney’s birthday back on march 26,2010. That really did upset me. That was not your place to comment me like that. If Josh saw that there was a problem with my comment i want to hear it from him and not you.You best push the about button and find out that Josh is running Chesney World. and not you..You back off lady because you have no say so on my comments or anyone elses.Josh does!!!Not You!!!

  • vicki weber

    ????,, I do not know you and you know nothing about me but the same comment i said to sharon goes to you as well.. You need to back off and stop following my comments in each article because from now on your comment are nothing but trash and i am not going to read them anymore..My comments will continue in each articleJust as much as everyone elses comments.Your comments are nothing but trash and i am going to pass your trashy comments by and not read them at all. You back off! !!!

  • Ian Johns

    Site looks awesome with plenty of additions, can’t wait to check all of it out!!! The slideshow is a smart addition along with the media gallery, love it! From your best fan and one beach bum to another; nice job, keep the sand under your feet and the sun on your back!!! Can’t wait to see you soon on tour!!!

    no worries!


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