Chesney Loses Personal Effects, Possibly His Home in Flood

posted May 5th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

by Josh Martn

Kenny Chesney has lost a large amount of personal effects to floodwaters that rose past the first floor of his Nashville home:

His publicist, Holly Gleason, says it’s likely his house will be condemned after water rose past the first floor.

Chesney’s gym is ruined. He also lost all of his sports memorabilia, including items from when he was in high school as well as professional sports items and pictures with friends who are athletes.

Chesney was in another state working on a project when the flooding happened over the weekend.

Kenny spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night via telephone and shared video that he shot of his house and land. In the interview, Chesney said that he’s “lost a lot, but not near as much as a lot of people.” He went on to say that the “things I lost, I can replace.”

Chesney once again urged people to “give whatever you can. People have lost everything.” You can make a donation to the Middle Tennessee Red Cross here.

UpdateWatch CNN interview with Kenny on Anderson Cooper 360.

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  • Debbie Halopoff

    So sorry for your loss but you steal feeling bad for others worse off was so heartwarming. I love you for your music and now your heart. God Bless you and everyone else in need!

  • deb laliberte

    hey kenny sorry ya lost personal items but at least ya still got life the most important thing good luck to all down there

  • BJ

    Hey Kenny, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you – I so appreciate your perspective on your situation – realizing that your loss – although severe – that there are so many who have lost everything. But that just strengthens my belief in the person that I have always felt you are. The depth of character you have – to think of others first.

  • cheryl

    Hi Kenny
    so sorry to hear about your loss, it is terrible to see such devastation, (in mass we had a similar situation few months ago..)
    Just wanted to throw it out there, if you need a place to crash we have an extra room for you
    We live outside of Boston, and we know how much you love our town.

  • gjs

    I figured it was his house on the river not his mansion in Franklin. His mansion is built on the highest point in that county so it would be safe. Still a loss but like he said many others are worse off. I’m sure he will do his part to help out the less fortunate in the future.

  • Helen

    Sorry for you loss. You are an amazing person who thinks of others in a time of tragedy. God bless you.

  • Angela Bullied


    I am so sorry to hear about your house and all of the personal effects. But as others have already said, and just confirms what I already knew, you put others first and have a heart of gold….That is why we love you, (we love your music, but we love the person you are inside just as much. God bless.

  • Jean Lysiak

    Kenny you always think of others before yourself and that’s what makes you centered. I love the songs, concerts and the movie. Also NSR and can’t wait to get my DVD copy of the movie. You are so dedicated to your fans that makes you “real” to us. I think country music and it’s artist’s are for the fan and not the bucks you can get out of us. God bless you and hope you will be able to retrieve some of your belongings.


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